Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo

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label Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo Bafoeg, Stipendium Bruttobetrag pro Monat
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Variable name: bepm_p_17521

Dataset: bep_mig – IAB-SOEP Migration Sample: Original Personal questionnaire

Study: SOEP-Core


Analysis unit: individual

Period: 2014

Conceptual Dataset: Original (raw folder)

Concept: Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo


Measure Value
Min. 51
1st Qu. 290
Median 450
Mean 465.768421052632
3rd Qu. 600
Max. 1150
valid 95
invalid 3657

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Variable: plc0168_h lp7708 mp5818 np5818 op4918 pp6620 qp6320 rp6620 sp6622 tp8422 up6816 vp8015 wp7115 xp8215 yp7715 zp7915 bap7015 bbp8021 bcp6821 bdp8621 bdpm_p_16122 bepm_p_17521 bep6521 bfp114l03m bfpm_p_263i05 bgpm244l03 bgp99l03 bgpr189e02 bhp_117_13
Dataset: pl lp mp np op pp qp rp sp tp up vp wp xp yp zp bap bbp bcp bdp bdp_mig bep_mig bep bfp bfp_mig bgp_mig bgp bgp_refugees bhp
question this year not part of survey -8 (131909)
version of questionnaire with modified filtering -6 (0)
not included in this version of the questionnaire -5 (0)
inadmissible multiple response -4 (0)
invalid -3 (23)
does not apply -2 (514445)
no answer -1 (172)
1 (1)

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