Personal questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Never Changing Person Id persnr
1 Survey Wave welle
1 Subsample Identifier Tns-Infratest sample1
1 Current Wave HH Number (=BEHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave Number (=HHNRAKT) behhnr
1 ID Number Of Person Interviewed bepnr
1 Satisfaction With Health bep0101
1 Satisfaction With Sleep bep0102
1 Satisfaction With Work bep0103
1 Satisfaction With Housework bep0104
1 Satisfaction With Household Income bep0105
1 Satisfaction With Personal Income bep0106
1 Satisfaction With Dwelling bep0107
1 Satisfaction With Leisure Time bep0108
1 Satisfaction With Child Care bep0109
1 Satisfaction With Family Life bep0110
1 Satisfaction With School Education and Vocational Retraining bep0111
1 Lifelong Learning bep02
1 Frequency of Being Angry in the Last 4 Weeks bep0301
1 Frequency of Being Worried in the Last 4 Weeks bep0302
1 Frequency Of Being Happy In The Last 4 Weeks bep0303
1 Frequency of Being Sad in the Last 4 Weeks bep0304
1 own opinion of willingness to take risks bep04
1 Hours Weekdays Job, Training bep0501
1 Hours Weekdays Running Errands bep0502
1 Hours Weekdays Housework bep0503
1 Hours Weekdays Child Care bep0504
1 Hours Weekdays Support Persons In Care bep0505
1 Hours Weekdays Training, Education bep0506
1 Hours Weekdays Repairs,Garden Work bep0507
1 Hours Weekdays Physical Activities bep0508
1 Hours Weekdays Leisure, Hobbies bep0509
1 Total Item Nonresponse, Weekday bep0510
1 Paid Work In Last 7 Days bep06
1 Maternity, Paternity Leave bep07
1 Caregiver Leave bep08
1 Registered Unemployed bep09
1 Currently Receiving Education,Training bep1001
1 Total Item nonresponse, Education/Training bep1002
1 General-Education School bep1101
1 University / College bep1102
1 University: Scholarship bep1103
1 University Scholarship: Student Grant bep1104
1 Universtiy Scholarship: other bep1105
1 Vocational Training: Further Training/ Retraining bep1106
1 Now Vocational Training bep1107
1 Employment Status bep12
1 Intention Regarding Future Employment bep13
1 Gainful Employment Now bep14
1 Gainfully Employed, Interest bep15
1 Find Suitable Position bep16
1 Monthly Salary At Which Would Take Job bep1701
1 Monthly Salary- Can Not Say bep1702
1 Number Of Hours For Net Income bep18
1 Could Start Immed.-Acceptable Position bep19
1 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks bep20
1 New Job Since Last Year bep21
1 Changed Job Once Last Year/ New Job Since Last Year bep2201
1 Number of Job Changes / New Jobs Last Year bep2202
1 Current Position Month Began Prev. Year bep2301
1 Current Position Month Began Current Year bep2302
1 Current Position Began - Item Nonresponse bep2303
1 Type Of Job Change bep2401
1 Stopped Employment Because of Child(ren) (Maternity Leave etc.) bep2402
1 interruption when changing job (ammount of month) bep2403
1 Government Subsidies to Self-Employed People bep2404
1 Actively Sought This Position Before bep25
1 Found Position Thru bep26
1 Employment Office Was Involved bep27
1 Training Applies To Current Occupation bep29
1 Training Required bep30
1 Brief On-The-Job Training bep3101
1 Longer On-The-Job Training bep3102
1 Training Course bep3103
1 Introductory Training, Item Nonresponse bep3104
1 Size of Company bep33
1 At Current Employer Since Month bep3401
1 At Current Employer Since Year bep3402
1 Occupational Position bep3501
1 Currently Self-Employed bep3502
1 Number of Employees bep3503
1 Current Position Blue-Collar Worker bep3504
1 Current Position Civil Servant bep3505
1 Currently In Education, Training bep3506
1 CurrentPosition White-Collar Worker bep3507
1 Civil Service Job bep36
1 Temporary Or Contractual Basis bep37
1 Duration Of Work Contract bep38
1 Job Creation Measure Job, Community Service bep39
1 Chances Of Finding Comparable Position bep40
1 Job In Old, New Federal States, Abroad bep41
1 Type Of Working Hour Possibilities bep42
1 On-Call Duty bep4301
1 On-Call Service bep4302
1 Standby Duty bep4303
1 No bep4304
1 Work From Home bep4401
1 Frequency Of Working From Home bep4402
1 Offer to Work at Home bep45
1 Desired Weekly Work Hours bep46
1 Contracted Working Hours bep4701
1 No Contracted Working Hours bep4702
1 Actual Weekly Work Hrs With Overtime bep48
1 Mini- Job, Midi- Job bep49
1 Parental Part-Time bep50
1 Pre-Retirement P-T Work Regulations bep5101
1 Reduced Working Hours Or Salary bep5102
1 Work Overtime bep52
1 Overtime Time In Work Time Account bep5301
1 Time Limit bep5302
1 Compensated For Overtime bep54
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Compensated bep5501
1 Number of Hours Compensated Overtime bep5502
1 Overtime Last Month bep5601
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month bep5602
1 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Paid For bep5603
1 Gross Income Last Month bep5701
1 Net Income Last Month bep5702
1 Shift Premium/ Late or Weekend Work Bonus Last Month bep5801
1 Overtime Premium bep5802
1 Bonus For Work Under Difficult Conditions bep5803
1 Additional Regular Payment bep5804
1 Tips bep5805
1 Other Additional Payments bep5806
1 No Additional Payments bep5807
1 Benefits From Employer: Meal Stipend bep5901
1 Benefits From Employer: Company Car bep5902
1 Benefits From Employer: Cell Phone, Telephone-Costs - Private bep5903
1 Benefits From Employer: Expense Payments bep5904
1 Benefits From Employer: Personal Computer bep5905
1 Benefits From Employer: Other Benefits bep5906
1 Benefits From Employer: None bep5907
1 Family Members Helps Out bep6001
1 Regular Second Job bep6002
1 Irregular Second Job bep6003
1 No Second Job bep6004
1 Second Job, Days Per Month bep62
1 Second Job, Hours Per Day bep63
1 Second Job, Gross Income Last Month bep64
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension bep6501
1 Gross Amt. Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension,Mo bep6502
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit bep6503
1 Gross Amt Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit,Mo bep6504
1 Unemployment Benefit bep6505
1 Gross Amt.Of Unemployment Benefit,Mo bep6506
1 Unemployment Benefit II, Social Subsidy bep6507
1 Subsistence Allowance, Transition Money bep6508
1 Gross Amt. Of Subsistence, Transition Pay, Mo bep6509
1 Maternity Benefit bep6510
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit, Mo bep6511
1 Child support bep6512
1 Gross amount child support, Mo. bep6513
1 Caregiver Alimony bep6514
1 Gross Amount Caregiver Alimony, Mo. bep6515
1 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner bep6516
1 Gross Amt. Alimony, C Support Ex-Partner, Mo. bep6517
1 Alimony from Maintenance Advance Fund bep6518
1 Gross Amt. Alimony from Maintenance Advance Fund, Mo. bep6519
1 Student Grant bep6520
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo bep6521
1 Expense Allowance vol. soc. y./ vol. eco. y., military payments bep6522
1 Gross Amt. of expense allowance vol. soc. y./ vol. eco. Y, military payments, Mo bep6523
1 Income From Persons Not In Household bep6524
1 Gross Amt. Income-Persons Not In HH,Mo bep6525
1 None of these Types of Income bep6526
1 Completed Education,Training Since Last Year bep6601
1 Completed Training Prev. Year, Month bep6602
1 Current Year Traning, Mo. bep6603
1 Training Completed - Item Nonresponse bep6604
1 Education Successfully Completed bep67
1 Country Education Completed bep68
1 Degree, Item Nonresponse bep6901
1 General-Education Degree bep6902
1 College/University Degree bep6903
1 Type Of Education,Training bep6904
1 Professional Development 2013 bep70
1 Number of Training Measures 2013 bep71
1 Number of Training Measures 2013, Days bep72
1 Training Measures , Employment Agency bep73
1 Employer Motivated for Training bep74
1 Training Measures offered by Employer bep75
1 Employer Paid for Tuition Fee bep7601
1 Training in Working Time bep7602
1 2013 No Suitable Training Offer bep7701
1 2013 No Time for Training bep7702
1 Training Did Not Improve Professional Opportunities bep7703
1 Training Was No Option (Costs, Loss of Earnings) bep7704
1 No Further Education Desired bep7705
1 Left Job Since Beginning Previous Year bep78
1 Month Last Job Previous Year bep7901
1 Month Last Job This Year bep7902
1 Last Job Ended - Item Nonresponse bep7903
1 Years Worked On Last Job bep8001
1 Months Worked On Last Job bep8002
1 Why Job Terminated bep81
1 Settlement From Last Company bep8201
1 Amount Of Settlement From Last Company bep8202
1 Future Job Prospects bep83
1 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8401
1 Short-Time work Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8402
1 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8403
1 Mini-Job Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8404
1 Education, Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8405
1 Further Education, Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8406
1 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8407
1 Retired Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8408
1 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8409
1 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8410
1 Military,Community Srvce, Voluntary Social, Prev. Yr bep8411
1 Military,Comm Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr bep8412
1 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8413
1 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep8414
1 Gross Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bep85a01
1 Mths Of Wages,Salary Prev. Yr bep85a02
1 Gross Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bep85a03
1 Net Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr bep85a04
1 Gross Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bep85b01
1 Mths Of Self-Employment Income Prev. Yr bep85b02
1 Gross Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bep85b03
1 Net Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr bep85b04
1 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep85c01
1 Mths Of Second Job Income Prev. Yr bep85c02
1 Gross Amount Second Job Income Prev. Yr bep85c03
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep85d01
1 Mths Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension Prev. Yr bep85d02
1 Widow-Er, Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prv. Yr bep85e01
1 Mths Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Prev. Yr bep85e02
1 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr bep85h01
1 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr bep85h02
1 Gross Amt Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr bep85h03
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr bep85q01
1 Mths Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev Yr bep85q02
1 Education Support, Transition Benefit Prev. Yr bep85j01
1 Mths Education Support, Transition Benefit Prev. Yr bep85j02
1 Gross Amt Edu Support, Transition Benefit Prev. Yr bep85j03
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr bep85k01
1 Mths Of Maternity Benefit Prev Yr bep85k02
1 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit Prev. Yr bep85k03
1 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep85l01
1 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr bep85l02
1 Gross Amount Of Student Grant Prev.Yr bep85l03
1 Military,Comm Serv Pay Prev. Yr bep85m01
1 Months Military,Comm Serv Pay Prev. Yr bep85m02
1 Gross Amount Military,Com.Pay Prev. Yr bep85m03
1 Alimiony spousal/child support per month Prev. Yr bep85s01
1 Months Alimony Spousal/Child Support Prev. Yr. bep85s02
1 Gross amt. Alimiony spousal/child support per month Prev. Yr bep85s03
1 Alimony From Maintenance Advance Fund Prev. Yr bep85t01
1 Months Alimony From Maintenance Advance Fund Prev. Year bep85t02
1 Gross Amt. Alimony From Maintenance Advance Fund Per Month bep85t03
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Jan-Dec Prev. Yr bep85o01
1 Mths Of Income-Persons Not In HH Prev. Yr bep85o02
1 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH bep85o03
1 None Of These Income Types In Prev. Yr bep85p01
1 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr bep8601
1 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr bep8602
1 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr bep8603
1 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr bep8604
1 Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr bep8605
1 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr bep8606
1 Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr bep8607
1 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr bep8608
1 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr bep8609
1 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr bep8610
1 Other Bonuses Prev. Yr bep8611
1 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev. Yr bep8612
1 No Bonuses,Perks Prev. Yr bep8613
1 Bonus To Cover Travel Expenses (public Transport) bep8701
1 Amt. Of Bonus To Cover Travel Expenses (public Transport EUR) bep8702
1 Amt. Pension Payments (EUR) bep8801
1 Amt. Widow's Pension (compulsory EUR) bep8802
1 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8803
1 Amt. Widow's Pension Civil Servant Pension-Dependent (in EUR) bep8804
1 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8805
1 Amt. Widow's Pension Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent (in EUR) bep8806
1 Amt. Company Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8807
1 Widow's Pension Amt. Company Pension-Dependent (in EUR) bep8808
1 Amt. Private Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8809
1 Amt. Widow's Pension Private Pension-Dependent (in EU) bep8810
1 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8811
1 Amt. Widow's Pension Worker Accident Pension-Dependent (in EUR) bep8812
1 Amt. War Victim Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8813
1 Amt. Widow's Pension War Victim Pension-Dependent (in EUR) bep8814
1 Amt. Other Pension-Self (in EUR) bep8815
1 Amt. Widow's Pension Other Pension-Dependent (in EUR) bep8816
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension, Total Item Nonresponse bep8819
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit, Total Item Nonresponse bep8820
1 Current State Of Health bep89
1 State Of Health Affects Ascending Stairs bep90
1 State Of Health Affects Tiring Tasks bep91
1 Pressed For Time Last 4 Weeks bep9201
1 Run-Down, Melancholy Last 4 Weeks bep9202
1 Well-Balanced Last 4 Weeks bep9203
1 Used Energy Last 4 Weeks bep9204
1 Physical pain last four weeks bep9205
1 Accomplished Less Due To Physical Problems bep9206
1 Limitations Due To Physical Problems bep9207
1 Accomplished Less Due To Emotional Problems bep9208
1 Less Careful Due To Emotional Problems bep9209
1 Limited Socially Due To Health bep9210
1 Handicapped bep9301
1 Legally Handicapped, Reduced Employment in percent bep9302
1 Currently Smoking bep9401
1 Number Of Cigarettes Per Day bep9402
1 Number Of Pipes per Day bep9403
1 Number Of Cigars Per Day bep9404
1 Smoking: Total Item Nonresponse bep9405
1 Follows Health-Conscious Diet bep95
1 Height In Cm bep96
1 Weight, kg bep97
1 Chronically Ill Till 1 Year bep98
1 Number Of Visits To Doctor (last three months) bep9901
1 No Visits To Doctor (last three months) bep9902
1 Hospital Stay Oner Or More Nights - prev.Yr. bep100
1 Number Of Nights In Hospital prev. Yr. bep10101
1 Hospital Stay Total bep10102
1 Out Sick More Than Six Wks. bep102
1 Not Worked prev. Yr. because of Sickness bep10301
1 Number Of Days Off Work Sick prev. Year bep10302
1 Not Worked prev. Yr. because of Child Sickness bep10401
1 Number Of Days Off Work Child Sick bep10402
1 Days Off Work Due to Other Reasons bep10403
1 Number of Days Off Work Due to Other Reasons bep10404
1 No days absent because of personal reasons bep10405
1 Changed Health Insurance Provider prev. Yr. bep105
1 Type Of Health Insurance bep106
1 Health Insurance Provider bep107
1 Insurance Status bep108
1 Additional Contribution bep10901
1 Bonus bep10902
1 Change Of Health Insurance Provider Because Of Extra Pay bep10903
1 Adittional Private Insurance bep110
1 Amt. Addtnl. Private Insurance per month bep11101
1 Do Not Know bep11102
1 Hospital Stay Covered by private insurance bep11201
1 Dentures Covered by Private Insurance bep11202
1 Corrective Devices Covered by private insurance bep11203
1 Coverage Abroad by private insurance bep11204
1 Other Covered by Private Insurance bep11205
1 Do Not Know, Covered by Private Insurance bep11206
1 Insurance Status Private Provider bep113
1 Amt. Monthly Private Health Insurance bep11401
1 Amt. Monthly Private Health Insurance UnkNown bep11402
1 Only Myself Covered bep11501
1 Number Of Additional Persons Covered bep11502
1 Private Health Insurance: Health Insurance Deductible, Co-Payment bep116
1 Amt. Of Co-Payment (in %) bep11701
1 General Deductible bep11702
1 Political Interests bep118
1 Supports Political Party bep119
1 Political Party Supported bep12001
1 Amount of Support for Political Party bep12002
1 Party Election 2013 bep121
1 Political Attitude bep122
1 Worried About Economic Development bep12301
1 Worried Own Economic Situation bep12302
1 Worried About Stability Of Financial Markets bep12303
1 Worried About Own Health bep12304
1 Worried About Environment bep12305
1 Worried About Consequences From Climate Change bep12306
1 Worried About Peace bep12307
1 Worried About Crime In Germany bep12308
1 Worried About Immigration To Germany bep12309
1 Worried About Hostility To Foreigners bep12310
1 Worried About Job Security bep12311
1 Worried About Other Things bep12312
1 Attitude Towards Future bep124
1 Willingness To Take Risks While Driving bep12501
1 Willingness To Take Risks In Financial Matters bep12502
1 Willingness To Take Risks In Leisure And Sports bep12503
1 Willingness To Take Risks In Occupation bep12504
1 Willingness To Take Health Risks bep12505
1 Willingness To Take Risks In Trusting Other People bep12506
1 Sex bep12601
1 Month of Birth bep12602
1 Year of Birth bep12603
1 Marital Status bep127
1 Currently Have Steady Partner bep12801
1 Partner Lives In Household bep12802
1 Never Changing Person ID of Partner bep12803
1 German Nationality bep129
1 2. Nationality bep13001
1 Country Of 2. Nationality bep13002
1 German Nationality Since When bep131
1 Both Parents Born In Germany bep132
1 Nationality bep133
1 apply for german nationality in next 2 years bep134
1 Feel at Home in Country of Origin bep135
1 Visit to Country of Origin in prev. 2 Yrs. bep13601
1 Duration Visit Country of Origin bep13602
1 Language Media Usage bep137
1 Connected With Country Of Origin bep138
1 Feel German bep139
1 Ties To Local Area bep140
1 Imaginable to Move bep141
1 Move to Old/New Federal States bep142
1 Contact Abroad bep143
1 Abroad Longer than 3 Months bep144
1 Think About Abroad For Longer/Forever bep145
1 How Long Abroad bep146
1 Code Country of Emigration bep147
1 Emigrate Next 12 Months bep148
1 Payments To Parents, In Law, Prev Yr bep14901
1 Amount Of Pay To Parents,-Inlaw Pr Yr bep14902
1 Parents Live In Germany bep14903
1 Parents Live Abroad bep14904
1 Payments To Children Previous Yr bep14905
1 Amount Of Payments To Children Prev. Yr bep14906
1 Children Live In Germany bep14907
1 Children Live Abroad bep14908
1 Payments To Spouse Previous Yr bep14909
1 Amount Of Payments To Spouse Prev. Yr bep14910
1 Spouse Lives In Germany bep14911
1 Spouse Lives Abroad bep14912
1 Payments To Relatives Previous Yr bep14913
1 Amt. Of Payments To Relatives Prev. Yr bep14914
1 Relatives Live In Germany bep14915
1 Relatives Live Abroad bep14916
1 Payments To Others Previous Yr bep14917
1 Amount Of Payments To Others Prev. Yr bep14918
1 Others Live In Germany bep14919
1 Others Live Abroad bep14920
1 No Payments Previous Yr bep14921
1 Got Together with a New Partner bep15001
1 Got Together With A New Partner: Month In Present Year bep15002
1 Got Together With A New Partner: Month In Last Year bep15003
1 Moved In Together bep15004
1 Month Moved In Together Current Year bep15005
1 Month Moved In Together Previous Year bep15006
1 Marriage bep15007
1 Month Married Current Year bep15008
1 Month Married Previous Year bep15009
1 Child Born bep15010
1 Month Child Born Current Year bep15011
1 Month Child Born Previous Year bep15012
1 Child Came Into HH bep15013
1 Month Child Moved In Current Year bep15014
1 Month Child Moved In Previous Year bep15015
1 Child Moved Out bep15016
1 Month Child Moved Out Current Year bep15017
1 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year bep15018
1 Separated From Partner bep15019
1 Month Separated Current Year bep15020
1 Month Separated Previous Year bep15021
1 Divorced bep15022
1 Month Divorced Current Year bep15023
1 Month Divorced Previous Year bep15024
1 Partner Died bep15025
1 Month Partner Died Current Year bep15026
1 Month Partner Died Previous Year bep15027
1 Father Died bep15028
1 Father Died Survey Year bep15029
1 Father Died Previous Year bep15030
1 Mother Died bep15031
1 Mother Died Survey Year bep15032
1 Mother Died Previous Year bep15033
1 Child Died bep15034
1 Month Child Died Survey Year bep15035
1 Month Child Died Previous Year bep15036
1 Person Living In Hh Died bep15037
1 Month Person Living In Hh Died Survey Year bep15038
1 Month Person Living In Hh Died Prev. Year bep15039
1 Other Change in Family Composition bep15040
1 Month Other Familiy Comp Change Survey Yr bep15041
1 Month Other Family Comp Change Previous Yr bep15042
1 No Change In Family Composition bep15043
1 Satisfaction With Life at Present bep151
1 Day Of Interview beptagin
1 Month Of Interview bepmonin
1 End of Interview (Hour) bepdatst
1 End of Interview (Minute) bepdatmi
1 Survey Instrument bepinta
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview bepdauer1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview bepdauer2
1 Interviewer Id intid
1 Highest Person Number In HH behpmax
1 Tariff Standard in Earnings beptarif
1 Contracted Weekly Working Time bep_zaz08
1 Actual Weekly Working Hours bep_zaz10
1 Gross Earning Prev. Months, Non-response bep_zbrut
1 Net Earnings, Non-Response bep_znett
1 Salary/Earnings 2013 Non-Response bep_zvek01
1 Income Selfemployed 2013, Non-Response bep_zvek02
1 Income Second Job 2013, Non-Response bep_zvek03
1 Pensions 2013, Non-Response bep_zvek04
1 Widow's Pension/Orphan's Benefit, Non-Response bep_zvek05
1 Unemployment Benefit 2013, Non-Response bep_zvek06
1 13th Month Pay Prev Yr, Non-Response bep_zzus01
1 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr, Non-Response bep_zzus02
1 Additional Christmas Bonus 2013, Non-Response bep_zzus03
1 Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr, Non-Response bep_zzus04
1 Bonus/Gratification 2013, Non-Response bep_zzus05
1 Other Bonuses Prev Yr,Non-Response bep_zzus06
1 Pesions, German Pension Insurance 2013, Non-Response bep_zar1
1 Pensions, Civil Servant 2013, Non-Response bep_zar2
1 Pensions, Additional Insurance 2013, Non-Response bep_zar5
1 Pesions, Company Pension Scheme 2013, Non-Response bep_zar6
1 Pensions, Private Pension Insurance, Non-Response bep_zar7
1 Pensions, Accident Insurance 2013, Non-Response bep_zar4
1 Pensions, Support for War Victims, Non-Response bep_zar3
1 Other Fund Pension 2013, Non-Response bep_zar8
1 German Pension Insurance, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr1
1 Civil Servant,Widow/Orphan 2013,Non-Response bep_zwr2
1 Additional Insurance, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr5
1 Company Pension, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr6
1 Private Pension Insurance, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr7
1 Accident Insurance, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr4
1 War Victim, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr3
1 Other Fund, Widow/Orphan 2013, Non-Response bep_zwr8
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB2010) bep28_kldb2010
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-08) bep28_isco08
1 Current Occupational Classification (KldB92) bep28_kldb92
1 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-88 Com) bep28_isco88
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment (KldB2010) bep61_kldb2010
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment (ISCO-08) bep61_isco08
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (KldB92) bep61_kldb92
1 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (ISCO-88 Com) bep61_isco88
1 Vocational Training / Education Degree Prev. Yr. (KldB92) bep6904_train
1 Vocational Training / Education Degree Prev. Yr. (KldB2010) bep6904_train_kldb2010
1 College Degree (Type Destatis) bep6903_degree
1 Code Field of Study bep6903_field
1 Sector (NACE) bep32_nace
1 Filter Error Module Further Education bepflag_re
1 Integration Re-Survey Further Education bepflag_fs


Study: iab-soep-mig


Dataset: bep

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