Data from household questionnaires 2017


Sort Variable Name
3 Original Household Number hhnr
4 Current Household Number (Household ID) hhnrakt
6 Subsample Identifier sample1
9 In Dwelling Since, Month bhh_02_01
41 Mention Date of Construction bhh_08_01
70 Amount Property Tax for Real Estate 2016 bhh_22_01
76 Amount Shared Costs 2016 bhh_25_01
77 No Shared Costs bhh_36_02
85 Amount Heating Cost/Month bhh_32_01
89 No electricity costs bhh_24_02
97 Amount Costs of Maintenance and Modernization 2016 bhh_41
99 Amount Principal and Interest Payments 2016 bhh_43
108 Amount/ Equivalent Present 2016 bhh_52
116 Operating Assets 2016 bhh_55_06
117 No Securities 2016 Item Non-Response bhh_55_07
128 Supplementary Child Benefit 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_05
132 Amount Educational Package 2016/Month bhh_59_09
135 Amoutn ALG II 2016/Month bhh_59_12
143 Basic Security 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_20
144 Amount Basic Security 2016/Month bhh_59_21
147 Amount Housing Allowance 2016/Month bhh_59_24
152 Amount Child Supplement Today/Month bhh_60_05
154 Amount Educational Package Today/Month bhh_60_07
173 Amount Cleaner Domestic Help/Month bhh_64
241 Yes, abroad bhh_46_02_q65
278 Yes, Move-in Date First Private Dwelling bhh_11_01_q66
290 number of smart phones bhh_37_02_q66
299 Einzug in diese Gemeinschaftsunterkunft - Jahr bhh_49_01_q66
313 No Possession of Mobile or Smart Phone bhh_56_03_q66
337 Amount, Current Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act bhh_72_q66
345 Amount of Savings last Month bhh_112_q66
352 Bank account <U+00E2><U+0080><U+0093> year bhh_116_01_q66
366 day of interview bhhtagin
367 End of Interview (Hour) bhhstin
385 No, No Translation Device bhhtransl9
242 Amount Loan Payoff/Month bhh_47_01_q65
292 Number of internet users in household bhh_39_q66
335 Number of Months, Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, Last Ca bhh_70_q66
42 Date of Construction bhh_08_02
217 Caretaker Item Non-Response bhh_73_09
164 Amount Housing Allowance Today/Month bhh_60_17
165 Amount HH Net Income/Month bhh_61_01
202 Help On Tasks Outside HH bhh_69_03
203 Housework bhh_69_04
252 Other Securities 2016 in Germany bhh_55_09_q65
257 No Securities Abroad 2016 Item Non-Response bhh_55_14_q65
5 Current Household Number (Household ID) bhhhnr
201 Person in Need PNR bhhpnr
220 Amount Costs/Month for Care of Persons in HH bhh_75_02
222 Amount Costs/Month for Care of Persons outside of HH bhh_76_02
360 highest PNR in HH bhhpmax
2 Survey Year syear
21 Previous Dwelling: Too Small bhh_03_11
45 qm living space bhh_11
46 Number Of Rooms bhh_12
69 Amount, Maintenance and Modernization 2016 bhh_21
71 No real estate tax bhh_22_02
87 Electricity Costs included in Rent bhh_33
95 Amount Income Rent, 2016 bhh_39
103 Amount Loan Payoff in Germany bhh_47
106 Amount/ Equivalent Inheritance 2016 bhh_50
110 Amount/Equivalent Lottery Prize 2016 bhh_54
119 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_56_02
120 Securities, Item-Nonresponse bhh_56_03
141 Amount Ongoing Assistance 2016/month bhh_59_18
156 Amount ALG II Today/Month bhh_60_09
158 Amount Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance Today/Month bhh_60_11
206 Help Item Non-Response bhh_69_07
209 Report: Everyday Expertise bhh_72
243 Amount Loan Payoff Abroad/Month bhh_47_02_q65
271 First Private Dwelling bhh_07_q66
279 Move-in Date First Private Dwelling, Month bhh_11_02_q66
316 Amount of Rent/Month bhh_59_01_q66
389 Yes, a Polish translation bhhtransl5
396 Interviewer ID intid
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
7 Person Number Surveyed bhpnr
8 Change In Residential Situation bhh_01
10 In Dwelling Since, Year bhh_02_02
11 Terminated By Landlord bhh_03_01
12 Rental Agreement Unclear bhh_03_02
13 Bought Residence bhh_03_03
14 Inheritance, Gift bhh_03_04
15 Moved from Parental Home bhh_03_05
16 occupational reasons bhh_03_06
17 Fam. Reasons: Partner bhh_03_07
18 Fam. Reasons: Marriage bhh_03_08
19 Fam. Reasons: Separation bhh_03_09
20 Fam. Reasons: Other bhh_03_10
22 Previous Dwelling: Too Big bhh_03_12
23 Previous Dwelling: Costs bhh_03_13
24 Other Reasons: Furnishing bhh_03_14
25 Other Reasons: Location bhh_03_15
26 Other Reasons: Not Barrier-Free bhh_03_16
27 Other Reasons: Residential Environment bhh_03_17
28 Other Reasons: Life Situation bhh_03_18
29 Other Reasons bhh_03_19
30 Old vs. New Dwelling: Finances bhh_04_01
31 Old vs. New Dwelling: Size bhh_04_02
32 Old vs. New Dwelling: Furnishing bhh_04_03
33 Old vs. New Dwelling: Location bhh_04_04
34 Old vs. New Dwelling: Residential Environment bhh_04_05
35 Old vs. New Dwelling: Traffic Connection bhh_04_06
36 Old vs. New Dwelling: Neighborhood bhh_04_07
37 Old vs. New Dwelling: Rental Agreement bhh_04_08
38 Neighborhood Of Household bhh_05
39 Type Of Residence bhh_06
40 Year of Construction Estimation bhh_07
43 Private Household, Institution bhh_09_01
44 Size of dwelling unchanged bhh_10
47 Change In Size Of Dwelling bhh_13
48 Floor Heating bhh_14_02
49 Barrier Free Livin bhh_14_01
50 balcony / terrace bhh_14_03
51 Garden / Garden Usage bhh_14_04
52 alarm system bhh_14_05
53 air condition bhh_14_06
54 solar collector, solar energy system bhh_14_07
55 Other Alternative Energy Source bhh_14_08
56 Windows Double Glazing bhh_14_09
57 Thermal Insulation bhh_14_10
58 Elevator bhh_14_11
59 cellar, storage areas bhh_14_12
60 Garage/Parking Space bhh_14_13
61 Change In Ownership bhh_15
62 Type Of Change In Ownership bhh_16_01
63 Type Of Change In Ownership 1 bhh_16_02
64 Type Of Change In Ownership 2 bhh_16_03
65 Rent or Property bhh_17
66 Financial Burden Interest and Repayment bhh_18
67 Amount Interest and Repayment/Month bhh_19
68 Costs for Amount, Maintenance and Modernization bhh_20
72 Amount Heating Cost 2016 bhh_23_01
73 No Cost Of Heating bhh_32_02
74 Electricity costs 2016 bhh_24_01
75 No electricity costs bhh_34_02
78 Beurteilung Belastung durch Wohnkosten (Tilgung / Zinsen und Nebenkosten) bhh_26
79 Government Subsidized Housing bhh_27
80 Dwelling Rent Reduced By Landlord bhh_28
81 Owner Of Dwelling bhh_29
82 Amount of Rent/Month bhh_30_01
83 Do Not Pay Rent bhh_30_02
84 Heating Costs included in Rent bhh_31
86 No Cost Of Heating bhh_23_02
88 Amount Electricity Cost/Month bhh_34_01
90 Shared Costs included in rent bhh_35
91 Amount Other Shared Costs/Month bhh_36_01
92 No Shared Costs bhh_25_02
93 Beurteilung Belastung durch Wohnkosten (Miete und Nebenkosten) bhh_37
94 Income Rent, 2016 bhh_38
96 Costs of Maintenance and Modernization bhh_40
98 Principal and Interest Payments bhh_42
100 tax-deductible bhh_44
101 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_45
102 Loan Payoff in Germany bhh_46
104 Assessment Burden Loan Payoff bhh_48
105 Groessere Geldbetraege/Vermoegenswerte - Erbschaft bhh_49
107 Groessere Geldbetraege/Vermoegenswerte - Geschenk bhh_51
109 Groessere Geldbetraege/Vermoegenswerte - Lotteriegewinn bhh_53
111 Saving Account 2016 bhh_55_01
112 Building Society Savings 2016 bhh_55_02
113 Life Insurance 2016 bhh_55_03
114 Fixed income securities 2016 bhh_55_04
115 Other Securities 2016 bhh_55_05
118 Loss Compensation 2016 bhh_56_01
121 Income (Securities) 2016 bhh_57_01
122 Income (Securities) 2016, Don't Know bhh_57_02
123 Estimated Income (Securities) 2016 bhh_58
124 Child Benefit 2016 bhh_59_01
125 Child Benefit 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_02
126 Amount Child Benefit 2016/Month bhh_59_03
127 Supplementary Child Benefit 2016 bhh_59_04
129 Amount Supplementary Child Benefit 2016/Month bhh_59_06
130 Educational Package 2016 bhh_59_07
131 Educational Package 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_08
133 ALG II 2016 bhh_59_10
134 ALG II 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_11
136 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance bhh_59_13
137 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_14
138 Amount Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance 2016/Month bhh_59_15
139 Ongoing Assistance 2016 bhh_59_16
140 Ongoing Assistance, Number of Months bhh_59_17
142 Basic Security 2016 bhh_59_19
145 Housing Allowance 2016 bhh_59_22
146 Housing Allowance 2016, Number of Months bhh_59_23
148 Child Benefit Today bhh_60_01
149 Amount Child Benefit Today/Month bhh_60_02
150 Number of children child benefit bhh_60_03
151 Child Supplement Today bhh_60_04
153 Educational Package Today bhh_60_06
155 ALG II Today bhh_60_08
157 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance, Current bhh_60_10
159 Ongoing Assistance today bhh_60_12
160 Amount Ongoing Assistance today/Month bhh_60_13
161 Basic Security Today bhh_60_14
162 Amount Basic Security today/Month bhh_60_15
163 Receiving Housing Benefit Today bhh_60_16
166 Income Swing bhh_61_02
167 Saving: Wealth Creation bhh_62_01
168 Amount Saving: Wealth Creation/Month bhh_62_02
169 Saving: Provision bhh_62_03
170 Amount Saving: Provision/Month bhh_62_04
171 Not Saving bhh_62_05
172 Cleaner Domestic Help bhh_63
174 Household: predominant Language bhh_65
175 Household: Internet bhh_66_01
176 No Internet: Reasons bhh_66_02
177 Household: Car bhh_66_03
178 Kein Auto: Gruende bhh_66_04
179 Reserves for Emergencies bhh_66_05
180 No Reserves for Emergencies: Reasons bhh_66_06
181 Yearly Holiday Trip bhh_66_07
182 No Yearly Holiday Trip: Reasons bhh_66_08
183 Invite Friends for Dinner 1/Month bhh_66_09
184 No Invitation: Reasons bhh_66_10
185 Fresh Fish/Meat/Poultry Every 2 Day bhh_66_11
186 No Meat bhh_66_12
187 Monatlich: Freizeitbeschaeftigung bhh_66_13
188 Keine monatliche Freizeitbeschaeftigung: Gruende bhh_66_14
189 Replace Old Furniture bhh_66_15
190 No New Furniture bhh_66_16
191 Ersetzung alter Kleidung bhh_66_17
192 Keine neue Kleidung: Gruende bhh_66_18
193 Dwelling can be heated bhh_66_19
194 Nicht beheizt: Gruende bhh_66_20
195 Kleiner Betrag fuer sich bhh_66_21
196 Kein Betrag fuer sich: Gruende bhh_66_22
197 Zwei Paar Strassenschuhe bhh_66_23
198 Keine zwei Paar Strassenschuhe: Gruende bhh_66_24
199 Anzahl pflegebeduerftige Personen im HH bhh_68
200 Person Requiring Help Present In HH bhh_67
204 Help With Simpler Care Tasks bhh_69_05
205 Difficult Care Tasks bhh_69_06
207 Long-term care insurance benefits bhh_70
208 Level of Care bhh_71
210 Kin Inside HH bhh_73_01
211 Person Id Care-Taking Person bhh_73_03
212 Welfare Organisations bhh_73_04
213 private care service bhh_73_05
214 Friends, Acquintances, Neighbours bhh_73_06
215 Kin Outside HH bhh_73_07
216 Other Care Assistance bhh_73_08
218 Payment of Care-Taking Person bhh_74
219 Costs for Care of Persons in HH bhh_75_01
221 Costs for Care of Persons outside of HH bhh_76_01
223 Children in Household born after 2000 bhh_77
224 Interest and Repayment/Month, No Answer bhh_19_q63
225 Maintenance Costs 2016, No Answer bhh_21_q63
226 Income Rent 2016, No Answer bhh_39_q63
227 Operating, Maintenance Costs 2016, No Answer bhh_41_q63
228 Interest and Repayment 2016, No Answer bhh_43_q63
229 Loss Compensation 2016, No Answer bhh_45_q63
230 Child Benefit 2016, No Answer bhh_59_01_q63
231 Child Care Subsidy 2016, No Answer bhh_59_02_q63
232 Nursing Insurance 2016, No Answer bhh_59_03_q63
233 Ongoing Assistance 2016, No Answer bhh_59_04_q63
234 Basic Security 2016, No Answer bhh_59_05_q63
235 Child Care Subsidy Today, No Answer bhh_60_01_q63
236 Nursing Insurance Today, No Answer bhh_60_02_q63
237 Ongoing Assistance Today, No Answer bhh_60_03_q63
238 Basic Security Today, No Answer bhh_60_04_q63
239 Already Lived in Dwelling One Year Ago bhh_01_q64
240 Yes, in Germany bhh_46_01_q65
244 Saving Account 2016 in Germany bhh_55_01_q65
245 Saving Account etc. 2016 Abroad bhh_55_02_q65
246 Building Loan Contract 2016 in Germany bhh_55_03_q65
247 Building Loan Contract 2016 Abroad bhh_55_04_q65
248 Life Insurance 2016 in Germany bhh_55_05_q65
249 Life Insurance 2016 Abroad bhh_55_06_q65
250 Fixed Interest Securities 2016 in Germany bhh_55_07_q65
251 Fixed Interest Securities 2016 Abroad bhh_55_08_q65
253 Other Securities 2016 Abroad bhh_55_10_q65
254 Operating Assets 2016 in Germany bhh_55_11_q65
255 Operating Assets 2016 Abroad bhh_55_12_q65
256 No Securities in Germany 2016 Item Non-Response bhh_55_13_q65
258 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_56_01_q65
259 Loss Compensation 2016 Abroad bhh_56_02_q65
260 Loss Compensation 2016 in Germany bhh_56_03_q65
261 Loss compensation 2016 Abroad bhh_56_04_q65
262 No Answer Securities Abroad bhhwakaa_q65
263 No Answer Securities in Germany bhhwakad_q65
264 Income (Securities) 2016 in Germany bhh_57_01_q65
265 Income (Securities) 2016 in Germany, Don't Know bhh_57_02_q65
266 Income (Securities) 2016 Abroad bhh_57_03_q65
267 Income (Securities) Abroad 2016, Don't Know bhh_57_04_q65
268 Estimated Income (Securities) 2016 in Germany bhh_58_01_q65
269 Estimated Income (Securities) 2016 Abroad bhh_58_02_q65
270 Kind of housing bhh_02_q66
272 Additional dwellings for refugees in house bhh_03_q66
273 Apartment size and housing cost bhh_08_02_q66
274 familial reasons bhh_08_01_q66
275 Request by the authority to relocate the domicile bhh_50_02_q66
276 Federal State, First Private Dwelling bhh_10_q66
277 [de] Bundesland der ersten privaten Wohnung (East-West Version) bhh_10_q66_ew
280 Reason for Choice of Place bhh_12_q66
281 Number of Relocations Since Last Survey bhh_13_q66
282 Old or new household bhh_15_q66
283 Find dwelling by bhh_16_q66
284 Dwelling - ready-furnished or not bhh_19_q66
285 Central heating bhh_30_q66
286 landline bhh_34_q66
287 Number of Landline Telephone Numbers bhh_35_q66
288 mobile phone bhh_36_q66
289 number of mobile phones bhh_37_01_q66
291 Internet connection bhh_38_q66
293 Social Housing with qualification certificate (WBS) bhh_41_q66
294 Mietzahlung durch Haushaltsmitglied oder staatlichen Stelle bhh_44_q66
295 Amount of Rent/Month bhh_45_01_q66
296 Amount Rent/Month - Do Not Know bhh_45_02_q66
297 Living Situation Household bhh_47_q66
298 Art der Gemeinschaftsunterkunft bhh_48_q66
300 Einzug in diese Gemeinschaftsunterkunft - Monat bhh_49_02_q66
301 Closure, renovation, reconstruction of the communal housing bhh_50_01_q66
302 Request by the authority to relocate the domicile bhh_08_03_q66
303 Request by the authorities, other reasons bhh_50_03_q66
304 familial reasons bhh_50_04_q66
305 Quit Job Because Of Other Reasons bhh_50_05_q66
306 Number of Relocations Since Last Survey bhh_51_q66
307 Seperated dwelling unit bhh_52_q66
308 Number of persons in dwelling unit bhh_53_q66
309 Size of dwelling unit bhh_54_q66
310 Wohneinheit - Selbst eingerichtet oder moebliert bhh_55_q66
311 Possession of Simple Mobile Phone bhh_56_01_q66
312 Possession of Smartphone bhh_56_02_q66
314 Internet connection (including wifi) bhh_57_q66
315 Rent bhh_58_q66
317 Amount Rent/Month - Do Not Know bhh_59_02_q66
318 Sicherheit der Unterkunft bhh_60_q66
319 Sicherheit des Wohngebiets bhh_61_q66
320 Rules and Restrictions with Regards to Place of Living bhh_62_q66
321 Satisfaction with Selection of Place bhh_63_q66
322 Importance Free Choice of Residential Area bhh_64_q66
323 Probability Relocation With Free Choice of Residential Area bhh_65_q66
324 Apartment Search, Currently bhh_66_q66
325 via newspaper advertisements, advertisements on the internet bhh_67_01_q66
326 through a state agency bhh_67_02_q66
327 via aid organisations such as AWO, Caritas, Red Cross bhh_67_03_q66
328 via relatives bhh_67_04_q66
329 Friends, Acquaintances bhh_67_05_q66
330 Other Apr Prev Yr bhh_67_06_q66
331 No Answer Usage Possibilities Apartment Search bhh_67_07_q66
332 Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, Last Calender Year bhh_69_01_q66
333 Current Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act bhh_69_02_q66
334 No Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act bhh_69_03_q66
336 Amount, Benefits According to The Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, Last Calender Yea bhh_71_q66
338 No Child Benefit bhh_73_q66
339 No Unemployment Benefit II (HartzIV) bhh_88_q66
340 No Long-term care insurance benefits (Leistungen der Pflegeversicherung) bhh_92_q66
341 No Subsistence Assistance bhh_96_q66
342 No old-age basic income support bhh_100_q66
343 No Housing Allowance bhh_104_q66
344 Einnahmen und Ausgaben bhh_111_q66
346 Amount Deficit last Month bhh_113_q66
347 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Kredit bhh_114_01_q66
348 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Geld geliehen bhh_114_02_q66
349 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Ersparnisse bhh_114_03_q66
350 Fehlbetrag gedeckt - Weiss nicht bhh_114_04_q66
351 ... from my own bank account bhh_115_q66
353 Bank account <U+00E2><U+0080><U+0093> month bhh_116_02_q66
354 Bedarfsdeckung ueber Sachleistungen bhh_117_q66
355 Bedarfsdeckung ueber Gutscheine bhh_118_q66
356 Language in HH bhh_135_q66
357 Language in Household: Naming Foreign Language bhh_136_01_q66
358 Leistungen nach dem Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG) bhh_48_q67
359 Needs not met via payment in kind or vouchers bhh_76_q67
361 form of questionning bhhinta
362 Interview Length Oral bhhdauer1
363 interview lenght written bhhdauer2
364 Interview Length Calculated bhhdauer3
365 month of interview bhhmonin
368 End of Interview (Minutes) bhhminin
369 Interviewer questions - german language bhi1
370 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bhi2
371 Interviewer questions - translated texts: helpful bhi3
372 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bhi4
373 Interviewer questions - audio file: helpful bhi5
374 Interviewer questions - translation through other person or interpreter bhi6
375 Interviewer questions - age interpreter bhi8
376 Interviewer questions - gender interpreter bhi9
377 Interviewer questions - age other person bhi11
378 Interviewer questions - gender other person bhi12
379 Interviewer questions - partner present bhi131
380 Interviewer questions - other person present bhi132
381 Interviewer questions - No one else present bhi133
382 Interviewer questions - influence bhi14
383 Interviewer questions - assessment closeness to reality of interview bhi15
384 Language Version bhhspvers
386 Yes, a German speaking person outside the household (relatives or friends) bhhtransl8
387 Yes, a professional interpreter bhhtransl7
388 Yes, a German speaking person is in the household bhhtransl6
390 Yes, a Romanian translation bhhtransl4
391 Yes, a Russian translation bhhtransl3
392 Yes, a Turkish translation bhhtransl2
393 Yes, an English translation bhhtransl1
394 Device bhh_zgeraet
395 Anchor Person anker
397 Survey Instrument for Households instrument

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Dataset: bhh

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