Data from pre-teen questionnaire for 11-12-year-olds 2016


Sort Variable Name
5 Original Household Number cid
44 teacher grades stricter bgs0502
77 hour school ends saturday bgs1123
80 after-school care during week bgs1201
81 after-school care weekend bgs1202
0 Original Household Number hhnr
41 number of students not german bgs0401
115 how many friends bgs17
177 I can easy forgo sth to save bgs2618
185 music instruments bgs2904
197 usage other mobile phone bgs3010
198 language bgs3101
199 own opinion life satisfaction bgs32
200 Interview Length Oral bgdauer1
201 interview lenght written bgdauer2
202 day of interview bgsdatt
203 month of interview bgsdatm
204 End of Interview (Hour) bgsdatst
205 End of Interview (Minutes) bgsdatmi
74 minute school ends thursday bgs1120
75 hour school ends friday bgs1121
65 hour school begins saturday bgs1111
66 minute school begins saturday bgs1112
67 hour school ends monday bgs1113
134 weight bgs24
209 Interviewer ID intid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=BGHHNR) hhnrakt
2 Never Changing Person ID persnr
39 Current class level bgs02
82 youth center during week bgs1203
90 grandparents help with homework bgs1503
4 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bghhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BGHHNR) hid
7 Never Changing Person ID pid
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
9 Person Number Surveyed bgpnr
10 Year Of Birth bggebj
11 Month Of Birth bggebm
12 understood test question scale bgscltest
13 nice to other people bgs0101
14 often restless, can not sit still bgs0102
15 often feel pain /aches bgs0103
16 like to share bgs0104
17 get angry easily bgs0105
18 most times alone bgs0106
19 I do what others say bgs0107
20 I often worry bgs0108
21 I am helpful bgs0109
22 I am fridgety bgs0110
23 I have good friends bgs0111
24 I often battle with others bgs0112
25 I can force others to do what I want bgs0113
26 I am often run-down, melancholy bgs0114
27 I am popular with peers bgs0115
28 I am easily distracted, lack of concentration bgs0116
29 I am nervous in new situations bgs0117
30 I am nice to younger children bgs0118
31 Others claim that I lie a lot bgs0119
32 I get teased or bullied by others bgs0120
33 I often help others bgs0121
34 I think about, before acting bgs0122
35 I take things that are not mine bgs0123
36 I better get along with adults than with children bgs0124
37 I have a lot of fears bgs0125
38 I can concentrate for a long period bgs0126
40 number of students in class bgs03
42 students not german bgs0402
43 tearchers call up on you seldomly bgs0501
45 teachers admonish you more often bgs0503
46 teachers think you are less clever bgs0504
47 Grade German bgs0601
48 Grade Maths bgs0602
49 Grade First Foreign Language bgs0603
50 No grades bgs0604
51 ideal school completition degree bgs07
52 importance school completition degree bgs08
53 most probable school completition degree bgs09
54 parent's interest in school bgs10
55 hour school begins monday bgs1101
56 minute school begins monday bgs1102
57 hour school begins tuesday bgs1103
58 minute school begins tuesday bgs1104
59 hour school begins wednesday bgs1105
60 minute school begins wednesday bgs1106
61 hour school begins thursday bgs1107
62 minute school begins thursday bgs1108
63 hour school begins friday bgs1109
64 minute school begins friday bgs1110
68 minute school ends monday bgs1114
69 hour school ends tuesday bgs1115
70 minute school ends tuesday bgs1116
71 hour school ends wednesday bgs1117
72 minute school ends wednesday bgs1118
73 hour school ends thursday bgs1119
76 minute school ends friday bgs1122
79 frequence school on saturdays bgs1125
83 youth center weekend bgs1204
84 sports club during week bgs1205
85 sports club weekend bgs1206
86 place of doing homework bgs13
87 time for doing homework bgs14
88 mother helps with homework bgs1501
89 father helps with homework bgs1502
91 siblings help with homework bgs1504
92 Hilfe bei Hausaufgaben: Freunde/Mitschueler bgs1505
93 tutor helps with homework bgs1506
94 help with homework homework supervision bgs1507
95 Tv bgs1601
96 Playing Computer Games bgs1602
97 Social Networks bgs1603
98 Mobile Phone bgs1604
99 share sms bgs1605
100 Surfing the Internet bgs1606
101 Listen to Music bgs1607
102 playing music bgs1608
103 doing sports bgs1609
104 activities with family bgs1610
105 meet friends bgs1611
106 dancing, acting bgs1612
107 technical work bgs1613
108 painting bgs1614
109 reading bgs1615
110 doing nothing bgs1616
111 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bgs1617
112 youth group bgs1618
113 Be socially active bgs1619
114 care for pet bgs1620
116 Friend 1: ideal school completition degree bgs1801
117 Friend 2: ideal school completition degree bgs1802
118 Friend 3: ideal school completition degree bgs1803
119 Friend 1: place first met bgs1804
120 Friend 2: place first met bgs1805
121 Friend 3: place first met bgs1806
122 parents interfere bgs19
123 older siblings bgs20
124 sibling 1: school completition degree bgs2102
125 sibling 2: school completition degree bgs2104
126 sibling 3: school completition degree bgs2106
127 breakfast during week bgs2201
128 lunch during week bgs2202
129 dinner during week bgs2203
130 breakfast weekend bgs2204
131 lunch weekend bgs2205
132 dinner weekend bgs2206
135 friends when worried bgs2501
136 siblings when worried bgs2502
137 mother when worried bgs2503
138 father when worried bgs2504
139 grandparents when worried bgs2505
140 help and support from friends bgs2506
141 help and support from siblings bgs2507
142 help and support from mother bgs2508
143 help and support from father bgs2509
144 help and support from grandparents bgs2510
145 get bullied by friends bgs2511
146 get bullied by siblings bgs2512
147 get bullied by mother bgs2513
148 get bullied by father bgs2514
149 get bullied by grandparents bgs2515
150 friends motivate for school bgs2516
151 siblings motivate for school bgs2517
152 mother motivates for school bgs2518
153 mother motivates for school bgs2519
154 grandparents motivate for school bgs2520
155 fight with friends bgs2521
156 fight with sblings bgs2522
157 fight with mother bgs2523
158 fight with father bgs2524
159 fight with grandparents bgs2525
160 Thorough worker bgs2601
161 I am communivative, talkative bgs2602
162 I am sometimes coarse with others bgs2603
163 I am original bgs2604
164 I often worry bgs2605
165 Able to forgive bgs2606
166 Tend to be lazy bgs2607
167 I am sociable bgs2608
168 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bgs2609
169 I get nervous easily bgs2610
170 I complete tasks efficient bgs2611
171 Reserved bgs2612
172 I am friendly to others bgs2613
173 I have a lively imagination bgs2614
174 I deal well with stress bgs2615
175 I am curious, hungra for knowledge bgs2616
176 I have a positive opinien about myself bgs2617
178 Live for today, do not think of tomorrow bgs2619
179 Readiness to assume a risk (interviewer) bgs27
180 own desk bgs2801
181 furniture hh: own room bgs2802
182 own books bgs2803
183 books helpful for doing homework bgs2902
184 software for learning bgs2901
186 classic literature bgs2903
187 artworks bgs2905
188 tablet pc bgs3001
189 usage of tablet bgs3002
190 computer bgs3003
191 usage computer bgs3004
192 games console bgs3005
193 usage games console bgs3006
194 smartphone bgs3007
195 usage smartphone bgs3008
196 other mobile phone bgs3009
206 form of questionning bgsform
207 further persons present bganw
208 Device bgs_zgeraet
78 minute school ends saturday bgs1124
3 Survey Year syear
133 height bgs23

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bgschool

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