Gross individual data 2012


Sort Variable Name
8 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
9 Year Of Birth bcgeburt
27 Work Result Previous Year bcpergzv
29 Person Supplying Address Information bcpaderq
19 Member Of Household bcpzug
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
11 Nationality bcpnat
17 Serial Person Number bcpnrakt
0 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=BCHHNR) hid
18 Relationship To Head Of Household bcstell
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bchhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BCHHNR) hhnrakt
10 Gender bcsex
12 Sample Status bcstistat
13 Survey Status bcbefstat
14 Wave Last Interviewed bclint
15 Missing In Previous Year bcluecke
16 Wave Entered Panel bczupan
20 Interview Work Form bcpform
21 Interview Work Result, 1 Digit bcperg
22 Interview Work Result, 2 Digits bcpergz
23 HH Number Previous Year With Person ID bchhnrold
24 Serial Person Number In Previous Year bcpnrold
25 Member Of Household In Previous Year bcpzugv
26 Work Form Previous Year bcpformv
28 Success Obtaining Address bcpader
30 Month Moved Out Of Dwelling bcauszugm
31 Year Moved Out Of Dwelling bcauszugj
32 Month Moved Into Dwelling bceinzugm
33 Year Moved Into Dwelling bceinzugj
34 Month When Temporarily Absent bcabwesm
35 Year When Temporarily Absent bcabwesj
36 Work Result Biography bcpbio
37 Cognitive Test - Wanna DJ bcdj
38 Employment Status of Non-Respondents (PUNR) bcewstatu
39 Participation in the Test Naming Animals bckogtier
40 Participation in the Test Numbers-Signs bckogzahl
41 Participation in the Test Identifying Words bckogwort
42 Operating Result Parent Questionnaire 1 (0-1 Years) f12e1
43 Operating Result Parent Questionnaire 2 (1-2 Years) f12e2
44 Operating Result Parent Questionnaire 3 (2-3 Years) f12e3
45 Operating Result Parent Questionnaire 4 (5-6 Years) f12e4
46 Operating Result Parent Questionnaire 5 (7-8 Years) f12e5
47 Operating Result Parent Questionnaire 6 (9-10 Years) f12e6
48 Tranche „Youth in (Post-)war context“ bcfk_tranche
49 Interview result of „Youth in (Post-)war context“ bcfk_ergebnis

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bcpbrutto

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