Data from household questionnaires 2011


Sort Variable Name
0 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Household Number (=BBHHNR) hid
42 number of rooms G 6 sq meters bbh11
93 Other Costs Per Year bbh33
105 Amount Income From Rent Previous Year bbh39
109 tax deductions, Amount Previous Year bbh4102
122 Savings, Securities, Item Nonresponse bbh4510
132 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Months bbh4902
133 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Amt./Month bbh4903
160 Ill Family Members Support, Amount bbh5009
166 Housing Assistance, Amount bbh5015
167 Household Net Income bbh5101
198 PNR Of 1.Person Requiring Help bbh5701
235 highest PNR in HH bbhpmax
240 Amount Of Loans Paid Off bbh43
272 Microwave Acquisition Costs f11h074c3
275 Dishwasher Acquisition Costs f11h074d3
281 Washing Machine Acquisition Costs f11h074f3
296 DVD-Recorder Acquisition Costs f11h074k3
320 Holiday Cottage/Apartment Acquisition Costs f11h074s3
360 Expenditures On Holiday, Do not Know f11h075j4
385 Subsample Identifier sample1
352 Expenditures on Culture, Do Not Know f11h075h4
354 Expenditure on Spare Time, Hobby, Sports, Pets per Month f11h075i2
355 Expenditure on Spare Time, Hobby, Sports, Pets per Year f11h075i3
39 exact year house was build (since 1972) bbh0802
85 cost of water, etc per month bbh2602
33 In This Dwelling Since, Month bbh0401
35 Neighborhood Of Household bbh05
36 Type Of Dwelling bbh06
37 Private Household, Institution bbh07
38 year house was build bbh0801
40 change in size of dwelling bbh09
43 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit bbh12
44 condition of house bbh13
45 dwelling with kitchen bbh1401
46 dwelling with indoor bath, shower bbh1402
47 dwelling with hot water, boiler bbh1403
48 dwelling with central heating bbh1404
49 dwelling with floor heating (completely/partly) bbh1405
50 Dwelling With Balcony, Terrace bbh1406
51 dwelling with basement, storage place bbh1407
52 Dwelling With Garden bbh1408
53 Dwelling With Alarm Device bbh1409
54 dwelling with air conditioner bbh1410
55 dwelling with solar energy bbh1411
56 dwelling with other alternative energy bbh1412
57 Dwelling With Elevator bbh1413
58 since prev year kitchen added bbh1501
59 since prev year bath, shower, toilet added bbh1502
60 since prev year heating added bbh1503
61 since prev year new windows added bbh1504
62 since prev year other thermal insulation bbh1505
63 since prev year age-based renovation bbh1506
64 since prev year other renovations bbh1507
65 since prev year no renovations bbh1508
66 who paid for renovations bbh16
67 who did renovations bbh1701
69 change in ownership last year bbh18
70 Type Of Change In Ownership bbh1901
71 Means Of Ownership bbh1902
72 type of ownership transfer bbh1903
73 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling bbh20
74 Rent Reduced By Landlord bbh21
75 Government Subsidized Housing bbh22
76 Amount Of Monthly Rent bbh2301
77 Do Not Pay Rent bbh2302
78 heat, hot water cost incl rent bbh24
79 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month bbh2501
82 costs of electricity per month, do not know bbh2504
83 other costs included in rent bbh2601
84 cost of water, etc per month bbh2603
150 Housing Assistance prev year, Months bbh4920
151 Amount Of Housing Allowance, Subsidy bbh4921
154 Number Children bbh5003
334 Expenditure on Body Care/Cosmetics/Hair per Month f11h075d2
335 Expenditure on Body Care/Cosmetics/Hair per Year f11h075d3
336 Expenditure on Body Care/Cosmetics/Hair, Do Not Know f11h075d4
86 personnel review of amount of rent bbh27
91 Heat And Hot Water Costs Previous Year bbh3201
2 Survey Year syear
34 In This Dwelling Since, Year bbh0402
41 size of unit in sq meters bbh10
80 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month bbh2502
87 Owner Of The Dwelling bbh28
88 Interest, Mortgage Payment For Dwelling bbh29
90 Maintenance Costs Previous Year bbh31
89 Interest And Mortgage Payment Per Month bbh30
97 Estimated Amount Of Rent bbh3602
106 operation, Maintenance Costs Previous Year bbh4001
107 interest and mortgage payment prev year bbh4002
138 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy prev year, Months bbh4908
139 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy prev year, Amt./ Months bbh4909
162 Social Assistance, Amount bbh5011
164 Age / Reduced Earning Capacity, Amt. bbh5013
172 expenditures on food at home amount per week bbh5401
213 Help From, Item total Nonresponse bbh5908
218 costs for care per month bbh6102
94 Housing Costs For Owner bbh3401
96 Housing Costs Vs Comparable Dwellings bbh35
98 Estimated Amount Of Rent bbh3601
99 Homeowner Assistance Prev Year, Total Assistance bbh3701
100 amount total assistance applied prev year bbh3702
231 Interview Length Oral bbhhdaer1
232 Interview Length Written bbhhdaer2
101 Second Residence bbh3801
102 Location of Second Residence bbh3802
103 Dwelling Used Predominantly bbh3803
104 Income From Rent Previous Year bbh3804
108 tax deductions Previous Year bbh4101
238 Interviewer ID intid
256 Paid Support Amount f11h046b
260 Yearly Excess Spending Amount f11h048d
269 Motorcycle, Moped Acquisition Costs f11h074b3
290 TV Acquisition Costs f11h074i3
293 DVD-Player Acquisition Costs f11h074j3
378 Expenditures Furniture per Month f11h075o2
379 Expenditures Furniture per Year f11h075o3
380 Expenditures Furniture, Do Not Know f11h075o4
381 Other Expenditures f11h075p1
382 Other Expenditures per Month f11h075p2
110 Pay Off Loans bbh42
111 Amount Of Loans Paid Off f11h036
112 Charged with loan repayment bbh44
113 Savings Account Previous Yr bbh4501
114 Building Society Previous Yr bbh4502
115 Life Insurance Previous Yr bbh4503
116 Fixed Interest Securities Previous Yr bbh4504
118 Operating Assets Previous Yr bbh4506
119 No Securities Previous Yr bbh4507
120 Tax-Deductible Loan bbh4508
123 Amt. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr bbh4601
92 electricity costs precious year bbh3202
95 monthly housing costs bbh3402
124 Est. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr bbh4602
125 Winnings, Inheritance, etc. GT 500 EUR bbh4701
126 Inheritance bbh4702
127 Gift bbh4703
81 costs of electricity per month bbh2503
117 Other Securities bbh4505
121 Tax-Deductible Loan, Amount bbh4509
156 children's allowance benefit, amount bbh5005
157 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy, Amt. bbh5007
207 PNR Main Care Provider In HH bbh5902
247 Educational Package (Hartz IV): Class Trips f11h044z2
258 Yearly Surplus Amount f11h048b
265 Car Acquisition Costs f11h074a3
356 Expenditure on Spare Time, Hobby, Sports, Pets, Do Not Know f11h075i4
128 Lottery Winnings bbh4704
129 Winnings, Inheritance Item Nonresponse bbh4705
130 Amount Of Winnings, Inheritance, In euros bbh48
131 Child Allowance Previous Year bbh4901
134 children's allowance prev year bbh4904
135 children's allowance prev year, months bbh4905
136 children's allowance prev year amt/mo bbh4906
137 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy prev year bbh4907
140 Ill Family Members Support prev year bbh4910
141 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance, prev. year, Months bbh4911
142 Ill Family Members Support prev year, Amt./Mo. bbh4912
143 Current Subsistence Support prev year bbh4913
144 Subsistence Support prev year, Months bbh4914
145 Subsistence Support prev year, Amt./Mo. bbh4915
146 basic financial security in old age, prev. Year bbh4916
147 basic financial security in old age prev year, months bbh4917
148 basic financial security in old age prev year, per month bbh4918
149 Housing Assistance prev year bbh4919
152 Currently Receiving Child Benefit bbh5001
153 Child Benefit, Amount bbh5002
155 currently receiving children's allowance benefit bbh5004
158 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Today bbh5006
159 Ill Family Members Support bbh5008
161 Social Assistance bbh5010
163 Age / Reduced Earning Capacity Today bbh5012
165 Currently Housing Assistance bbh5014
168 HH Net Income Group, CAPI Only bbh5102
169 Monthly Savings bbh5201
170 Monthly Amount Of Savings bbh5202
171 punctual lease payment bbh53
173 expenditures on food at home amount per month bbh5402
174 expenditures on food at home, do not know bbh5403
175 Colour TV In HH yes/no bbh5501
176 Reason For No Color Television In HH bbh5502
177 Telephone In HH yes/no bbh5503
178 Telephone In HH - reasons bbh5504
179 Internet Connection In HH yes/no bbh5505
180 Reasons For No Internet In HH bbh5506
181 Car In HH bbh5507
182 Reason For No Car In HH bbh5508
183 HH Building In Good Condition bbh5509
184 Reason For Poor Condition Of HH Building bbh5510
185 HH Located In Good Neighborhood bbh5511
186 Reason For HH Located In Bad Neighborhood bbh5512
187 Able To Put Money Away For Emergencies bbh5513
188 Reason For Inability To Put Money Away bbh5514
189 Vacation Of At Least One Week Per Year bbh5515
190 Reason For Inability To Take Vacation bbh5516
191 Invite Friends For Dinner Once A Month bbh5517
192 Reason For Inability To Invite Friends bbh5518
193 Eat Meat, Poultry Or Fish Every Other Day bbh5519
194 Reasons For Inability To Eat Meat, Poultry Or Fish bbh5520
195 Usable Old Furniture In HH Replaced bbh5521
196 Reason For Not Replacing Old Furniture bbh5522
197 Person Requiring Help Present In HH bbh56
199 Help On Tasks Outside HH, 1. Person bbh5702
200 Help On Housework, 1. Person bbh5703
201 Help On Minor Care, 1. Person bbh5704
202 Help On Major Care, 1. Person bbh5705
3 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bbhhnr
4 Original Household Number cid
5 Current Household Nummber (=BBHHNR) hhnrakt
6 Survey Year (1984 = 1) welle
7 ID number of person interviewed (PNR) bbausku
8 lived here 1 year ago bbh01
9 Why Changes- Notice Given bbh0201
10 Why Changes- Bought House bbh0202
11 Why Changes- Inheritance bbh0203
12 Why Changes- Job bbh0204
13 Why Changes- Married bbh0205
14 Why Changes- Seperated bbh0206
15 Why Changes- Left Parent House bbh0207
16 Why Changes- Other Family Reasons bbh0208
17 Why Changes- too small bbh0209
18 Why Changes- too big bbh0210
19 Why Changes- High Housing Costs bbh0211
20 Why Changes- Poor Furnishing bbh0212
21 Why Changes- Poor Location bbh0213
22 Why Changes- Old/Handicapped Accessible bbh0214
23 Why Changes- Poor Surroundings bbh0215
24 Why Changes-new, better surroundings bbh0216
25 Why Changes- other reasons bbh0217
26 compare old, new rent bbh0301
27 compare old, new size bbh0302
204 Person Receives Nursing Assistance Care bbh5801
28 compare old, new layout bbh0303
29 compare old, new location bbh0304
30 compare old, new surroundings bbh0305
31 compare old, new access to pub. Trans. bbh0306
32 compare old, new contact with neighbors bbh0307
205 Nursing Assistance Care Level bbh5802
206 Help From Family In HH bbh5901
208 Help From Nurse, Social Worker bbh5903
209 Help From Private Care bbh5904
210 Help From Friends bbh5905
211 Help From Neighbors bbh5906
212 Help From Family Outside HH bbh5907
214 Person Receives Payment bbh5909
215 further person requiring help in hh bbh6001
216 number of further persons requiring help bbh6002
217 regularly costs for care bbh6101
219 Cleaning Lady, Household Help bbh6201
220 average costs per month bbh6202
221 Children Under 16 Yr In Household bbh63
222 Pets: Dog bbh7301
223 Pets: Cat bbh7302
224 Pets: Bird bbh7303
225 Pets: fishes bbh7304
226 Pets: horse bbh7305
227 Other Pets bbh7306
228 No Pets bbh7307
229 Amt. Of Books In HH bbh74
230 Survey Instrument bbhivform
233 Day Of Interview bbhtagin
234 Month Of Interview bbhmonin
236 Calculated Mon. HH Net Income, Infratest bbcalcinc
237 Selection Criteria, Hi-Income bblimit
239 Pay Off Loans (FID) f11h035
241 Charged with loan repayment f11h037
242 Municipal Benefits for Low-Income Earner f11h043a
243 School Supplies for Low-Income Owner f11h043b
244 Subsidy for School Trips for Low-Income Earner f11h043c
245 No Benefits for Low-Income Earner f11h043d
246 Educational Package (Hartz IV): School Trips f11h044z1
248 Educational Package (Hartz IV): individual School Supply f11h044z3
249 Educational Package (Hartz IV): Transport to School f11h044z4
250 Educational Package (Hartz IV): Learning Support f11h044z5
251 Educational Support (Hartz IV): Membership Fees f11h044z7
252 Educational Package (Hartz IV): Lunch f11h044z6
253 Educational Package (Hartz IV): Municipal Benefits f11h044z8
254 Educational Package (Hartz IV): None of these f11h044z9
255 Paid Support Monthly f11h046a
257 Ratio Income/Expenses f11h048a
259 Yearly Surplus Do Not Know f11h048c
261 Yearly Excess Spending Do Not Know f11h048e
262 Coverage Deficit f11h048f
263 Car In HH f11h074a1
264 Car Acquired f11h074a2
266 Used Scrapping Bonus f11h074a4
267 Household Has Motorcycle,Moped f11h074b1
268 Motorcycle, Moped Acquired f11h074b2
270 Microwave In HH f11h074c1
271 Microwave Acquired f11h074c2
273 Dishwascher In HH f11h074d1
274 Dishwasher Acquired f11h074d2
276 Deep Freezer in HH f11h074e1
277 Deep Freezer Acquired f11h074e2
278 Deep Freezer Acquisition Costs f11h074e3
279 Washing Machine In HH f11h074f1
280 Washing Machine Acquired f11h074f2
282 Dryer in HH f11h074g1
283 Dryer Acquired f11h074g2
284 Dryer Acquisition Costs f11h074g3
285 Stereo In HH f11h074h1
286 Stereo Acquired f11h074h2
287 Stereo Acquisition Costs f11h074h3
288 TV in HH f11h074i1
289 TV Acquired f11h074i2
291 DVD player In HH f11h074j1
292 DVD-Player Acquired f11h074j2
294 DVD Recorder In HH f11h074k1
295 DVD-Recorder Acquired f11h074k2
297 PC/Laptop in HH f11h074l1
298 PC/Laptop Acquired f11h074l2
299 PC/Laptop Acquisition Costs f11h074l3
300 Broadband Internet in HH f11h074m1
301 Broadband Internet Acquired f11h074m2
302 Broadband Internet Acquisition Costs f11h074m3
303 Slow Internet in HH f11h074n1
304 Slow Internet Acquired f11h074n2
305 Slow Internet Acquisition Costs f11h074n3
306 Telephone (Landline) in HH f11h074o1
307 Telephone (Landline) Acquired f11h074o2
308 Telephone (Landline) Acquisition Costs f11h074o3
309 Mobile phone in HH f11h074p1
310 Mobile Phone Acquired f11h074p2
311 Mobile Phone Acquisition Costs f11h074p3
312 Fax Machin In HH f11h074q1
313 Fax Machine Acquired f11h074q2
314 Fax Machine Acquisition Costs f11h074q3
315 ISDN-Connection Acquired f11h074r2
316 ISDN Connection In HH f11h074r1
317 ISDN-Connection Acquisition Costs f11h074r3
318 Holiday Cottage/Apartment in HH f11h074s1
319 Holiday Cottage/Apartment Acquired f11h074s2
321 Expenditures for Groceries f11h075a1
322 Expenditures for Groceries per Month f11h075a2
323 Expenditures for Groceries per Year f11h075a3
324 Expenses for Groceries, Do Not Know f11h075a4
325 Expenditures on Dining/Drinking Outside f11h075b1
326 Expenditures on Dining/Drinking Outside per Month f11h075b2
327 Expenditures on Dining/Drinking Outside per Year f11h075b3
328 Expenditures on Dining/Drinking Outside, Do Not Know f11h075b4
329 Expenditures on Clothes/Shoes f11h075c1
330 Expenditures on Clothes/Shoes per Month f11h075c2
331 Expenditures on Clothes/Shoes per Year f11h075c3
332 Expenditures on Clothes/Shoes, Do Not Know f11h075c4
333 Expenditure on Body Care/Cosmetics/Hair f11h075d1
337 Expenditures on Health f11h075e1
338 Expenditures on Health per Month f11h075e2
339 Expenditures on Health per Year f11h075e3
340 Expenditures on Health, do not know f11h075e4
341 Expenditures on Telecommunication f11h075f1
342 Expenditures on Telecommunication per Month f11h075f2
343 Expenditures on Telecommunication per Year f11h075f3
344 Expenditures on Telecommunication, Do Not Know f11h075f4
345 Expenditures on Training/Education f11h075g1
346 Expenditures on Training/Education per Month f11h075g2
347 Expenditures on Training/Education per Year f11h075g3
348 Expenditures on Training/Education, Do not Know f11h075g4
349 Expenditures on Culture f11h075h1
350 Expenditure on Culture per Month f11h075h2
351 Expenditure on Culture per Year f11h075h3
353 Expenditure on Spare Time, Hobby, Sports, Pets f11h075i1
357 Expenditure on Holiday f11h075j1
358 Expenditure on Holiday per Month f11h075j2
359 Expenditure on Holiday per Year f11h075j3
361 Expenditures on Life/private Pension Insurance f11h075k1
362 Expenditures on Life/Private Pension Insurance per Month f11h075k2
363 Expenditures on Life/Private Pension Insurance per Year f11h075k3
364 Expenditures on Life/private Pension Insurance, Do Not Know f11h075k4
365 Expenditures on Other Insurances f11h075l1
366 Expenditures on Other Insurances per Month f11h075l2
367 Expenditures on Other Insurances per Year f11h075l3
368 Expenditures on Other Insurances, Do Not Know f11h075l4
369 Expenditure on Repair Services Vehicle f11h075m1
370 Expenditure on Repair Services Vehicle per Month f11h075m2
371 Expenditure on Repair Services Vehicle per Year f11h075m3
372 Expenditure on Repair Services Vehicle, Do Not Know f11h075m4
373 Expenditures on Transportation f11h075n1
374 Expenditures on Transportation per Month f11h075n2
375 Expenditures on Transportation per Year f11h075n3
376 Expenditures on Transportation, Do Not Know f11h075n4
377 Expenditures Furniture f11h075o1
383 Other Expenditures per Year f11h075p3
384 Other Expenditures, Do Not Know f11h075p4
68 exp. Renovation bbh1702
203 Help, Item Nonresponse bbh5706

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Dataset: bbh

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