Mobility biography

Retrospective information concerning anchor respondent's mobility: Residency episodes within the parental household


Sort Variable Name
4 Sex anchor sex
14 Begin of episode at parental household presbeg
0 Person number anchor id
1 DemoDiff sample demodiff
2 Birth cohort cohort
3 Date of birth dob
5 Survey year wave1 wave1
6 Survey year wave2 wave2
7 Survey year wave3 wave3
8 Date of interview wave1 intdatw1
9 Date of interview wave2 intdatw2
10 Date of interview wave3 intdatw3
11 Respondent in wave 2 respw2
12 Respondent in wave 3 respw3
13 Number of episode at parental household presindex
15 End of episode at parental household presend
16 Censor prescensor
17 Ambigious information on month (Begin) presflag1
18 Ambigious information on month (End) presflag2
19 Unknown information on month (Begin) presflag3
20 Unknown information on month (End) presflag4

Study: pairfam

Dataset: biomob_rtr_parents

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