Full-Time Housework No. Months Prev. Yr

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label Full-Time Housework No. Months Prev. Yr Im Haushalt taetig N-Monate 2011
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Variable name: bcp1i02

Dataset: bcpkal – Individual Calendar

Study: SOEP-Core


Analysis unit: p

Period: 2012

Conceptual Dataset: gen

Concept: Full-Time Housework No. Months Prev. Yr


Measure Value
Min. 1
1st Qu. 12
Median 12
Mean 11.42
3rd Qu. 12
Max. 12
NA's 23920
valid 4063
invalid 23920

Label table

The label table provides you with an overview of label definitions across related variables to identify changes over time in longitudinal variables. The first number indicates the value code, the second number (in brackets) represents the frequency in the data. Please note that labels are simplified and values with frequency = 0 are hidden.

Variable: ap1i02 bp1i02 cp1i02 dp1i02 ep1i02 fp1i02 gp1i02 gp1i02o hp1i02 hp1i02o ip1i02 jp1i02 kp1i02 lp1i02 mp1i02 np1i02 op1i02 pp1i02 qp1i02 rp1i02 sp1i02 tp1i02 up1i02 vp1i02 wp1i02 xp1i02 yp1i02 zp1i02 bap1i02 bbp1i02 bcp1i02 bdp1i02 bep1i02 bfp1i02 bgp1i02
Dataset: apkal bpkal cpkal dpkal epkal fpkal gpkal gpkalost hpkal hpkalost ipkal jpkal kpkal lpkal mpkal npkal opkal ppkal qpkal rpkal spkal tpkal upkal vpkal wpkal xpkal ypkal zpkal bapkal bbpkal bcpkal bdpkal bepkal bfpkal bgpkal

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