Questionnaire: Early Youth, 12-13 years old


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Original Household Number hhnrakt
1 Current Wave Hh Number (=Hhnrakt) bfhhnr
1 Never Changing Person Id persnr
1 Survey Year welle
1 Subsample Identifier Tns-Infratest sample1
1 Consecutive Person Number Surveyed bfpnr
1 Year Of Birth bfgebj
1 Month Of Birth bfgebm
1 Understood Test Question Scale bfscltest
1 Nice To Other People bfs0101
1 Often Restless, Can Not Sit Still bfs0102
1 Often Feel Pain /Aches bfs0103
1 Like To Share bfs0104
1 Get Angry Easily bfs0105
1 Most Times Alone bfs0106
1 I Do What Others Say bfs0107
1 I Often Worry bfs0108
1 I Am Helpful bfs0109
1 I Am Fridgety bfs0110
1 I Have Good Friends bfs0111
1 I Often Battle With Others bfs0112
1 I Can Force Others To Do What I Want bfs0113
1 I Am Often Run-Down, Melancholy bfs0114
1 I Am Popular With Peers bfs0115
1 I Am Easily Distracted, Lack Of Concentration bfs0116
1 I Am Nervous In New Situations bfs0117
1 I Am Nice To Younger Children bfs0118
1 Others Claim That I Lie A Lot bfs0119
1 I Get Teased Or Bullied By Others bfs0120
1 I Often Help Others bfs0121
1 I Think About, Before Acting bfs0122
1 I Take Things That Are Not Mine bfs0123
1 I Better Get Along With Adults Than With Children bfs0124
1 I Have A Lot Of Fears, Get Scared Easily bfs0125
1 I Can Concentrate For A Long Period bfs0126
1 Current Class Level bfs02
1 Number Of Students In Class bfs03
1 Number Of Students Not German bfs0401
1 Students Not German bfs0402
1 Tearchers Call Up On You Seldomly bfs0501
1 Teacher Grades Stricter bfs0502
1 Teachers Admonish You More Often bfs0503
1 Teachers Think You Are Less Clever bfs0504
1 Grade German bfs0601
1 Grade Maths bfs0602
1 Grade First Foreign Language bfs0603
1 No Grades bfs0604
1 Ideal School Completition Degree bfs07
1 Importance School Completition Degree bfs08
1 Most Probable School Completition Degree bfs09
1 Parent'S Interest In School bfs10
1 Hour School Begins Monday bfs1101
1 Minute School Begins Monday bfs1102
1 Hour School Begins Tuesday bfs1103
1 Minute School Begins Tuesday bfs1104
1 Hour School Begins Wednesday bfs1105
1 Minute School Begins Wednesday bfs1106
1 Hour School Begins Thursday bfs1107
1 Minute School Begins Thursday bfs1108
1 Hour School Begins Friday bfs1109
1 Minute School Begins Friday bfs1110
1 Hour School Begins Saturday bfs1111
1 Minute School Begins Saturday bfs1112
1 Hour School Ends Monday bfs1113
1 Minute School Ends Monday bfs1114
1 Hour School Ends Tuesday bfs1115
1 Minute School Ends Tuesday bfs1116
1 Hour School Ends Wednesday bfs1117
1 Minute School Ends Wednesday bfs1118
1 Hour School Ends Thursday bfs1119
1 Minute School Ends Thursday bfs1120
1 Hour School Ends Friday bfs1121
1 Minute School Ends Friday bfs1122
1 Hour School Ends Saturday bfs1123
1 Minute School Ends Saturday bfs1124
1 Frequence School On Saturdays bfs1125
1 Hours After-School Care During Week bfs1201
1 Hours After-School Care Weekend bfs1202
1 Hours Youth Center During Week bfs1203
1 Hours Youth Center Weekend bfs1204
1 Hours Sports Club, Leisure Facility During Week bfs1205
1 Hours Sports Club, Leisure Facility Weekend bfs1206
1 Place Of Doing Homework (Bioage12) bfs13
1 Time For Doing Homework bfs15
1 Help Mother bfs1126
1 Help Father bfs1127
1 Help Great Parents bfs1128
1 Help Siblings bfs1129
1 Help Friends/Classmates bfs1130
1 Help Tutor bfs1131
1 Help Homework Supervision bfs1132
1 Tv bfs1601
1 Playing Computer Games bfs1602
1 Social Networks bfs1603
1 Surfing The Internet bfs1604
1 Listen Music bfs1605
1 Playing Music bfs1606
1 Doing Sports bfs1607
1 Activities With Family bfs1608
1 Dancing, Acting bfs1609
1 Technical Work bfs1610
1 Painting bfs1611
1 Reading bfs1612
1 Doing Nothing bfs1613
1 Meet Friends bfs1614
1 Talking On The Phonre bfs1615
1 Share Sms bfs1616
1 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bfs1617
1 Youthgroup bfs1618
1 Care For Pet bfs1619
1 How Many Friends bfs17
1 Friend 1: Ideal School Completition Degree bfs1801
1 Friend 2: Ideal School Completition Degree bfs1802
1 Friend 3: Ideal School Completition Degree bfs1803
1 Friend 1: Place First Met bfs1804
1 Friend 2: Place First Met bfs1805
1 Friend 3: Place First Met bfs1806
1 Parents Interfere bfs19
1 Older Siblings bfs20
1 Sibling 1: Ideal School Completition Degree bfs2101
1 Sibling 2: Ideal School Completition Degree bfs2102
1 Sibling 3: Ideal School Completition Degree bfs2103
1 Place Of Having Breakfast During Week bfs2201
1 Place Of Having Lunch During Week bfs2202
1 Place Of Having Dinner During Week bfs2203
1 Place Of Having Breakfast Weekend bfs2204
1 Place Of Having Lunch Weekend bfs2205
1 Place Of Having Dinner Weekend bfs2206
1 Height bfs23
1 Weight bfs24
1 Frequency Talk To Friends When Worried bfs2501
1 Frequency Talk To Siblings When Worried bfs2502
1 Frequency Talk To Mother When Worried bfs2503
1 Frequency Talk To Father When Worried bfs2504
1 Frequency Talk To Grandparents When Worried bfs2505
1 Frequency Help And Support From Friends bfs2506
1 Frequency Help And Support From Siblings bfs2507
1 Frequency Help And Support From Mother bfs2508
1 Frequency Help And Support From Father bfs2509
1 Frequency Help And Support From Grandparents bfs2510
1 Frequency Get Bullied By Friends bfs2511
1 Frequency Get Bullied By Siblings bfs2512
1 Frequency Get Bullied By Mother bfs2513
1 Frequency Get Bullied By Father bfs2514
1 Frequency Get Bullied By Grandparents bfs2515
1 Frequency Friends Motivate For School bfs2516
1 Frequency Siblings Motivate For School bfs2517
1 Frequency Mother Motivates For School bfs2518
1 Frequency Mother Motivates For School bfs2519
1 Frequency Grandparents Motivate For School bfs2520
1 Frequenca Fight With Friends bfs2521
1 Frequenca Fight With Sblings bfs2522
1 Frequenca Fight With Mother bfs2523
1 Frequenca Fight With Father bfs2524
1 Frequenca Fight With Grandparents bfs2525
1 Thorough Worker bfs2601
1 I Am Communivative bfs2602
1 I Am Sometimes Coarse With Others bfs2603
1 I Am Original bfs2604
1 I Often Worry bfs2605
1 Able To Forgive bfs2606
1 Tend To Be Lazy bfs2607
1 I Am Sociable bfs2608
1 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bfs2609
1 I Get Nervous Easily bfs2610
1 I Complete Tasks Efficient bfs2611
1 Reserved bfs2612
1 I Am Friendly To Others bfs2613
1 I Have A Lively Imagination bfs2614
1 I Deal Well With Stress bfs2615
1 I Am Curious, Hungra For Knowledge bfs2616
1 I Have A Positive Opinien About Myself bfs2617
1 I Can Easy Forgo Sth To Save bfs2618
1 Live For Today, Do Not Think Of Tomorrow bfs2619
1 Readiness To Assume A Risk (Interviewer) bfs27
1 Furniture Hh: Own Desk bfs2801
1 Furniture Hh: Own Room bfs2802
1 Furniture Hh: Own Books bfs2803
1 Furniture Hh: Software For Learning bfs2901
1 Furniture Hh: Books Helpful For Doing Homework bfs2902
1 Furniture Hh: Classic Literature bfs2903
1 Furniture Hh: Music Instruments bfs2904
1 Furniture Hh: Artworks bfs2905
1 Technics Hh: Tablet Pc bfs3001
1 Technics Hh: Usage Of Tablet bfs3002
1 Technics Hh: Computer bfs3003
1 Technics Hh: Usage Computer bfs3004
1 Technics Hh: Games Console bfs3005
1 Technics Hh: Usage Games Console bfs3006
1 Technics Hh: Smartphone bfs3007
1 Technics Hh: Usage Smartphone bfs3008
1 Technics Hh: Other Mobile Phone bfs3009
1 Technics: Usage Other Mobile Phone bfs3010
1 Language bfs31
1 Own Opinion Life Satisfaction bfs32
1 Day Of Interview bfdatt
1 Month Of Interview bfdatm
1 End Of Interview (Hour) bfdatst
1 End Of Interview (Minute) bfdatmi
1 Form Of Questionning bfform
1 Interview Length Oral bfdauer1
1 Interview Lenght Written bfdauer2
1 Further Persons Present bfanw
1 Interviewer Id intid


Study: iab-soep-mig


Dataset: bfschool

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