Data on children from household questionnaire 2013


Sort Variable Name
0 Original Household Number cid
12 Member Of Household bdkinhh
13 Number Of Persons In Household bdhhgr
41 Carer: Child Minder outside HH bdk7501
43 Pointer To Head Of Household bdkhv
57 Number of Changes Child Care Facility f13k071b
87 Never Changing Person ID (Father) fathno13
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave Household Number 2013 bdhhnr
6 Current Household Number (=ZHHNR) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
9 Year Of Birth bdkgjahr
58 Year First Change f13k071c
27 hours per day in care bdk7002
1 Current Household Number (=*HHNR) hid
24 costs for school bdk6901
49 Class Level f13k063
63 Under 6 Years: Does Not Apply no KiTa f13k078e
83 Costs Child Activities f13k079a
10 Gender bdksex
16 General Education System bdk6501
17 None Of These Schools bdk6502
55 First Time Child Care Facility f13k070b
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
8 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
11 Relationship To Head Of Household bdkstell
14 Number Of Children In Household bdkzahl
15 Serial Number Of Child bdk64
18 time of day of care bdk66
19 Lunch at School bdk67
20 Public School bdk6801
21 Church School bdk6802
22 Non-profit school bdk6803
23 Private schoole bdk6804
25 no costs bdk6902
26 pre-school bdk7001
28 Lunch At The Facility bdk71
29 Public Provider bdk7201
30 Church Provider bdk7202
31 Private non-profit Provider bdk7203
32 Company Facility bdk7204
33 no costs bdk7502
34 Costs for facility bdk7301
35 Private-Commercial Provider bdk7205
36 Relatives bdk7401
37 Friends, Acquintances, Neighbours bdk7402
38 Carer: Paid Person in HH bdk7403
39 Child Minder Outside HH bdk7404
40 No External Care bdk7405
42 no costs bdk7302
44 Pointer To Partner Of Head Of Household bdkhvp
45 Pointer To Mother bdkmutti
46 Pointer To Partner Of Mother bdkmup
47 Month Of Birth f13kgmon
48 Type of School (Generated) schltype13
50 Provider School f13k067
51 Child Received Private Lessons f13k068
52 Costs Private Lessons Pr. Half Year f13k069a
53 No Costs Private Lessons f13k069b
54 Never Child Care Facility f13k070a
56 Provider Child Care f13k071a
59 Under 6 Years: Gymnastics, Sports, Swimming f13k078a
60 Under 6 Years: Early Music Education f13k078b
61 Under 6 Years: KiTa, Early Childhood Foreign Language f13k078c
62 Under 6 Year: No Activities f13k078d
64 Under 6 Years: Gymnastics, Sports, Swimming f13k078f
65 Under 6 Years: Early Music Education f13k078g
66 Under 6 Years: Early Childhood Foreign Language f13k078h
67 Under 6 Year: Painting, Arts f13k078i
68 Under 6 Year, Parent-Children Group f13k078j
69 Under 6 Year: No Activities outside KiTa f13k078k
70 6 Years And Older: School Sports Club f13k078l
71 6 Years And Older: School Music Club f13k078m
72 6 Years And Older: School Art Club f13k078n
73 6 Years And Older: School Theatre Club f13k078o
74 6 Years And Older: Other School Activities f13k078p
75 Above 6 Year: No Activities in School f13k078q
76 6 Years And Older: Non School Sports Club f13k078r
77 6 Years And Older: Non School Music Club f13k078s
78 6 Years And Older: Non-School Art Club f13k078t
79 6 Years And Older: Volunteer Fire Department, Red Cross f13k078u
80 6 Years And Older: Youth Group f13k078v
81 6 Years And Older: Non School Youth Center f13k078w
82 Above 6 Year: No Non-school Activities f13k078x
84 No Costs Child Activities f13k079b
85 Never Changing Person ID (Mother) mothno13
86 Indicator Relation Mother Child mothp13
88 Indicator Relation Father Child fathp13

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bdkind

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