Activity biography_retrospective

Retrospective information concerning anchor respondent's education and employment activities from age 18 up to Wave 1


Sort Variable Name
18 No Education since 18th birthday rtr31i10
0 Person number anchor id
1 DemoDiff sample demodiff
2 Birth cohort cohort
3 Date of birth dob
4 Generated sex anchor sex
5 Survey year wave1 wave1
6 Survey year wave2 wave2
7 Survey year wave3 wave3
8 Respondent in wave2 respw2
9 Respondent in wave3 respw3
10 Date of interview wave1 intdatw1
11 Date of interview wave2 intdatw2
12 Date of interview wave3 intdatw3
13 Type of activity activity_rtr
14 Counter - Number of episodes per activity spell_rtr
15 Beginning of episode actbeg_rtr
16 End of episode actend_rtr
17 Censor actcensor_rtr
19 No occupation between 18th birthday and wave1 rtr35i14
20 Ambigious information on beginning actflag1_rtr
21 Ambigious information on ending actflag2_rtr

Study: pairfam

Dataset: bioact_rtr

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