2. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [2/5]

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label 2. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [2/5] 2.Imput.monatl.HH-Nettoeinkommen (EUR) [2/5]
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Variable name: i2hinc14

Dataset: behgen – Generated Household Data

Study: SOEP-Core


Analysis unit: h

Period: 2014

Conceptual Dataset: gen

Concept: 2. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [2/5]


Transformations: target variabels

Measure Value
Min. 150
1st Qu. 1600
Median 2464
Mean 2803
3rd Qu. 3500
Max. 65000
valid 16037
invalid 0

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The label table provides you with an overview of label definitions across related variables to identify changes over time in longitudinal variables. The first number indicates the value code, the second number (in brackets) represents the frequency in the data. Please note that labels are simplified and values with frequency = 0 are hidden.

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