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Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Survey Year 4-digit syear
1 Subsurvey psample
1 Sex sex
1 Year of Birth bsgebjah
1 Parents Show Interest In Performance bselkuem
1 Grade In German On Last Report Card bsntdeut
1 Grade In Math On Last Report Card bsntmath
1 Grade In 1st Foreign Language On Last Report Card bsntfmd1
1 Points German (Only Asked 2001) bsptdeut
1 Points Math (Only Asked 2001) bsptmath
1 Points 1st Foreign Language (Only Asked 2001) bsptfmd1
1 Comprehensive School: Level German (Only 2001) bsgsdeut
1 Comprehensive School: Level Math (Only 2001) bsgsmath
1 Comprehensive School: Level 1st Foreign Language (Only 2001) bsgsfmd1
1 Basic,Advanced Course German (Only 2001) bslkdeut
1 Basic,Advanced Course Mathematics (Only 2001) bslkmath
1 Basic,Advanced Course 1. Foreign Language (Only 2001) bslkfmd1
1 Argue Or Fight With Father when Respondent 15 bsstrva
1 Argue Or Fight With Mother when Respondent 15 bsstrmu
1 Do Sports During Youth bssprttr
1 What Kind of Sport Done During Youth bssprtar
1 Competition: 1st Type of Sport bssprtwe
1 Active In Music During Youth bsmussp
1 Still Attend School bsschbes
1 Year of Leaving School bsschend
1 Country Last Attended School bsschwo
1 Federal State/Province Last School Attendence bsschla
1 Number Of Foreign Students, Last School Attended bsklausl
1 Intending to Get Further Degree bsschzuk
1 Which Degree Intending Still to Get bsschzar
1 Completed Training/Apprenticeship in Germany bsbadabg
1 Completed Apprenticeship bsbadleh
1 Completed Specialized Vocational School In Germany bsbadbfs
1 Completed Higher Level Trade, Techn. School In Germany bsbadfsc
1 Completed Civil Service Education In Germany bsbadbea
1 Completed Fachhochschule In Germany bsbadfha
1 Completed University In Germany bsbaduni
1 Doctorate (since 2011) bsbadpro
1 Completed Other Education In Germany bsbadson
1 Year Of Last Completed Education, Vocational Training bsbadend
1 Vocational Degree Completed Abroad bsbaaabg
1 On The Job Training Abroad bsbaafan
1 Long Term Vocational Training Abroad bsbaafba
1 Vocational Training Abroad bsbaasch
1 School-Leaving Degree Abroad bsbaauni
1 Other Vocational Training Abroad bsbaason
1 Apprenticeship bsbaaend
1 Certificate For Voc. Degree Completed Abroad bsbaazeu
1 Foreign Certificate Accepted In Germany bsbaazea
1 Formal Training Certificate, Uni. Degree bszaja
1 Completed Apprenticeship bszaleh
1 Full-Time Vocation School bszabfs
1 Higher Level Trade And Technical School bszafsc
1 Civil Service Education bszabea
1 Accredited Career Training Academy bszabak
1 Fachhochschule, Engineering School bszafh
1 University, Higher Education Institution bszauni
1 Military, Community Service bsdigel
1 Type Of Service bsdiart
1 Reason For Not Doing Military, Community Service bsdigru
1 Voluntary Social Year bsfsj
1 Federal Vol Srvc (since 2012) bsbfd
1 Vol Military Srvc (since 2012) bsfwd
1 Survey Instrument bsinta
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview bsdauer1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview bsdauer2
1 Interview Length (Integrated Version) bsdauer3
1 Interview Length bsdauer4
1 Day Of The Interview bstagin
1 Month Of The Interview bsmonin
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Applied for Recognition bsbaaaba
1 Result Recognition bsbaaara
1 Reason No Recognition bsbaaaga
1 Month Of Assesment bsbaaamb
1 Year of Assesment bsbaaajb


Study: iab-soep-mig


Dataset: biosoc

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