Individual Calendar


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave Number (=BEHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) behhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 Employed Full-Time In Prev. Yr bep1a01
1 Employed Full-Time No. Months Prev. Yr bep1a02
1 Employed Part-Time In Prev. Yr bep1b01
1 Employed Part-Time No. Months Prev. Yr bep1b02
1 Education, Retraining In Prev. Yr bep1c01
1 Education, Retraining No. Months Prev. Yr bep1c02
1 Registered Unemployed In Prev. Yr bep1d01
1 Registered Unemployed No. Months Prev. Yr bep1d02
1 Retired In Prev. Yr bep1e01
1 Retired No. Months Prev. Yr bep1e02
1 Maternity Benefit In Prev. Yr bep1f01
1 Maternity Benefit No. Months Prev. Yr bep1f02
1 In School, College In Prev. Yr bep1g01
1 In School, College No. Months Prev. Yr bep1g02
1 Military, Comm. Service In Prev. Yr bep1h01
1 Military, Comm. Service No. Months Prev. Yr bep1h02
1 Full-Time Housework In Prev. Yr bep1i01
1 Full-Time Housework No. Months Prev. Yr bep1i02
1 Other In Prev. Yr bep1j01
1 Other No. Months Prev. Yr bep1j02
1 Job Education, Retraining 2011 bep1m01
1 Job Education, Retraining No. Months 2011 bep1m02
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Prev. Yr. bep1n01
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) No. Months Prev. Yr. bep1n02
1 short time work prev. Yr. bep1k01
1 short time work no. Months prev. Yr. bep1k02
1 Employed Full-Time Jan Prev. Yr. bep1a001
1 Employed Full-Time Feb Prev. Yr. bep1a002
1 Employed Full-Time Mar Prev. Yr. bep1a003
1 Employed Full-Time Apr Prev. Yr. bep1a004
1 Employed Full-Time May Prev. Yr. bep1a005
1 Employed Full-Time Jun Prev. Yr. bep1a006
1 Employed Full-Time Jul Prev. Yr. bep1a007
1 Employed Full-Time Aug Prev. Yr. bep1a008
1 Employed Full-Time Sep Prev. Yr. bep1a009
1 Employed Full-Time Oct Prev. Yr. bep1a010
1 Employed Full-Time Nov Prev. Yr. bep1a011
1 Employed Full-Time Dec Prev. Yr. bep1a012
1 Employed Part-Time Jan Prev. Yr. bep1b001
1 Employed Part-Time Feb Prev. Yr. bep1b002
1 Employed Part-Time Mar Prev. Yr. bep1b003
1 Employed Part-Time Apr Prev. Yr. bep1b004
1 Employed Part-Time May Prev. Yr. bep1b005
1 Employed Part-Time Jun Prev. Yr. bep1b006
1 Employed Part-Time Jul Prev. Yr. bep1b007
1 Employed Part-Time Aug Prev. Yr. bep1b008
1 Employed Part-Time Sep Prev. Yr. bep1b009
1 Employed Part-Time Oct Prev. Yr. bep1b010
1 Employed Part-Time Nov Prev. Yr. bep1b011
1 Employed Part-Time Dec Prev. Yr. bep1b012
1 Education, Retraining Jan Prev. Yr. bep1c001
1 Education, Retraining Feb Prev. Yr. bep1c002
1 Education, Retraining Mar Prev. Yr. bep1c003
1 Education, Retraining Apr Prev. Yr. bep1c004
1 Education, Retraining May Prev. Yr. bep1c005
1 Education, Retraining Jun Prev. Yr. bep1c006
1 Education, Retraining Jul Prev. Yr. bep1c007
1 Education, Retraining Aug Prev. Yr. bep1c008
1 Education, Retraining Sep Prev. Yr. bep1c009
1 Education, Retraining Oct Prev. Yr. bep1c010
1 Education, Retraining Nov Prev. Yr. bep1c011
1 Education, Retraining Dec Prev. Yr. bep1c012
1 Registered Unemployed Jan Prev. Yr. bep1d001
1 Registered Unemployed Feb Prev. Yr. bep1d002
1 Registered Unemployed Mar Prev. Yr. bep1d003
1 Registered Unemployed Apr Prev. Yr. bep1d004
1 Registered Unemployed May Prev. Yr. bep1d005
1 Registered Unemployed Jun Prev. Yr. bep1d006
1 Registered Unemployed Jul Prev. Yr. bep1d007
1 Registered Unemployed Aug Prev. Yr. bep1d008
1 Registered Unemployed Sep Prev. Yr. bep1d009
1 Registered Unemployed Oct Prev. Yr. bep1d010
1 Registered Unemployed Nov Prev. Yr. bep1d011
1 Registered Unemployed Dec Prev. Yr. bep1d012
1 Retired Jan Previous Yr. bep1e001
1 Retired Feb Previous Yr. bep1e002
1 Retired Mar Previous Yr. bep1e003
1 Retired Apr Previous Yr. bep1e004
1 Retired May Previous Yr. bep1e005
1 Retired Jun Previous Yr. bep1e006
1 Retired Jul Previous Yr. bep1e007
1 Retired Aug Previous Yr. bep1e008
1 Retired Sep Previous Yr. bep1e009
1 Retired Oct Previous Yr. bep1e010
1 Retired Nov Previous Yr. bep1e011
1 Retired Dec Previous Yr. bep1e012
1 Maternity Benefit Jan Previous Yr. bep1f001
1 Maternity Benefit Feb Previous Yr. bep1f002
1 Maternity Benefit Mar Previous Yr. bep1f003
1 Maternity Benefit Apr Previous Yr. bep1f004
1 Maternity Benefit May Previous Yr. bep1f005
1 Maternity Benefit Jun Previous Yr. bep1f006
1 Maternity Benefit Jul Previous Yr. bep1f007
1 Maternity Benefit Aug Previous Yr. bep1f008
1 Maternity Benefit Sep Previous Yr. bep1f009
1 Maternity Benefit Oct Previous Yr. bep1f010
1 Maternity Benefit Nov Previous Yr. bep1f011
1 Maternity Benefit Dec Previous Yr. bep1f012
1 In School, College Jan Previous Yr. bep1g001
1 In School, College Feb Previous Yr. bep1g002
1 In School, College Mar Previous Yr. bep1g003
1 In School, College Apr Previous Yr. bep1g004
1 In School, College May Previous Yr. bep1g005
1 In School, College Jun Previous Yr. bep1g006
1 In School, College Jul Previous Yr. bep1g007
1 In School, College Aug Previous Yr. bep1g008
1 In School, College Sep Previous Yr. bep1g009
1 In School, College Oct Previous Yr. bep1g010
1 In School, College Nov Previous Yr. bep1g011
1 In School, College Dec Previous Yr. bep1g012
1 Military, Com. Service Jan Prev. Yr. bep1h001
1 Military, Com. Service Feb Prev. Yr. bep1h002
1 Military, Com. Service Mar Prev. Yr. bep1h003
1 Military, Com. Service Apr Prev. Yr. bep1h004
1 Military, Com. Service May Prev. Yr. bep1h005
1 Military, Com. Service Jun Prev. Yr. bep1h006
1 Military, Com. Service Jul Prev. Yr. bep1h007
1 Military, Com. Service Aug Prev. Yr. bep1h008
1 Military, Com. Service Sep Prev. Yr. bep1h009
1 Military, Com. Service Oct Prev. Yr. bep1h010
1 Military, Com. Service Nov Prev. Yr. bep1h011
1 Military, Com. Service Dec Prev. Yr. bep1h012
1 Full-Time Housework Jan Previous Yr. bep1i001
1 Full-Time Housework Feb Previous Yr. bep1i002
1 Full-Time Housework Mar Previous Yr. bep1i003
1 Full-Time Housework Apr Previous Yr. bep1i004
1 Full-Time Housework May Previous Yr. bep1i005
1 Full-Time Housework Jun Previous Yr. bep1i006
1 Full-Time Housework Jul Previous Yr. bep1i007
1 Full-Time Housework Aug Previous Yr. bep1i008
1 Full-Time Housework Sep Previous Yr. bep1i009
1 Full-Time Housework Oct Previous Yr. bep1i010
1 Full-Time Housework Nov Previous Yr. bep1i011
1 Full-Time Housework Dec Previous Yr. bep1i012
1 Other Jan Previous Yr. bep1j001
1 Other Feb Previous Yr. bep1j002
1 Other Mar Previous Yr. bep1j003
1 Other Apr Previous Yr. bep1j004
1 Other May Previous Yr. bep1j005
1 Other Jun Previous Yr. bep1j006
1 Other Jul Previous Yr. bep1j007
1 Other Aug Previous Yr. bep1j008
1 Other Sep Previous Yr. bep1j009
1 Other Oct Previous Yr. bep1j010
1 Other Nov Previous Yr. bep1j011
1 Other Dec Previous Yr. bep1j012
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Jan Previous Yr. bep1m001
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Feb Previous Yr. bep1m002
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Mar Previous Yr. bep1m003
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Apr Previous Yr. bep1m004
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining May Previous Yr. bep1m005
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Jun Previous Yr. bep1m006
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Jul Previous Yr. bep1m007
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Aug Previous Yr. bep1m008
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Sep Previous Yr. bep1m009
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Oct Previous Yr. bep1m010
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Nov Previous Yr. bep1m011
1 On-the-Job Training, Retraining Dec Previous Yr. bep1m012
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jan Previous Yr. bep1n001
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Feb Previous Yr. bep1n002
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Mar Previous Yr. bep1n003
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Apr Previous Yr. bep1n004
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) May Previous Yr. bep1n005
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jun Previous Yr. bep1n006
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jul Previous Yr. bep1n007
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Aug Previous Yr. bep1n008
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Sep Previous Yr. bep1n009
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Okt Previous Yr. bep1n010
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Nov Previous Yr. bep1n011
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Dec Previous Yr. bep1n012
1 short time work Jan previous yr. bep1k001
1 short time work Feb previous yr. bep1k002
1 short time work Mar previous yr bep1k003
1 short time work Apr previous yr bep1k004
1 short time work May previous yr bep1k005
1 short time work Jun previous yr bep1k006
1 short time work Jul previous yr bep1k007
1 short time work Aug previous yr bep1k008
1 short time work Sep previous yr bep1k009
1 short time work Oct previous yr bep1k010
1 short time work Nov previous yr bep1k011
1 short time work Dec previous yr bep1k012
1 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1a
1 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1b
1 Education, Retraining Jan-Dec Prev. Yr. bep1c
1 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr. bep1d
1 Retired Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1e
1 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1f
1 In School,College Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1g
1 Military, Civ. Service Jan-Dec Prev. Yr. bep1h
1 Full-Time Housework Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1i
1 Other Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1j
1 On-the Job Training, Retraining Prev Year bep1m
1 Mini-Job (up to 400 EUR) Jan-Dec Previous Yr. bep1n
1 short time work Jan-Dec previous Yr. bep1k
1 Wages,Salary Previous Yr. bep2a01
1 Wages,Salary Months Previous Yr. bep2a02
1 Wages,Salary Amount Previous Yr. bep2a03
1 Wages,Salary Previous Yr. NET bep2a04
1 Self-Employment Income Previous Yr. bep2b01
1 Self-Employment Income Months Prev. Yr. bep2b02
1 Self-Employment Income Amount Prev. Yr. bep2b03
1 Self-Employment Income Previous Yr. NET bep2b04
1 Second Job Income Previous Yr. bep2c01
1 Second Job Income Months Previous Yr. bep2c02
1 Second Job Income Amount Previous Yr. bep2c03
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Previous Yr. bep2d01
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Months Prev. Yr. bep2d02
1 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Amount Prev. Yr. bep2d03
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Previous Yr. bep2e01
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Months Prev. Yr. bep2e02
1 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Amount Prev. Yr. bep2e03
1 Unemployment Benefit Previous Yr. bep2f01
1 Unemployment Benefit Months Previous Yr. bep2f02
1 Unemployment Benefit Amount Previous Yr. bep2f03
1 Subsistence Allowance Previous Yr. bep2h01
1 Subsistence Allowance Months Previous Yr. bep2h02
1 Subsistence Allowance Amount Previous Yr. bep2h03
1 Maternity Benefit Previous Yr. bep2j01
1 Maternity Benefit Months Previous Yr. bep2j02
1 Maternity Benefit Amount Previous Yr. bep2j03
1 Student Grant Previous Yr. bep2k01
1 Student Grant Months Previous Yr. bep2k02
1 Student Grant Amount Previous Yr. bep2k03
1 Military,Comm. Serv. Pay Previous Yr. bep2l01
1 Military,Comm. Serv. Pay Months Previous Yr. bep2l02
1 Military,Comm. Serv. Pay Amount Previous Yr. bep2l03
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Previous Yr. bep2m01
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Months Previous Yr. bep2m02
1 Income-Persons Not In HH Amount Previous Yr. bep2m03
1 None Of These Income sources Previous Yr. bep2n01
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev. Yr. bep2r01
1 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy, Amt. Prev. Yr. bep2r02
1 Alimony, Child Support Previous Year bep2s01
1 Alimony, Child Support Months Prev. Yr. bep2s02
1 Alimony, Child Support Amount Prev. Yr. bep2s03
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund prev. Yr bep2t01
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund months prev. Yr bep2t02
1 alimony from maintenance advance fund amount prev. Yr bep2t03


Study: soep-core


Dataset: bepkal

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