Data from youth questionnaire for 16-17-year-olds 2017


Sort Variable Name
365 Strength of Party Identification bhj_106
366 General Life Satisfaction bhj_107
367 Readiness to be re-interviewed bhjwdh_q71
368 Composition Circle of Friends: Not from Germany bhj_21_q72
369 Completed Education In Germany or Abroad bhj_34_q72
370 Range of Courses German As Foreign Language bhj_38_01_q72
371 Participation in German as Foreign Language bhj_38_02_q72
372 Satisfaction With Performance in Mother Tongue bhj_43_q72
373 Apprenticeship In Other Country bhj_57_q72
374 Both Parents Born in Germany bhj_67_q72
375 Father: Year of Migration to Germany bhj_86_01_q72
377 Father German Citizenship bhj_87_01_q72
378 Mother German Citizenship bhj_87_02_q72
379 Father Current/Former Citizenship (Code) bhj_87_04_q72
381 Father School Leaving Degree Abroad or In germany bhj_88_01_q72
382 Mother School Leaving Degree, Abroad or Germany bhj_88_02_q72
2 Never Changing Person ID (=persnr) pid
6 Current Wave HH Number (=BHHNRAKT) hhnrakt
132 1st Time, which class level bhj_47_01
168 Already Financially Independent bhj_58_01
202 Migrant To Germany bhj_69
222 1. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_03
251 5. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_32
270 Lived with parents up to the age of 15 bhj_82_01
282 Father Died, Year bhj_84_03
283 Mother Died, Year bhj_84_04
376 Mother: Year of Migration to Germany bhj_86_02_q72
411 Language Skills Besides German: Bosnian bhj_16_06_q73
456 School Enrollment, Month bhj_29_01_q73
461 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Years bhj_31_01_q73
473 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_03_q73
480 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_06_q73
509 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_15_q73
510 8th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_16_q73
529 Duration Refugee Class as well, Months bhj_42_01_q73
570 Number of Hours Homework bhj_67_q73
595 I did not have a job in my country of origin bhj_93_02_q73
709 Number of Friends Coming from Germany bhj_269_01_q73
722 No One from Country of Origin, met in Germany bhj_279_02_q73
748 Missing People from Country of Origin bhj_318_q73
762 Interview Length Oral bhjdauer1
765 day of interview bhjtagin
383 Father: Type of School Leaving Degree Germany bhj_88_03_q72
220 Number Of Siblings Not In Germany bhj_81_01
384 Mother: Type of School Leaving Degree in Germany bhj_88_04_q72
385 Father: Type of School Leaving Certificate Abroad bhj_88_05_q72
386 Mother: Type of School Leaving Degree Abroad bhj_88_06_q72
387 Father: Religious Community bhj_92_01_q72
388 Mother: Religions Community bhj_92_02
389 Father: Christian Religious Community bhj_92_03_q72
390 Mother: Christian Religious Community bhj_92_04_q72
391 Father: Islamic Religious Community bhj_92_05_q72
392 Mother: Islamic Religious Community bhj_92_06_q72
393 Compliance Linking of Social Insurance Data bhj_108_q72
394 Came to Germany with Whom bhj_02_q73
395 Left Country of Birth When, Month bhj_03_01_q73
396 Left Country of Birth When, Year bhj_03_02_q73
397 Arrived in Germany, Month bhj_04_q73
398 Can Imagine To Stay In Germany bhj_05_q73
399 How Long Stay in Germany bhj_06_q73
400 Stay in Germany, How Many Years bhj_07_01_q73
401 Stay in Germany, How Many Years: Do Not Know bhj_07_02_q73
402 German Nationality Intended bhj_08_q73
403 German Skills Start of School bhj_10_q73
404 Language Training In Order To Learn German bhj_14_q73
405 Language Training: Number of Hours per Week bhj_15_q73
406 Language Skills Besides German: Albanian bhj_16_01_q73
407 Language Skills Besides German: Arabic bhj_16_02_q73
408 Language Skills Besides German: Armenian bhj_16_03_q73
409 Language Skills Besides German: Armenian bhj_16_04_q73
410 Language Skills Besides German: Bengali bhj_16_05_q73
412 Language Skills Besides German: Dari bhj_16_07_q73
413 Language Skills Besides German: English bhj_16_08_q73
414 Language Skills Besides German: Farsi bhj_16_09_q73
415 Language Skills Besides German: French bhj_16_10_q73
416 Language Skills Besides German: Fula bhj_16_11_q73
417 Language Skills Besides German: Georgian bhj_16_12_q73
418 Language Skills Besides German: Hausa bhj_16_13_q73
419 Language Skills Besides German: Hindi bhj_16_14_q73
420 Language Skills Besides German: Igbo bhj_16_15_q73
421 Language Skills Besides German: Croatian bhj_16_16_q73
422 Language Skills Besides German: Kurdish-Kurmanji bhj_16_17_q73
423 Language Skills Besides German: Kurdish-Sorani bhj_16_18_q73
424 Language Skills Besides German: Kurdish - South Kurdish bhj_16_19_q73
425 Language Skills Besides German: Mandinka bhj_16_20_q73
426 Language Skills Besides German: Macedonian bhj_16_21_q73
427 Language Skills Besides German: Pashto bhj_16_22_q73
428 Language Skills Besides German: Pandschabi bhj_16_23_q73
429 Language Skills Besides German: Romanian bhj_16_24_q73
430 Language Skills Besides German: Russian bhj_16_25_q73
431 Language Skills Besides German: Saraiki bhj_16_26_q73
433 Language Skills Besides German: Somali bhj_16_28_q73
434 Language Skills Besides German: Tamazight bhj_16_29_q73
435 Language Skills Besides German: Tamil bhj_16_30_q73
436 Language Skills Besides German: Tigrinya bhj_16_31_q73
437 Language Skills Besides German: Turkish bhj_16_32_q73
438 Language Skills Besides German: Ukrainian bhj_16_33_q73
439 Language Skills Besides German: Urdu bhj_16_34_q73
440 Language Skills Besides German: Wolof bhj_16_35_q73
441 Language Skills Besides German: Yoruba bhj_16_36_q73
442 Language Skills Besides German: Other Language bhj_16_37_q73
443 Language Skills Besides German: No Other Language bhj_16_39_q73
444 Best Language Skill Besides German bhj_17_q73
445 Language Skills In Best Language Besides German: Speaking bhj_18_q73
446 Language Skills In Best Language Besides German: Writing bhj_19_q73
447 Language Skills In Best Language Besides German: Reading bhj_20_q73
448 Spoken Language with Child, all HH-Members bhj_21_01_q73
449 Spoken Languages with Family bhj_22_q73
450 Spoken Languages with Friends bhj_23_q73
451 Spoken Languages in School bhj_24_q73
452 Language Use Media: Books bhj_25_q73
453 Language Use Media: TV bhj_26_q73
454 Language Use Media: Internet bhj_27_q73
455 Language Use Media: Mails bhj_28_q73
458 Have never been to school bhj_29_03_q73
459 School Enrollment, Country bhj_30_01_q73
462 Duration of School Attendance 1st School, Months bhj_31_02_q73
463 Last attended school form at the place of first enrollment bhj_32_q73
464 School Leaving Degree in Country Of School Enrollment bhj_33_q73
465 1st School Attended Abroad bhj_35_01_q73
466 1st Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_03_q73
468 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_02_q73
469 1st Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_01_q73
470 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 1 bhj_38_01_q73
471 2st School Attended Abroad bhj_35_04_q73
474 2nd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_04_q73
475 12nd Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_02_q73
476 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 2 bhj_38_02_q73
477 3rd School Attended Abroad bhj_35_07_q73
479 3rd Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_05_q73
481 3rd Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_03_q73
482 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 3 bhj_38_03_q73
483 4th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_10_q73
485 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_07_q73
486 4th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_08_q73
487 4th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_04_q73
488 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 4 bhj_38_04_q73
489 5th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_13_q73
490 5th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_15_q73
491 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_09_q73
492 5th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_10_q73
493 5th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_05_q73
216 Code Nationality bhj_77_02
494 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 5 bhj_38_05_q73
495 6th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_18_q73
496 6th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_16_q73
497 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_11_q73
498 6th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_12_q73
499 6th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_06_q73
500 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 6 bhj_38_06_q73
501 7th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_19_q73
502 7th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_21_q73
503 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_13_q73
504 7th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_14_q73
505 7th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_07_q73
506 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 7 bhj_38_07_q73
507 8th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_22_q73
508 8th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_24_q73
511 8th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_08_q73
512 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 8 bhj_38_08_q73
513 9th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_25_q73
514 9th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_27_q73
515 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_17_q73
516 9th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_18_q73
517 9th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_09_q73
518 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 9 bhj_38_09_q73
520 10th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_30_q73
521 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_19_q73
522 10th Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Months bhj_36_20_q73
523 10th Previous Type of School in Other Country bhj_37_10_q73
524 Obtained School Degree Outside Germany 10 bhj_38_10_q73
525 Since When in School in Germany, Month bhj_40_01_q73
526 Since When in School in Germany, Year bhj_40_02_q73
527 Have not been to school in germany bhj_40_03_q73
528 Special Class for children of refugees bhj_41_q73
530 Duration Refugee Class as well, Years bhj_42_02_q73
531 Still attending special class bhj_42_03_q73
532 Duration Solely Refugee Class, Months bhj_43_01_q73
533 Duration Solely Refugee Class, Years bhj_43_02_q73
534 Still attending solely special class bhj_43_03_q73
535 First Grade Level in Germany after Migration bhj_44_q73
536 Type of School in School Year previous Year/17 bhj_45_01_q73
537 Type of School in School Year 2017/18 bhj_46_01_q73
538 Grade Level of Child in School Year Previous Year/17 bhj_47_q73
539 Grade Level of Child in School Year 2017/18 bhj_48_q73
540 1 Waiting for school or further education to start bhj_49_01_q73
541 2 Waiting vocational training to start bhj_49_02_q73
542 I am enrolled in a vocational integration course bhj_49_03_q73
201 Country Of Birth bhj_68_02
543 4 Am in a vocational preparatory year, vocational basic education year bhj_49_04_q73
544 5 Attend Vocational School bhj_49_05_q73
545 Am in vocational training / apprenticeship bhj_49_06_q73
546 Am in Internship, traineeship bhj_49_07_q73
547 I am Employed bhj_49_08_q73
548 9 None of the above bhj_49_09_q73
549 Status no answer bhj_49_10_q73
550 Number of pupils in school class bhj_50_q73
551 Student In Class With Migration Background bhj_51_q73
552 Feeling discriminated against: less often asked by teacher bhj_52_q73
553 Feeling discriminated against: stricter marks bhj_53_q73
554 Feeling discriminated against: receive warning more often bhj_54_q73
555 Feeling discriminated against: less clever bhj_55_q73
556 Certificate received in Germany bhj_56_q73
557 German Grade in Last Certificate bhj_57_01_q73
558 No Grades in Certificate bhj_57_02_q73
559 Mathematics Grade in Last Certificate bhj_58_01_q73
560 Mathematics No Grade in Certificate bhj_58_02_q73
561 1st Foreign Language Grade in Last Certificate bhj_59_01_q73
562 1st Foreign Language No Grades in Certificate bhj_59_02_q73
563 mother helps with homework/learning bhj_60_q73
564 father helps with homework/learning bhj_61_q73
565 other relatives help with homework/learning bhj_62_q73
566 siblings help with homework/learning bhj_63_q73
567 friends/Classmates help with homework/learning bhj_64_q73
568 tutor helps with homework/learning bhj_65_q73
569 homework supervision helps with homework/learning bhj_66_q73
571 School Belonging Scale PISA: Being An Underdog bhj_68_q73
572 School Belonging Scale PISA: Finding Friends bhj_69_q73
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number (=hhnr) cid
573 School Belonging Scale PISA: Belonging bhj_70_q73
574 School Belonging Scale PISA: Discomfort bhj_71_q73
575 School Belonging Scale PISA: Popularity bhj_72_q73
576 School Belonging Scale PISA: Loneliness bhj_73_q73
577 School Belonging Scale PISA: Feeling Happy bhj_74_q73
578 School Belonging Scale PISA: School Runs Smoothly bhj_75_q73
579 School Belonging Scale PISA: Satisfaction bhj_76_q73
580 Intending To Get School Leaving Certificate in Germany bhj_78_q73
581 Intended School Leaving Certificate bhj_79_q73
582 Aim Highest School-Leaving Certificate bhj_80_q73
583 Apprenticeship In Other Country bhj_82_q73
125 Level: German bhj_45_08
584 Assessment Accomplished Degree bhj_81_q73
585 Apprentice bhj_83_01_q73
586 completed an extended apprenticeship at a company bhj_83_02_q73
587 attended a vocational school bhj_83_03_q73
588 Other Education,Training bhj_83_04_q73
589 Completed: Apprenticeship at a Company bhj_84_q73
590 Completed: extended apprenticeship at a company bhj_85_q73
591 Completed: I attended a vocational school bhj_86_q73
592 Completed: Other Training bhj_87_q73
593 Intended vocational training or university degree bhj_89_q73
594 Aspiration to study bhj_90_q73
597 Working Time per Week in Country of Origin bhj_95_q73
598 Current occupation (KldB 2010) bhj_96_q73_kldb2010
599 Current occupation (ISCO-08) bhj_96_q73_isco08
600 Branch of Current Company bhj_97_q73
601 Working Time per Week bhj_98_q73
602 Self-Report: Writing German bhj_100_q73
603 Self-Report: Restless bhj_101_q73
604 Self-Report: Physical Complaints bhj_102_q73
457 School Enrollment, Year bhj_29_02_q73
605 Self-Report: Being Nice to Others bhj_103_q73
606 Self-Report: Loose one's temper bhj_104_q73
607 Self-Report: Being Alone bhj_105_q73
608 Self-Report: Obedient bhj_106_q73
609 Self-Report: Worrying bhj_107_q73
610 Self-Report: Compassion bhj_108_q73
611 Self-Report: Fidgety bhj_109_q73
612 Self-Report: Friends bhj_110_q73
613 Self-Report: Battle With Others bhj_125_q73
614 Self-Report: Forcing bhj_111_q73
615 Self-Report: Being Sad bhj_112_q73
616 Self-Report: Popular bhj_113_q73
617 Self-Report: Concentrated bhj_114_q73
618 Self-Report: Confidence bhj_115_q73
619 Self-Report: Nice to Younger bhj_116_q73
620 Self-Report: Lying bhj_117_q73
621 Self-Report: Teased bhj_118_q73
622 Self-Report: Willingness to Help bhj_119_q73
623 Self-Report: Pondering bhj_120_q73
624 Self-Report: Taking Things bhj_121_q73
625 Self-Report: Relationship with Adults bhj_122_q73
626 Self-Report: Fears bhj_123_q73
627 Self-Report: Getting Things Done bhj_124_q73
628 Am someone who can easily do without if I want to save bhj_144_q73
629 Opinion: Live For Today, Do Not Think Of Tomorrow bhj_145_q73
630 Am Someone Who Tries To Solve Difficult Tasks bhj_146_q73
631 Present: quiet place to learn bhj_147_q73
632 Present: Desk At Home bhj_148_q73
633 Present: School Books At Home bhj_149_q73
634 Present: Dictionary At Home bhj_150_q73
635 Present: own room bhj_151_q73
636 Present: books bhj_152_q73
637 Present: helpful books bhj_153_q73
638 Present: learning software bhj_154_q73
639 Present: classical literature bhj_155_q73
640 Present: musical instruments at home bhj_156_q73
641 Present: Pieces of Art at Home bhj_157_q73
642 Use of Equipment: Tablet bhj_159_q73
643 Use of Equipment: Computer / Laptop bhj_160_q73
644 Use of Equipment: Games Console bhj_161_q73
645 Use of Equipment: Smartphone bhj_162_q73
646 Use of Equipment: other mobile phone bhj_163_q73
647 Permission of parents to go out: on weekdays bhj_164_q73
648 Permission of parents to go out: on weekends bhj_165_q73
649 Permission of parents to go out: on weekdays bhj_166_q73
650 Permission of parents: on weekends bhj_167_q73
651 Things done without parents: holidays bhj_169_q73
652 Things done without parents: Travel by Train or Plane bhj_170_q73
653 Things done without parents: Visit Doctor bhj_171_q73
654 Things done without parents: Bought Clothes bhj_172_q73
655 Things done without parents: cooking or baking bhj_173_q73
656 Things done without parents: Returned something in a store bhj_174_q73
657 Things done without parents: went to movie theatre bhj_175_q73
658 Things done without parents: drank alcohol bhj_176_q73
659 Things done without parents: Smokes Cigarettes bhj_177_q73
660 Things done without parents: Smoked Hookah bhj_178_q73
661 Interference of Parents regarding friends bhj_179_q73
662 Sharing Worries: Friends bhj_182_q73
663 Sharing Worries: Siblings bhj_183_q73
664 Sharing Worries: Mother bhj_184_q73
665 Sharing Worries: Father bhj_185_q73
666 Sharing Worries: other Relatives bhj_186_q73
667 Encouragement or Help: Friends bhj_187_q73
668 Encouragement or Help: Siblings bhj_188_q73
669 Encouragement or Help: Mother bhj_189_q73
670 Encouragement or Help: Father bhj_190_q73
671 Encouragement or Help: Other Relatives bhj_191_q73
672 Bossing Around: Friends bhj_192_q73
673 Bossing Around: Siblings bhj_193_q73
674 Bossing Around: Mother bhj_194_q73
675 Bossing Around: Father bhj_195_q73
676 Bossing Around: Other Relatives bhj_196_q73
677 Doing Well in School: Friends bhj_197_q73
678 Doing Well in School: Siblings bhj_198_q73
679 Doing Well in School: Mother bhj_199_q73
680 Doing Well in School: Father bhj_200_q73
681 Doing Well in School: Other Relatives bhj_201_q73
682 Dispute with Friends bhj_202_q73
683 Dispute with other Relatives bhj_206_q73
684 TV or the like: German bhj_224_q73
685 TV or the like: other languages bhj_225_q73
686 Mobile Phone bhj_228_q73
687 Text Message, Messenger bhj_229_q73
688 Activity with family bhj_234_q73
689 Spending time with friends bhj_235_q73
690 painting bhj_238_q73
691 Social Commitment bhj_241_q73
692 youth group bhj_242_q73
693 Care for Animals bhj_243_q73
694 Extracurricular Religion Class bhj_244_q73
695 Cultural Association bhj_246_q73
697 Hours of Activity: Watching TV Weekend bhj_256_q73
698 Hours of Activity: Computer Weekdays bhj_257_q73
699 Hours of Activity: Computer Weekends bhj_258_q73
700 Hours of Activity: Social Networks Weekdays bhj_259_q73
701 Hours of Activity: Social Networks Weekends bhj_260_q73
702 Hours of Activity: Make Music Weekdays bhj_261_q73
703 Hours of Activity: Make Music Weekends bhj_262_q73
704 Hours of Activity: Doing Sports Weekdays bhj_263_q73
705 Hours of Activity: Doing Sports Weekend bhj_264_q73
706 Number of close Friends Living in Country of Origin bhj_266_q73
707 Number of close Friends Living in Germany bhj_267_q73
708 Number of close Friends Living in Other Country bhj_268_q73
710 Number of Friends Coming from Country of Origin bhj_269_02_q73
711 Number of Friends Coming from Other Country bhj_269_03_q73
712 Origin 1st Friend bhj_270_q73
713 Intended School Leaving Certificate, Type bhj_271_q73
714 Origin 2nd Friend bhj_272_q73
715 Intended School Leaving Certificate 2nd Friend, Type bhj_273_q73
716 Origin 3rd Friend bhj_274_q73
717 Intended School Leaving Certificate 3rd Friend, Type bhj_275_q73
718 Spend Time with Persons of Country of Origin bhj_276_q73
719 Spend Time with Germans bhj_277_q73
720 Spend Time with Persons of other Countries bhj_278_q73
721 Number of People from Country of Origin, met in Germany bhj_279_01_q73
724 No Germans, met in Germany bhj_280_02_q73
725 Depression: Little interest in activities bhj_289_q73
726 Depression: Low Spirits bhj_290_q73
727 Depression: Nervousness bhj_291_q73
728 Depression: Loss of control bhj_292_q73
729 Church, Religious Community, Denomination bhj_296_q73
730 Which Christian religious organisation bhj_297_q73
731 Which Islamic denomination bhj_298_q73
732 Religion is important for well-being and satisfaction bhj_300_q73
733 Frequency Praying bhj_301_q73
734 Division of Responsibilities: Children bhj_303_q73
735 Division of Responsibilities: Cooking bhj_304_q73
736 Division of Responsibilities: Money bhj_305_q73
737 Division of Responsibilities: Cleaning bhj_306_q73
738 Division of Responsibilities: Making Decisions bhj_307_q73
739 Following Things OK: Unmarried couple bhj_309_q73
740 Following Things OK: Divorce bhj_310_q73
741 Following Things OK: Abortion bhj_311_q73
742 Following Things OK: Homosexuality bhj_312_q73
743 Welcomed Upon Arrival in Germany bhj_313_q73
744 Welcome in Germany Today bhj_314_q73
745 Connected With Country Of Origin bhj_315_q73
746 Child Behavior: Positive before Migration bhj_316_q73
747 Child Behavior: Negative Before Migration bhj_317_q73
749 Loneliness: Company of Others bhj_319_q73
750 Loneliness: Being Left Out bhj_320_q73
751 Loneliness: socially isolated bhj_321_q73
752 positive attitude to myself bhj_322_q73
753 Handling difficult situations bhj_323_q73
754 Own reaction under control bhj_324_q73
755 advancement through difficult situations bhj_325_q73
756 actively making up for losses bhj_326_q73
757 Further Persons Present bhjanw
758 Linkage of data PIAAC/LID bhjvpiaac1
759 Linkage of data PIAAC/LID electron. signature denied bhjvpiaac2
760 Linkage of data PIAAC/LID signature on paper bhjvpiaac3
761 form of questionning bhjinta
763 interview lenght written bhjdauer2
764 month of interview bhjmonin
766 End of Interview (Hour) bhjstin
767 End of Interview (Minutes) bhjminin
768 Interviewer questions - german language bhi1
769 Interviewer questions - translated texts: frequency bhi2
770 Interviewer questions - audio file: frequency bhi4
771 Language Version bhjspvers
772 Device bhj_zgeraet
773 Interviewer ID intid
775 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bhj_90_01_isco08
776 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bhj_90_02_kldb2010
777 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bhj_90_02_isco88
778 Desired occupation (KldB 2010) bhj_60_kldb2010
779 Desired occupation (ISCO-88 COM) bhj_60_isco88
780 Desired occupation (KldB 92) bhj_60_kldb92
781 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-08, 4-digits) bhj_90_02_isco08
782 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) bhj_90_01_isco88
783 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bhj_90_01_kldb92
784 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) bhj_90_02_kldb92
785 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 2010, 5-digits) bhj_90_01_kldb2010
786 Desired occupation (ISCO-08) bhj_60_isco08
432 Language Skills Besides German: Serbian bhj_16_27_q73
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
85 Age started Music bhj_25
88 Most Important Sport bhj_28_02
93 Current class level bhj_33
106 School Paramedic bhj_42_03
121 Grade Points: German bhj_45_04
122 Grade Points: Mathematics bhj_45_05
126 Level: Mathematics bhj_45_09
212 2. Nationality (Code) bhj_73_03
214 Code Nationality Before bhj_75_02
215 German Citizenship Since When bhj_76
252 6. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_33
263 7. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_44
285 Year Of Birth - Mother bhj_85_02
356 Height In Cm bhj_100
358 Frequency of Being Angry in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_01
380 Mother Current/Former Citizenship (Code) bhj_87_06_q72
467 1st Duration of School Attendance Abroad, Years bhj_36_01_q73
3 Survey Year syear
258 7. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_39
472 2nd Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_06_q73
478 3rd Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_09_q73
519 10th School Attended Abroad bhj_35_28_q73
696 Hours of Activity: Watching TV Weekdays bhj_255_q73
723 Number of Germans, met in Germany bhj_280_01_q73
774 Youth Survey Instrument instrument
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) hid
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) bhhhnr
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
9 Person Number Surveyed bhpnr
10 Year Of Birth bhjbirthy
11 Month Of Birth bhjbirthm
12 Gender sex
13 Living with Parents bhj_01
14 furniture hh: own room bhj_02
15 2nd Flat / Room bhj_03
16 Paid Work In Last 7 Days bhj_04
17 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks bhj_05
18 Registered Unemployed bhj_06
19 Own Income bhj_07
20 Gross Income Last Month bhj_08_01
21 Net Income Last Month bhj_08_02
22 Mode of Income bhj_09
23 Job before now bhj_10
24 Age When Starting First Job bhj_11
25 Reason for Job bhj_12
26 Pocket Money Received bhj_13
27 Pocket Money per Week bhj_14_01
28 Pocket Money per Month bhj_14_02
29 Money Saved bhj_15
30 Monthly Savings bhj_16_01
31 Irregular Amount savings bhj_16_02
32 Amount Of Closed Friends bhj_17
33 Importance Father, Currently bhj_18_01
34 Importance Mother, Currently bhj_18_02
35 Importance Brother/Sister, Currently bhj_18_03
36 Other Relative Important In Life, Currently bhj_18_04
37 Importance Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Currently bhj_18_05
38 Importance Best Friend, Currently bhj_18_06
39 Importance My Group of Friends/ Clique, Currently bhj_18_07
40 Importance Teacher, Currently bhj_18_08
41 Importance Other Person, Currently bhj_18_09
42 Argue Or Fight With Father bhj_19_01
43 Argue Or Fight With Mother bhj_19_02
44 Argue Or Fight With Brother,Sister bhj_19_03
45 Argue of Fight with Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend bhj_19_04
46 Argue or Fight with Best Friend bhj_19_05
47 Discuss Experiences/Matters with Mother bhj_20_01
48 Discuss Experiences/Matters with Father bhj_20_02
49 Discuss Problems with Mother bhj_20_03
50 Discuss Problems with Father bhj_20_04
51 Mother Asks You Prior To Making Decision bhj_20_05
52 Father Asks You Prior To Making Decision bhj_20_06
53 Recognition from Mother bhj_20_07
54 Recognition from Father bhj_20_08
55 Problem Solution with Mother bhj_20_09
56 Problem Solution with Father bhj_20_10
57 Mother's Trust bhj_20_11
58 Father's Trust bhj_20_12
59 Mother Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter bhj_20_13
60 Father Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter bhj_20_14
61 Mother Gives Reason For Making Decision bhj_20_15
62 Father Gives Reason For Making Decision bhj_20_16
63 Mother Shows That She Loves You bhj_20_17
64 Father Shows That She Loves You bhj_20_18
65 TV/DVD/Internet-Streams bhj_21_01
66 Playing computer games bhj_21_02
67 Social Networks bhj_21_03
68 Other Type of Internet Usage bhj_21_04
69 Listen to Music bhj_21_05
70 playing music bhj_21_06
71 doing sports bhj_27
72 Dance, theater, etc. bhj_21_08
73 Technical projects, computer programming bhj_21_09
74 reading bhj_21_10
75 Do Nothing / Hang Out / Daydream bhj_21_11
76 Spending Time with Steady Boyfriend/Girlfriend bhj_21_12
77 Spending Time with Best Friend bhj_21_13
78 Spending time with my group of friends / clique bhj_21_14
79 Going to youth / community center bhj_21_15
80 Voluntary activity, social services bhj_21_16
81 Attend Church Or Other Religious Events bhj_21_17
82 Active Music bhj_22
83 Which Type of Mucic bhj_23
84 Music with whom bhj_24
86 Non School Music Club bhj_26
87 doing sports bhj_21_07
89 Age When Starting Sport bhj_29
90 Sport: where and with whom? bhj_30
91 Participation in Competitions bhj_31
92 Still Attend School bhj_32
94 Year Of Leaving School bhj_34
95 Which School-Leaving Degree bhj_35_01
96 Intending To Get Scholl Leaving Certificate bhj_36
97 Intending to get which school degree? bhj_37
98 1. Foreign Langauge bhj_38_01
99 2. Foreign Langauge bhj_38_02
100 School Outside of Germany bhj_39
101 school abroad age begin bhj_40_01
102 school abroad age end bhj_40_02
103 Private School Participation bhj_41
104 Class representative bhj_42_01
105 Student body president bhj_42_02
107 Student Magazine bhj_42_04
108 Theater-/ Dance Group bhj_42_05
109 Member of choir, orchestra, music group bhj_42_06
110 volunteer sport group bhj_42_07
111 Other kind of school group bhj_42_08
112 No Involvement bhj_42_09
113 Satisfaction With Overall School Performance bhj_43_01
114 Satisfaction With Performance in German bhj_43_02
115 Satisfaction With Performance in Mathematics bhj_43_03
116 Satisfaction With Performance in 1st Foreign Language bhj_43_04
117 Recommended For Intermediate School bhj_44
118 Grade German bhj_45_01
119 Grade Mathematics bhj_45_02
120 Grade 1. Foreign Language bhj_45_03
123 Grade Points: 1. Foreign Language bhj_45_06
124 Type of school bhj_45_07
128 Basic,Advanced Course German bhj_45_11
129 Basic, Advanced Course Mathematics bhj_45_12
130 Basic, Advanced Course 1st Foreign Language bhj_45_13
131 Year, Grade Repeated bhj_46
133 2nd Time which class? bhj_47_02
134 Tutoring bhj_48
135 Parents Show Interest In Performance bhj_49
136 Parents Help With Homework / Study bhj_50
137 Differences of Opinion caused by School Performance bhj_51
138 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evenings bhj_52_01
139 Parents Take Part In Parent Conference Days bhj_52_02
140 Consult teacher outside consulting days bhj_52_03
141 Engagement As Parent Representatives bhj_52_04
142 No Involvement of Parents bhj_52_05
143 Proportion of Foreigners, Fellow Students or Their Parents bhj_53
144 Professional Training Completed bhj_54
145 Occu. Foundation Year bhj_55_01
146 Basic Vocational School Year Completed bhj_55_02
147 Integration Year bhj_55_03
148 Integration Year Completed bhj_55_04
149 Apprenticeship bhj_55_05
150 Apprenticeship (Lehre) Completed bhj_55_06
151 Full-Time Vocation School bhj_55_07
152 Specialized Vocational School Completed bhj_55_08
153 Volunteer, Intern bhj_55_09
154 Internship completed bhj_55_10
155 Dual course of study / college of advanced vocational studies bhj_55_11
156 Dual Course Study / College of Advanced Vocational Studies Completed bhj_55_12
157 Specialized Technical,Engineering School / University bhj_55_13
158 Specialized Technical,Engineering School / University Completed bhj_55_14
159 Intending to Get Job Training / University Degree bhj_56
160 Intending to Complete Apprenticeship bhj_57_01
161 Intending to Complete Full-Time Vocational School bhj_57_02
162 Intending to Get Certificate From Specialized Technical School bhj_57_03
163 Intending to Complete Civil Servant Training bhj_57_04
164 Intending to Get Certificate From Accreditite Professional School bhj_57_05
165 Intending to Get Degree from Professional College bhj_57_06
166 Intending to Get University Degree bhj_57_07
167 Intention Completion of Vocational Training, Item Nonresponse bhj_57_08
169 Already Financially Independent bhj_58_02
170 Preferred Occupation bhj_59
171 informed about occupation bhj_61
172 Career Choice: Parents Proposals Important bhj_62_01
173 Let Job come to me bhj_62_02
174 Long Term Occupation with Career Choice bhj_62_03
175 Occupational Choice: Still Working Out Skills bhj_62_04
176 Importance Safety of Job Position bhj_63_01
177 Importance Of High Income bhj_63_02
178 Possibilities for Promotion Important in Life bhj_63_03
179 Recognition and Respect Important in Life bhj_63_04
180 Importance Of Leisure bhj_63_05
181 Importance Interesting Work bhj_63_06
182 Importance Independent Work bhj_63_07
183 Contact with Others Important in Life bhj_63_08
184 Importance Societal Relevance bhj_63_09
185 Importance good health, safety conditions bhj_63_10
186 Importance Time for Family Duties bhj_63_11
187 Help Others Important in Life bhj_63_12
188 Probability to get a Training / University Slot for desired occupation bhj_64_01
189 Probability Complete Training, University Slot bhj_64_02
190 Probability to find Employment bhj_64_03
191 Probability of professional success bhj_64_04
192 Probablitiy of becoming unemployed bhj_64_05
193 Probability Cut Back due to family reasons bhj_64_06
194 Probability Becoming Self-Employed bhj_64_07
195 Probability Of Working Abroad bhj_64_08
196 Probability Of Marriage bhj_64_09
197 Probability Of Living With An Unmarried Partner bhj_64_10
198 Probability Of Having a Child bhj_64_11
199 Probability Of Having Several Children bhj_64_12
200 Born in Germany bhj_67
203 Status Upon Immigration To Germany bhj_70
204 Before Immigration: Oral Ability German bhj_71_01
205 Before Immigration: Written Ability German bhj_71_02
206 Before Immigration: Reading Ability German bhj_71_03
207 Oral Ability: German bhj_71_04
208 Written Ability: German bhj_71_05
209 Reading Ability: German bhj_71_06
210 German Nationality bhj_72
211 2nd Nationality bhj_73_01
213 German Nationality Since Birth bhj_74
217 Residence Status bhj_78
218 Spend childhood until age of 15 where? bhj_79
219 Do You Still Live There Today bhj_80
221 No Siblings bhj_81_02
223 1. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_04
224 1. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_05
225 1. Sibling kind bhj_81_06
226 1. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_07
227 1. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_08
228 2. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_09
229 2. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_10
230 2. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_11
231 2. Sibling kind bhj_81_12
232 2. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_13
233 2. Sibling Up To Age 15 Together bhj_81_14
234 3. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_15
235 3. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_16
236 3. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_17
237 3. Sibling kind bhj_81_18
238 3. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_19
239 3. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_20
240 4. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_21
241 4. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_22
242 4. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_23
243 4. Sibling kind bhj_81_24
244 4. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_25
245 4. Sibling, Together Up To 15 Years bhj_81_26
246 5. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_27
247 5. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_28
248 5. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_29
249 5. Sibling kind bhj_81_30
250 5. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_31
253 6. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_34
254 6. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_35
255 6. Sibling kind bhj_81_36
256 6. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_37
257 6. Sibling Years Together bhj_81_38
259 7. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_40
260 7. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_41
261 7. Sibling kind bhj_81_42
262 7. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_43
264 8. Sibling, Year of Birth bhj_81_45
265 8. Sibling, Month of Birth bhj_81_46
266 8. Sibling, Sex bhj_81_47
267 8. Sibling kind bhj_81_48
268 8. Sibling Lived Together up to Age of 15 bhj_81_49
269 8. Sibling, Years Together bhj_81_50
271 Lived with mother (without partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_02
272 Lived with mother (with partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_03
273 Lived with father (without partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_04
274 Lived with father (with partner) up to the age of 15 bhj_82_05
275 Lived with other relatives up to the age of 15 bhj_82_06
276 Lived with foster parents up to the age of 15 bhj_82_07
277 Lived in childrens home up to the age of 15 bhj_82_08
278 No Answer, Place of Living bhj_82_09
279 Father/Mother live here in HH bhj_83
280 Place Of Residence Father bhj_84_01
281 Place Of Residence Mother bhj_84_02
284 Year Of Birth - Father bhj_85_01
286 Father Born In Germany bhj_86_01
287 Mother Born In Germany bhj_86_02
289 Country Of Birth Mother bhj_86_06
290 Father German Citizenship bhj_87_01
291 Mother German Citizenship bhj_87_02
292 Father: School Certificate bhj_88_01
293 Mother: School Certificate bhj_88_02
294 Father: Completed Occupational Training, Studies bhj_89_01
295 Mother: Completed Vocational Training or University Degree bhj_89_02
296 Manual Worker bhj_91_01
297 Mother: Blue-Collar Worker bhj_91_02
298 Salaried W-Collar Worker bhj_91_03
299 White-collar worker (Angestellte) [mother] bhj_91_04
300 Father, Public Servant bhj_91_05
301 Mother, Public Servant bhj_91_06
302 Father, Self-Employed bhj_91_07
303 Mother, Self-Employed bhj_91_08
304 Father, Never Been Employed bhj_91_09
305 Mother, Never Been Employed bhj_91_10
306 Father: Religious Community bhj_92_01
307 Mother: Religions Community bhj_92_02_q72
308 Partner are Necessary to Be Happy bhj_93
309 Children are Necessary to Be Happy bhj_94
310 Success Through: Effort / Diligence bhj_95_01
311 Success Through: Exploiting Others bhj_95_02
312 Success Through: Talent / Intelligence bhj_95_03
313 Success Through: Family Background bhj_95_04
314 Success Through: Specialized Training bhj_95_05
315 Success Through: Money / Assets bhj_95_06
316 Success Through: School Grades, Results bhj_95_07
317 Success Through: Recklessness / Toughness bhj_95_08
318 Success Through: Connections bhj_95_09
319 Success Through: Being Politically Active bhj_95_10
320 Success Through: Being Male bhj_95_11
321 Success Through: Dynamic / Initiative bhj_95_12
322 Peronal Willingness to Take Risks bhj_96
323 Life course self determined bhj_97_01
324 Compared to other people, I have not achieved what I deserve bhj_97_02
325 What you achieve in life is a consequence of fate or luck bhj_97_03
326 Others make the crucial decisions in my life bhj_97_04
327 Success takes hard work bhj_97_05
328 Doubt Myself When Faced By Difficulties bhj_97_06
329 Social Circumstances Determine Possibilities in Life bhj_97_07
330 Talents You Have at Birth Are More Important Than Effort bhj_97_08
331 I Have Little Control Over Things in My Life bhj_97_09
332 Soc., Pol. Activity Makes A Difference bhj_97_10
333 Give something up to Today, to Have More Tomorrow bhj_97_11
334 One can trust people bhj_97_12
335 Opinion: Cannot Trust Anyone bhj_97_13
336 Interviewer's Opinion: Careful with strangers bhj_97_14
337 Opinion: Live For Today, Do Not Think Of Tomorrow bhj_97_15
338 I Do a Thorough Job bhj_98_01
339 I am Communicative and Talkative bhj_98_02
340 I am Sometimes Somewhat Rude to Others bhj_98_03
341 I am Inventive, Have new Ideas bhj_98_04
342 I worry a lot bhj_98_05
343 I Have a Forgiving Nature bhj_98_06
344 I Tend to Be Lazy bhj_98_07
345 I can be Outgoing bhj_98_08
346 I Value Artistic, Aesthetic Experiences bhj_98_09
347 I get Nervous Easily bhj_98_10
348 I can Do things effectively and efficiently bhj_98_11
349 I am Reserved bhj_98_12
350 I am Considerate and Friendly bhj_98_13
351 I Have a Lively Imagination bhj_98_14
352 I Am Relaxed, Can Handle Stress Well bhj_98_15
353 I am Eager for Knowledge bhj_98_16
354 I Have a Positive Attitude Towards Myself bhj_98_17
355 Current State Of Health bhj_99
357 Weight (kg) bhj_101
359 Frequency of Being Worried in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_02
360 Frequency of Being Happy in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_03
361 Frequency of Being Sad in the Last 4 Weeks bhj_102_04
362 Interest in politics (interviewer) bhj_103
363 Inclined Towards a Particular Party bhj_104
364 Party Identification bhj_105_01
127 Level: first foreign language bhj_45_10
288 Country Of Birth Father bhj_86_04
460 School Enrollment, Country Code bhj_30_03_q73
484 4th Schooling In Which Country Code bhj_35_12_q73
596 Branch of Company in Country of Origin bhj_94_q73

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Dataset: bhjugend

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