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Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Sex sex
1 Year of Birth, 4-digit gebjahr
1 Birth Biography Information biovalid
1 Year Of Biography Survey bioyear
1 Age When Surveyed Biography bioage
1 Number Of Births From Biography biokids
1 Total Number Of Births sumkids
1 PERSNR 1st. Child kidpnr01
1 PERSNR 2nd. Child kidpnr02
1 PERSNR 3rd. Child kidpnr03
1 PERSNR 4th. Child kidpnr04
1 PERSNR 5th. Child kidpnr05
1 PERSNR 6th. Child kidpnr06
1 PERSNR 7th. Child kidpnr07
1 PERSNR 8th. Child kidpnr08
1 PERSNR 9th. Child kidpnr09
1 PERSNR 10th. Child kidpnr10
1 PERSNR 11th. Child kidpnr11
1 PERSNR 12th. Child kidpnr12
1 PERSNR 13th. Child kidpnr13
1 PERSNR 14th. Child kidpnr14
1 PERSNR 15th. Child kidpnr15
1 Year Of Birth 1st. Child kidgeb01
1 Year Of Birth 2nd. Child kidgeb02
1 Year Of Birth 3rd. Child kidgeb03
1 Year Of Birth 4th. Child kidgeb04
1 Year Of Birth 5th. Child kidgeb05
1 Year Of Birth 6th. Child kidgeb06
1 Year Of Birth 7th. Child kidgeb07
1 Year Of Birth 8th. Child kidgeb08
1 Year Of Birth 9th. Child kidgeb09
1 Year Of Birth 10th. Child kidgeb10
1 Year Of Birth 11th. Child kidgeb11
1 Year Of Birth 12th. Child kidgeb12
1 Year Of Birth 13th. Child kidgeb13
1 Year Of Birth 14th. Child kidgeb14
1 Year Of Birth 15th. Child kidgeb15
1 Sex 1st. Child kidsex01
1 Sex 2nd. Child kidsex02
1 Sex 3rd. Child kidsex03
1 Sex 4th. Child kidsex04
1 Sex 5th. Child kidsex05
1 Sex 6th. Child kidsex06
1 Sex 7th. Child kidsex07
1 Sex 8th. Child kidsex08
1 Sex 9th. Child kidsex09
1 Sex 10th. Child kidsex10
1 Sex 11th. Child kidsex11
1 Sex 12th. Child kidsex12
1 Sex 13th. Child kidsex13
1 Sex 14th. Child kidsex14
1 Sex 15th. Child kidsex15
1 Month Of Birth 1st. Child kidmon01
1 Month Of Birth 2nd. Child kidmon02
1 Month Of Birth 3rd. Child kidmon03
1 Month Of Birth 4th. Child kidmon04
1 Month Of Birth 5th. Child kidmon05
1 Month Of Birth 6th. Child kidmon06
1 Month Of Birth 7th. Child kidmon07
1 Month Of Birth 8th. Child kidmon08
1 Month Of Birth 9th. Child kidmon09
1 Month Of Birth 10th. Child kidmon10
1 Month Of Birth 11th. Child kidmon11
1 Month Of Birth 12th. Child kidmon12
1 Month Of Birth 13th. Child kidmon13
1 Month Of Birth 14th. Child kidmon14
1 Month Of Birth 15th. Child kidmon15


Study: iab-soep-mig


Dataset: biobirth

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