Generated biographical information


Sort Variable Name
3 Never Changing Person ID pid
5 Year of Birth, 4-digit gebjahr
26 Year Of Birth 1st. Child kidgeb01
2 Original Household Number hhnr
16 PERSNR 6th. Child kidpnr06
0 Original Household Number cid
17 PERSNR 7th. Child kidpnr07
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
4 Sex sex
6 Birth Biography Information biovalid
9 Number Of Births From Biography biokids
10 Total Number Of Births sumkids
11 PERSNR 1st. Child kidpnr01
12 PERSNR 2nd. Child kidpnr02
13 PERSNR 3rd. Child kidpnr03
14 PERSNR 4th. Child kidpnr04
15 PERSNR 5th. Child kidpnr05
18 PERSNR 8th. Child kidpnr08
19 PERSNR 9th. Child kidpnr09
20 PERSNR 10th. Child kidpnr10
21 PERSNR 11th. Child kidpnr11
22 PERSNR 12th. Child kidpnr12
23 PERSNR 13th. Child kidpnr13
24 PERSNR 14th. Child kidpnr14
25 PERSNR 15th. Child kidpnr15
27 Year Of Birth 2nd. Child kidgeb02
28 Year Of Birth 3rd. Child kidgeb03
29 Year Of Birth 4th. Child kidgeb04
30 Year Of Birth 5th. Child kidgeb05
31 Year Of Birth 6th. Child kidgeb06
32 Year Of Birth 7th. Child kidgeb07
33 Year Of Birth 8th. Child kidgeb08
34 Year Of Birth 9th. Child kidgeb09
35 Year Of Birth 10th. Child kidgeb10
36 Year Of Birth 11th. Child kidgeb11
37 Year Of Birth 12th. Child kidgeb12
38 Year Of Birth 13th. Child kidgeb13
39 Year Of Birth 14th. Child kidgeb14
40 Year Of Birth 15th. Child kidgeb15
41 Sex 1st. Child kidsex01
42 Sex 2nd. Child kidsex02
43 Sex 3rd. Child kidsex03
44 Sex 4th. Child kidsex04
45 Sex 5th. Child kidsex05
46 Sex 6th. Child kidsex06
47 Sex 7th. Child kidsex07
48 Sex 8th. Child kidsex08
49 Sex 9th. Child kidsex09
50 Sex 10th. Child kidsex10
51 Sex 11th. Child kidsex11
52 Sex 12th. Child kidsex12
53 Sex 13th. Child kidsex13
54 Sex 14th. Child kidsex14
55 Sex 15th. Child kidsex15
56 Month Of Birth 1st. Child kidmon01
57 Month Of Birth 2nd. Child kidmon02
58 Month Of Birth 3rd. Child kidmon03
59 Month Of Birth 4th. Child kidmon04
60 Month Of Birth 5th. Child kidmon05
61 Month Of Birth 6th. Child kidmon06
62 Month Of Birth 7th. Child kidmon07
63 Month Of Birth 8th. Child kidmon08
64 Month Of Birth 9th. Child kidmon09
65 Month Of Birth 11th. Child kidmon11
66 Month Of Birth 10th. Child kidmon10
67 Month Of Birth 12th. Child kidmon12
68 Month Of Birth 13th. Child kidmon13
69 Month Of Birth 14th. Child kidmon14
70 Month Of Birth 15th. Child kidmon15
7 Year Of Biography Survey bioyear
8 Age When Surveyed Biography bioage

Study: soep-core

Dataset: biobirth

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