Generated biographical information


Sort Variable Name
4 BI: Refugee Residence: Weeks bicampw
0 Year, Survey Year syear
1 BI: Immigration Group biimgrp
2 BI: Residence Status biresper
3 BI: Refugee Residence Y,N bicamp
5 BI: Refugee Residence: Months bicampm
6 BI: Already Had Family In Country biwfam
7 BI: Contacts With Family In Germany bifamc
8 BI: Moved To Same City,Town As Family bifamcl
9 BI: Reason Migrate: Better birbetr
10 BI: Reason Migrate: Money birmoney
11 BI: Reason Migrate: Freedom birfree
12 BI: Reason Migrate: Family birfam
13 BI: Reason Migrate: Poor birpoor
14 BI: Reason Migrate: War birwar
15 BI: Reason Migrate: Just So birjust
16 BI: Reason Migrate: Other birothr
17 BI: Expectations In Germany biexpr
18 BI: Expectations: Find Apt biexprlv
19 BI: Expectations: Accepted by Coworker biexprac
20 BI: Expectations: Accepted by Neighbor biexpran
21 BI: Family in Country of Origin birelh
22 BI: Family Country of Origin: Parents birelhp
23 BI: Family Country of Origin: Grandparents birelhgp
24 BI: Family Country of Origin: Children birelhc
25 BI: Family Country of Origin: Brother,Sister birelhbs
26 BI: Family Country of Origin: Distant Relatives birelhdr
27 BI: Family Country of Origin: Spouse, Partner birelhsp
28 BI: Friends: Country of Origin birelhfr
29 BI: Persons Abroad Bring To Germany birelhmi
30 BI: Spouse In Germany birelhs2
31 BI: Underage Children Not In Germany birelhc2
32 BI: Go Back Home bigoback
33 BI: Desire To Stay In Germany bistay
34 BI: Years Desired To Stay In Germany bistayy
35 BI: Attended School In Germany biscger
36 BI: Which Grade, Year In German School biscgrad
37 BI: Attended Special Foreigner Prep Class biscgerc
38 BI: Also German Pupils In Class biscgc
39 BI: How Many Pupils Foreign biscgcf
40 BI: Mix Of Nationalities In Class biscgcfn
41 BI: Main Reason Immigration To Ger. (since 2014) bireason
42 Never Changing Person ID pid
44 Current HH Number for SYEAR hid
43 Original Household Number cid

Study: soep-core

Dataset: bioimmig


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