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Sort Variable Name
20 4 Digit ISCO-88 Occupation Code (1988) isco88
28 5 Digit StaBua Vocational Classification (2010) stba10
21 Ganzeboom ISEI-Status (1988) isei88
25 Magnitude Prestige Scale (1992) mps92
36 Age At Most Recent Occ. Change ageatmv
16 First Job Self Employed fjselfe
23 Treiman Standard Int Occ Prestige (1988) siops88
34 2-Digit NACE Industry Sector(First Job) nacefj
38 Year Of Last Employment yearlast
0 Original Household Identifier cid
1 Unique Individual Identifier pid
2 Original Household Identifier hhnr
3 Unique Individual Identifier persnr
4 Year Of Biography/Youth Interview bioyear
5 Age At First Job agefjob
8 Year of first real job source einstieg_pbio_info
9 Year of first real job (Pbiospe, Read Documentation!) einstieg_pbio
11 Employment Status nojob
13 Occ. Position First Job occfjob
14 First Job Full Time fulltime
15 First Job Blue Collar fjblue
17 First Job White Collar fjwhite
18 First Job Civil Servant fjcivs
19 Number Of Employees First Job fjsefsiz
22 4 Digit StaBua Vocational Classification (1992) stba92
24 EGP Class Category (1988) egp88
26 4 Digit ISCO-88 Occupation Code (88) isco08
27 Ganzeboom ISEI-Status (88) isei08
32 Required Education For First Job reqeduc
33 First Job In Civil Service civilsfj
35 No. Of Occ. Changes occmove
37 Employed At Time Of Bio Interview currempl
39 Last Job Full-/Part-Time scopelj
40 Last Job In Civil Service civilslj
42 Occ. Position Last Job occljob
43 Last Job Blue Collar ljblue
44 Last Job Self Employed ljselfe
45 No. Of Employees Ljselfe ljsefsiz
46 Last Job White Collar ljwhite
47 Last Job Civil Servant ljcivs
48 Highest Intended Educ. Degree inteduc1
49 Third Intended Educ. Degree inteduc3
50 Second Intended Educ. Degree inteduc2
51 Fourth Intended Educ. Degree inteduc4
10 Year of first real job source einstieg_artk_info
6 Info Source Agefjob ageinfo
7 Year of first real job (Artkalen, Read Documentation!) einstieg_artk
12 Still Employed In First Job stillfj
29 Treiman Standard Int Occ Prestige (88) siops08
30 EGP Class Category (88) egp08
31 Magnitude Prestige Scale (2008) mps08
41 2-Digit NACE Industry Sector(Last Job) nacelj

Study: soep-core

Dataset: biojob

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