Data on children (from HH-Questionnaire)


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Household Number (=*HHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave Household Number 2015 bfhhnr
1 Subsample Identifier Tns-Infratest sample1
1 Never Changing Person Id persnr
1 Year of Birth bfkgjahr
1 Sex bfksex
1 Relationship To Head of Household bfkstell
1 Member of Household bfkinhh
1 Number of Persons in Household bfhhgr
1 Number of Children up to 16 Years in HH bfkzahl
1 Serial Number of Child bfk64
1 General Education System bfk7201
1 None of These Schools bfk7202
1 Time of Day of Care bfk73
1 Lunch at School bfk74
1 Provider: Public School bfk7501
1 Provider: Church School bfk7502
1 Provider: Non-Profit School bfk7503
1 Provider: Private School bfk7504
1 Pre-School bfk7701
1 Hours Per Day Spend in Care bfk7702
1 Lunch at the Facility bfk78
1 Provider: Public Institution bfk7901
1 Provider: Church Organisation bfk7902
1 Provider: Private Non-Profit Provider bfk7903
1 Provider: Company Facility bfk7904
1 Provider: Private- Commercial Institution bfk7905
1 Costs for Care Facility bfk8001
1 No Costs bfk8002
1 Year in Establishment bfk81
1 Relatives bfk8203
1 Friends, Acquintances, Neighbours bfk8204
1 Paid Person in bfk8202
1 Child Minder Outside HH bfk8201
1 No External Care bfk8205
1 Care Outside : Costs Per Month bfk8301
1 Care Outside: No Costs bfk8302
1 Costs Ffor School bfk7601
1 No Costs bfk7602
1 Pointer To Head of Household bfkhv
1 Pointer To Partner of Head bfkhvp
1 Pointer To Mother bfkmutti
1 Pointer To Partner of Mother bfkmup


Study: iab-soep-mig


Dataset: bfkind

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