Step-up partner data, Wave5

Step-up partner data, Wave 5 (2012/13)


Sort Variable Name
261 Month of birth child 3 (Qu. 64) psd19k3m
118 Contraception: Something else (Qu. 22) psex6i11
119 How consistently used contraception? (Qu. 23) psex7
34 Estimation of partner's satisfaction with relationship (Qu. 6) psat4
53 Assessment of partner: Lets me know that he/she understands me(Qu. 13) ppa16i4
116 Contraception: Withdrawal method, Coitus interruptus (Qu. 22) psex6i9
92 I have the feeling that I like partner more than he/she likes me (Qu. 17) ppa18i7
208 Body height in cm (Qu. 56) phlt3
251 Month of birth child 1 (Qu. 64) psd19k1m
275 Parenting goals: Be able to get one's way, to have a strong will (Qu. 65) pcrn19i5
286 Frequency of visits of church/mosque/synagogue/religious ceremonies (Qu. 69) psd31
306 I make plans and carry them out (Qu. 71) pper3i18
0 Person number anchor id
1 Identification number partner pid
2 Survey year wave
3 Respondent entered survey in wave entry
4 DemoDiff sample demodiff
5 Parents and children should support each other mutually for a lifetime (Qu. 1) pval1i1
6 Women should be more concerned about family than about career (Qu. 1) pval1i3
7 Men should participate in housework to the same extent as women (Qu. 1) pval1i4
8 A child aged under 6 will suffer from having a working mother (Qu. 1) pval1i5
9 Children often suffer because fathers spend too much time at work (Qu. 1) pval1i6
10 Marriage is a lifelong union which should not be broken (Qu. 1) pval1i7
11 You should get married if you permanently live with your partner (Qu. 1) pval1i2
12 Couples should marry at the latest after a child is born (Qu. 1) pval1i8
13 Satisfaction with school, education, career (Qu. 2) psat1i1
14 Satisfaction with leisure activities, hobbies, interests (Qu. 2) psat1i2
15 Satisfaction with friends, social contacts (Qu. 2) psat1i3
16 Satisfaction with family (Qu. 2) psat1i4
17 Importance pursuing my education or career interests (Qu. 3) psrs1i1
18 Importance pursuing my hobbies and interests (Qu. 3) psrs1i2
19 Importance keeping in touch with friends (Qu. 3) psrs1i3
20 Importance living in a partnership (Qu. 3) psrs1i4
21 Importance having a(nother) child (Qu. 3) psrs1i5
22 VOP+: Undertake activities with partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i1
23 VOP+: Support from partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i2
24 VOP+: Increased social status because of partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i3
25 VOP+: Financial advantages in partnership (Qu. 4) pbce1i4
26 VOP+: Affection and feeling of safety in relationship (Qu. 4) pbce1i5
27 VOP+: Pursue own interests in partnership (Qu. 4) pbce1i12
28 VOP-: Stress in partnership (Qu. 4) pbce1i7
29 VOP-: Becoming boring or routine (Qu. 4) pbce1i8
30 VOP-: Family and friends rejecting/disliking partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i9
31 VOP-: Being constrained by partner (Qu. 4) pbce1i10
32 VOP-: Lovesickness and relationship problems (Qu. 4) pbce1i11
33 Satisfaction with relationship (Qu. 5) psat3
35 Common household planned within next 12 months (Qu. 7) ppa9
36 Marriage planned within next 12 months (Qu. 8) ppa11
37 Seriously considered having children (Qu. 9) ppa13
38 Division of labor: Housework (Qu. 10) ppa14i1
39 Division of labor: Shopping (Qu. 10) ppa14i2
40 Division of labor: Home and auto repairs (Qu. 10) ppa14i3
41 Division of labor: Financial and administrative matters (Qu.10) ppa14i4
42 Division of labor: Taking care of the children (Qu. 10) ppa14i5
43 Indicated fairness of division of labor (Qu. 11) ppa15
44 I would like for our partnership to last for a long time (Qu. 12) ppa19i1
45 If giving up sth./giving in, important that partner shows gratitude (Qu. 12) ppa19i3
46 In case of serious problems, I can imagine separating (Qu. 12) ppa19i5
47 If partnership no longer makes us happy, separation is only way out (Qu. 12) ppa19i6
48 When I do partner a favor, I expect sth. in return (Qu. 12) ppa19i7
49 I'm counting on a long-term future together with partner (Qu. 12) ppa19i8
50 Self assessment: Let partner know that I understand him/her (Qu. 13) ppa16i1
51 Self assessment: Listen, give chance to express himself/herself (Qu. 13) ppa16i2
52 Self assessment: Support partner when he/she has a problem (Qu. 13) ppa16i3
54 Assessment of partner: Listens, gives chance to express myself (Qu. 13) ppa16i5
55 Assessment of Partner: Supports me when I have a problem (Qu. 13) ppa16i6
56 Disagree with partner: Spending leisure time (Qu. 14) ppa21i1
57 Disagree with partner: Division of chores (Qu. 14) ppa21i2
58 Disagree with partner: Financial matters (Qu. 14) ppa21i3
59 Disagree with partner: Involvement in career/education/school (Qu. 14) ppa21i4
60 Disagree with partner: Dealing with each other (Qu. 14) ppa21i5
61 Disagree with partner: Parenting (Qu. 14) ppa21i6
62 Assessment of partner: Insulted or verbally abused you (Qu. 15) ppa22pi1
63 Self-assessment: Insulted or verbally abused partner (Qu. 15) ppa22ri1
64 Assessment of partner: Remained silent (Qu. 15) ppa22pi2
65 Self-assessment: Remained silent (Qu. 15) ppa22ri2
66 Assessment of partner: Yelled at you (Qu. 15) ppa22pi3
67 Self-assessment: Yelled at partner (Qu. 15) ppa22ri3
68 Assessment of partner: Listened and asked questions to understand (Qu. 15) ppa22pi4
69 Self-assessment: Listened and asked questions to understand (Qu. 15) ppa22ri4
70 Assessment of partner: Refused to talk about the subject (Qu. 15) ppa22pi5
71 Self-assessment: Refused to talk about the subject (Qu. 15) ppa22ri5
72 Assessment of partner: Felt instantly insulted (Qu. 15) ppa22pi6
73 Self-assessment: Felt instantly insulted (Qu. 15) ppa22ri6
74 Assessment of partner: Blamed or made him/her feel guilty (Qu. 15) ppa22pi7
75 Self-assessment: Blamed or made him/her feel guilty (Qu. 15) ppa22ri7
76 Assessment of partner: Endeavored to clarify position to you (Qu. 15) ppa22pi8
77 Self-assessment: Endeavored clarify position to partner (Qu. 15) ppa22ri8
78 Frequency: Telling partner what you are thinking (Qu. 16) ppa17i1
79 Frequency: Partner expresses recognition for what you've done (Qu. 16) ppa17i2
80 Frequency: Partner makes you do things his/her way (Qu. 16) ppa17i3
81 Frequency: Annoyed or angry with each other (Qu. 16) ppa17i4
82 Frequency: Partner shows that he/she appreciates you (Qu. 16) ppa17i5
83 Frequency: Disagree and quarrel (Qu. 16) ppa17i6
84 Frequency: Partner gets his/her way when you can't agree (Qu. 16) ppa17i7
85 Frequency: Sharing secrets and private feelings with partner (Qu. 16) ppa17i8
86 Partner finds it all right if I stand up for my own interests (Qu. 17) ppa18i1
87 Sometimes I'm afraid that partner would rather spend time with others (Qu. 17) ppa18i2
88 When we have problems, partner only thinks about his/her needs(Qu. 17) ppa18i3
89 Partner clings to me so much that I feel like I'm suffocating (Qu. 17) ppa18i4
90 I can contribute much to make us do well in our partnership (Qu. 17) ppa18i19
91 I can settle my personal matters by myself without conflicts (Qu. 17) ppa18i6
93 If I address a problem, it annoys him/her and makes him/her angry (Qu. 17) ppa18i8
94 I can meet the needs of my partner very well (Qu. 17) ppa18i9
95 Sometimes not sure if partner enjoys being with me as much as I (Qu. 17) ppa18i10
96 I can usually do what I want (Qu. 17) ppa18i11
97 Afraid partner could think I'm silly/stupid if I make a mistake (Qu. 17) ppa18i12
98 If I wanted change, partner would not take my concerns seriously (Qu. 17) ppa18i13
99 Partner clings to me so tightly that I can't do what I want (Qu. 17) ppa18i14
100 When I disappoint/annoy partner, I'm afraid he/she won't like me (Qu. 17) ppa18i15
101 I can follow own interests without partner getting upset (Qu. 17) ppa18i16
102 If I set goals in my partnership I can reach them (Qu. 17) ppa18i17
103 Partner can fulfill my needs very well (Qu. 17) ppa18i18
104 Thought partnership/marriage in serious trouble (during past year) (Qu. 18) ppa26
105 Seriously considered separation/divorce (during past year) (Qu. 19) ppa27
106 Seriously propose separation/divorce (during past year) (Qu. 20) ppa28
107 Contraception used past 3 months (Qu. 21) psex5
108 Contraception: Birth control pill, mini pill (Qu. 22) psex6i1
109 Contraception: Condom (Qu. 22) psex6i2
110 Contraception: Hormone preparations (Qu. 22) psex6i3
111 Contraception: Intrauterine device (IUD) (Qu. 22) psex6i4
112 Contraception: Diaphragm, foam, suppository, gel (Qu. 22) psex6i5
113 Contraception: Natural birth control (Qu. 22) psex6i6
114 Contraception: Hysterectomy (female sterilization) (Qu. 22) psex6i7
115 Contraception: Vasectomy (male sterilization) (Qu. 22) psex6i8
117 Contraception: The morning-after pill (Qu. 22) psex6i10
120 Satisfaction with sex life (Qu. 24) psat5
121 Self-assessment: Possible to procreate by natural means (Qu. 25) pfrt1
122 Ideal circumstances: Number of children (Qu. 26) pfrt5
123 Additional children realistic? (Qu. 27) pfrt27
124 Realistical number of further biological or adopted children (Qu. 27) pfrt28
125 Intention to become mother/father within next 2 years (Qu. 28) pfrt7
126 Age realistically when having first/next child (Qu. 29) pfrt9
127 Tried to conceive a child/get pregnant last 12 months (Qu. 30) pfrt3
128 Willingness to cut back: School, education, career (Qu. 31) pfrt12i1
129 Willingness to cut back: Leisure time act., hobbies, interests (Qu. 31) pfrt12i2
130 Willingness to cut back: Friends, social contacts (Qu. 31) pfrt12i3
131 Willingness to cut back: Partnership (Qu. 31) pfrt12i4
132 Effect of being parent on school, education, career (Qu. 32) pfrt25i1
133 Effect of being parent on leisure time act., hobbies, interests (Qu. 32) pfrt25i2
134 Effect of being parent on friends, social contacts (Qu. 32) pfrt25i3
135 Effect of being parent on partnership (Qu. 32) pfrt25i4
136 Usually willing to sacrifice own desires for my child(ren)'s desires (Qu. 33) pcrn32i1
137 Feeling as a parent: Partner supports me with child care (Qu. 33) pcrn20i5
138 I would put up with anything for the good of my child(ren) (Qu. 33) pcrn32i2
139 Feeling as a parent: I feel recognised in my role by partner(Qu. 33) pcrn20i6
140 Often, I leave everything else aside in order to support my child(ren) (Qu. 33) pcrn32i3
141 Leisure time: Go to coffee stores, bars, restaurants (Qu. 34) plsr1i1
142 Leisure time: Do sports (Qu. 34) plsr1i2
143 Leisure time: Go to a disco (Qu. 34) plsr1i3
144 Leisure time: Meet with friends (Qu. 34) plsr1i4
145 Hours watched TV past week (Qu. 34) plsr2
146 Hours spent on personal Internet use past week (Qu. 34) plsr3
147 Weeks on vacation trips past year (Qu. 34) plsr4
148 Mother still living? (Qu. 35) pigr22
149 Father still living? (Qu. 35) pigr25
150 Frequency of contact with mother? (Qu. 36) pigr39p1
151 Frequency of contact with father? (Qu. 36) pigr39p3
152 Emotional closeness with mother today? (Qu. 37) pigr40p1
153 Emotional closeness with father today? (Qu. 38) pigr40p3
154 Timely distance to mother's dwelling? (Qu. 39) pigr41p1
155 Timely distance to father's dwelling? (Qu. 39) pigr41p3
156 Frequency: You tell your mother what you are thinking (Qu. 40) pigr42p1
157 Frequency: You tell your father what you are thinking (Qu. 40) pigr42p3
158 Frequency: You and mother annoyed/angry with each other (Qu. 41) pigr45p1
159 Frequency: You and father annoyed/angry with each other (Qu. 41) pigr45p3
160 Frequency: You and your mother disagree and quarrel (Qu. 42) pigr47p1
161 Frequency: You and your father disagree and quarrel (Qu. 42) pigr47p3
162 Frequency: You share with mother secrets/private feelings (Qu. 43) pigr49p1
163 Frequency: You share with father secrets/private feelings (Qu. 43) pigr49p3
164 Day of birth (Qu. 44) pdobd
165 Month of birth (Qu. 44) pdobm
166 Year of birth (Qu. 44) pdoby
167 Sex (Qu. 45) psex
168 Current marital status (Qu. 46) psd10
169 Highest level of education attained (Qu. 47) psd27
170 Other level of education attained, open entry (Qu. 47) psd27o
171 Currently: General secondary school (first education) (Qu. 48) psd23i1
172 Currently: Evening school, adult education (Qu. 48) psd23i2
173 Currently: Vocational training (Qu. 48) psd23i3
174 Currently: Vocational retraining/further education (Qu. 48) psd23i4
175 Currently: University of Cooperative Education (Berufsakademie) (Qu. 48) psd23i5
176 Currently: University of applied science, College, university (Qu. 48) psd23i6
177 Currently: Pre-vocational training (Qu. 48) psd23i7
178 Currently: Technical/professional school (Qu. 48) psd23i8
179 Currently: Other education (Qu. 48) psd23i9
180 Currently: Full-time employment (Qu. 48) psd23i10
181 Currently: Self-employment (Qu. 48) psd23i11
182 Currently: Part-time employment (also multiple part-time jobs) (Qu. 48) psd23i12
183 Currently: Internships, traineeship, voluntary service (Qu. 48) psd23i13
184 NA psd23i14
185 Currently: Occasional or irregular employment (Qu. 48) psd23i15
186 Currently: Other type of employment (Qu. 48) psd23i16
187 Currently: Maternity/paternity leave, leave of absence f. childcare (Qu. 48) psd23i17
188 Currently: Voluntary Social Service (Qu. 48) psd23i18
189 Currently: Unemployed, seeking employment (Qu. 48) psd23i19
190 Currently: Housewife/househusband (Qu. 48) psd23i20
191 Currently: Early retirement, retirement, occupational disability (Qu. 48) psd23i21
192 Currently: Other type of unemployment (Qu. 48) psd23i22
193 Current occupational status (Qu. 49) pjob2
194 Gross income last month (Qu. 50) pinc1
195 Net income last month (Qu. 51) pinc2
196 Net income categories (Qu. 52) pinc21
197 Health status past 4 weeks (Qu. 53) phlt1
198 Ever smoked in life (at least 100 cigarettes/other tobacco products) (Qu. 54a) phlt8
199 Age when first started regularly smoking (Qu. 54b) phlt9
200 Smoking now (Qu. 54c) phlt10
201 Number of cigarettes smoked per day (Qu. 54d) phlt11i1
202 Number of pipes smoked per day (Qu. 54d) phlt11i2
203 Number of cigars/cigarillos smoked per day (Qu. 54d) phlt11i3
204 Month when stopped smoking (Qu. 54e) phlt12m
205 Year when stopped smoking (Qu. 54e) phlt12y
206 How often usually drinking alcohol (Qu. 55a) phlt14
207 How often more than 5 alcoholic drinks at once in last 4 weeks (Qu. 55b) phlt13
209 Weight in kg (Qu. 57) phlt4
210 Hours of sleep per night during working week (Qu. 58) phlt7
211 Structure of household: My child/my children (Qu. 59) psd100i1
212 Structure of household: Number of children (Qu. 59) psd101i1
213 Structure of household: Parents/Step-parents (Qu. 59) psd100i2
214 Structure of household: Number of Parents/Step-parents (Qu. 59) psd101i2
215 Structure of household: Siblings (Qu. 59) psd100i3
216 Structure of household: Number of Siblings (Qu. 59) psd101i3
217 Structure of household: Grand-parents (Qu. 59) psd100i4
218 Structure of household: Number of Grand-parents (Qu. 59) psd101i4
219 Structure of household: Other relatives (Qu. 59) psd100i5
220 Structure of household: Number of Other relatives (Qu. 59) psd101i5
221 Structure of household: Friends (Qu. 59) psd100i6
222 Structure of household: Number of Friends (Qu. 59) psd101i6
223 Structure of household: Room- or housemate (Qu. 59) psd100i7
224 Structure of household: Number of Room-/Housemates (Qu. 59) psd101i7
225 Structure of household: Living alone (Qu. 59) psd100i8
226 I often agree with others, even if I'm not sure (Qu. 60) pper1i1
227 Sometimes I believe that I'm worthless (Qu. 60) pper1i2
228 I become angry very quickly (Qu. 60) pper1i3
229 I feel inhibited in the presence of others (Qu. 60) pper1i4
230 I often change my mind after hearing what others think (Qu. 60) pper1i5
231 I feel lonely (Qu. 60) pper1i6
232 I like myself just the way I am (Qu. 60) pper1i7
233 I work myself up into a quarrel easily (Qu. 60) pper1i8
234 I feel shy in the presence of others (Qu. 60) pper1i9
235 I strongly tend to follow the wishes of others (Qu. 60) pper1i10
236 When others irritate me, I get angry very quickly (Qu. 60) pper1i11
237 I approach other people easily (Qu. 60) pper1i12
238 All in all, I am pleased with myself (Qu. 60) pper1i13
239 My mood is melancholy (Qu. 61) pper2i1
240 I am happy (Qu. 61) pper2i2
241 I am depressed (Qu. 61) pper2i3
242 I am sad (Qu. 61) pper2i4
243 I am in desperation (Qu. 61) pper2i5
244 My mood is gloomy (Qu. 61) pper2i6
245 I feel good (Qu. 61) pper2i7
246 I feel secure (Qu. 61) pper2i8
247 I am calm and composed (Qu. 61) pper2i9
248 I enjoy life (Qu. 61) pper2i10
249 Life satisfaction (Qu. 62) psat6
250 Do you have children; biological or adopted (Qu. 63) psd9
252 Year of birth child 1 (Qu. 64) psd19k1y
253 Sex child 1 (Qu. 64) psd14k1g
254 Status child 1 (Qu. 64) psd15k1
255 Cohabitation with child 1 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k1
256 Month of birth child 2 (Qu. 64) psd19k2m
257 Year of birth child 2 (Qu. 64) psd19k2y
258 Sex child 2 (Qu. 64) psd14k2g
259 Status child 2 (Qu. 64) psd15k2
260 Cohabitation with child 2 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k2
262 Year of birth child 3 (Qu. 64) psd19k3y
263 Sex child 3 (Qu. 64) psd14k3g
264 Status child 3 (Qu. 64) psd15k3
265 Cohabitation with child 3 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k3
266 Month of birth child 4 (Qu. 64) psd19k4m
267 Year of birth child 4 (Qu. 64) psd19k4y
268 Sex child 4 (Qu. 64) psd14k4g
269 Status child 4 (Qu. 64) psd15k4
270 Cohabitation with child 4 currently (Qu. 64) psd20k4
271 Parenting goals: Eat healthy foods and get exercise (Qu. 65) pcrn19i1
272 Parenting goals: Be likeable and liked by others (Qu. 65) pcrn19i2
273 Parenting goals: Integrate into groups (Qu. 65) pcrn19i3
274 Parenting goals: Be respected by others, have a good standing (Qu. 65) pcrn19i4
276 Parenting goals: Accept rules and to be able to obey (Qu. 65) pcrn19i6
277 Parenting goals: Be independent and to do things autonomously (Qu. 65) pcrn19i7
278 Parenting goals: Be able to form one's own opinion (Qu. 65) pcrn19i8
279 Parenting goals: Achieve higher education (Qu. 65) pcrn19i9
280 Parenting goals: Be industrious (Qu. 65) pcrn19i10
281 Parenting goals: Be responsible (Qu. 65) pcrn19i11
282 Parenting goals: Learn how to conduct him/herself (Qu. 65) pcrn19i12
283 Handicapped or disable to work full time (Qu. 66) phlt5
284 To what extent handicapped? (Qu. 67) phlt6
285 Religious denomination (Qu. 68) psd30
287 Year of birth mother(Qu. 70) pigr1y
288 Year of birth father(Qu. 70) pigr2y
289 I am usually modest and reserved (Qu. 71) pper3i1
290 I tend to criticize others (Qu. 71) pper3i2
291 I complete my tasks thoroughly (Qu. 71) pper3i3
292 I easily become depressed or discouraged (Qu. 71) pper3i4
293 I am interested in many different kinds of things (Qu. 71) pper3i5
294 I get enthusiastic easily and can motivate others easily (Qu. 71) pper3i6
295 I trust others easily and believe that people are inherently good (Qu. 71) pper3i7
296 I make things comfortable for myself and tend to be lazy (Qu. 71) pper3i8
297 NA pper3i9
298 I am intellectual and like to contemplate things (Qu. 71) pper3i10
299 NA pper3i11
300 I can be cold and distanced in my behavior (Qu. 71) pper3i12
301 I am proficient and work quickly (Qu. 71) pper3i13
302 I worry a lot (Qu. 71) pper3i14
303 I am very imaginative (Qu. 71) pper3i15
304 I am extroverted (Qu. 71) pper3i16
305 I can be gruff and dismissive with others (Qu. 71) pper3i17
307 I easily become nervous and insecure (Qu. 71) pper3i19
308 I appreciate artistic and aesthetic impressions (Qu. 71) pper3i20
309 I am hardly interested in art (Qu. 71) pper3i21
310 Day of interview (Qu. 72) pintd
311 Month of interview (Qu. 72) pintm
312 Year of interview (Qu. 72) pinty

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