Generated individual data 2018


Sort Variable Name
28 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-08) isco08_18
76 Higher vocational school - two-digit occupation KldB92 trainc18
11 Personal Related Survey Year piyear18
20 Amount Of Education Or Training In Years bibilzeit
21 Current Occupational Classification (ISCO-88 Com) isco88_18
39 Industry Occupation [pbra] (NACE Rev. 2, Sector) nace2_18
49 Civil servant training - two-digit occupation KldB92 traind18
53 Working Experience Part-Time Employment exppt18
75 Last Reached Mps Value (Magnitude-Prestige-Skale, Wegener) mps92_18
50 Partner Person Number partnr18
9 Month Of Interview month18
10 Interview Method mode18
13 School-Leaving Degree Outside Germany bipsbila
22 Apprenticeship - two-digit occupation KldB92 traina18
23 Vocational school - two-digit occupation KldB92 trainb18
29 Occupational Change jobch18
33 Last Reached Egp Value (Erikson, Goldthorpe, Portocarero) egp88_18
36 Imputation flag, Current Gross Income Secondary Job (1) impsnd118
46 CASMIN Classification casmin18
48 Change in Education, total observed period bilztev18
55 Industry Occupation [pbra] (NACE Rev. 1.1, Sector) nace18
57 last reached SIOPS score (stand. internat. occ. prestige scale, Treiman) siops08_18
58 last reached ISEI score (internat. socio-economic index, with ISCO-08) isei08_18
62 Last Reached Isei Value (International Socio-Economic Index) isei88_18
63 First Voluntary Work honor318
64 Working Experience Full-Time Employment expft18
65 Field of tertiary education field18
67 Civil Service oeffd18
70 Current Net Labor Income in Euro labnet18
71 Current Gross Secondary Income In Euro sndjob18
73 Data source FIELD, DEGREE, TRAIN fdt_f18
74 Change in Education since last survey / last year bilztch18
82 Reasons for occupational change jobend18
14 School-Leaving Degree East Germany bipsbilo
19 Vocational Degree Received East Germany bipbbilo
25 Imputation flag, Current Gross Income Secondary Job (2) impsnd218
26 Current Gross Income Secondary Job (1) In Euro sndjob118
30 Required Training For Job ausb18
37 3. secondary job: Occupational Position sndtyp318
38 1. secondary job: Occupational Position sndtyp118
44 Imputation flag for LABNETxx impnet18
52 Imputation flag, Current Gross Income Secondary Job (3) impsnd318
59 last reached EGP class (Erikson, Goldthorpe, Portocarero, with ISCO-08) egp08_18
60 last reached MPS score (Magnitude-Prestige-Scale, Wegener, with ISCO-08) mps08_18
61 Unemployment Experience expue18
66 Second Voluntary Work honor218
68 Agreed Upon Work Time Per Week bivebzeit
69 Current Occupational Classification (KldB92) kldb92_18
80 Working In Occupation Trained For erljob18
83 Imputation flag for LABGROxx impgro18
84 Current Gross Income Secondary Job (2) In Euro sndjob218
79 Length Of Time With Firm bierwzeit
32 Occupational Position stib18
34 Current Gross Income Secondary Job (3) In Euro sndjob318
1 Current Household Number (Household ID) hid
4 Original Household Number hhnr
0 Original Household Number cid
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
5 Current Wave Household Number 2018 bihhnr
6 Current Household Number (Household ID) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 1. Nationality nation18
24 Last Reached Siops Value (Std. Internat. Occupational Prestige Scale), Treim siops88_18
41 Current Gross Labor Income in Euro labgro18
81 Actual Work Time Per Week bitatzeit
56 Current Occupational Classification (KldB2010) kldb2010_18
54 Imputation Flag For SNDJOBxx impsnd18
15 Vocational Degree Received bipbbil01
16 College Degree bipbbil02
17 No Vocational Degree bipbbil03
27 ISCED-2011-Classification isced11_18
40 Third Voluntary Work honor118
43 Core Category Size Of The Company allbet18
72 Type of tertiary degree degree18
77 Labor Force Status lfs18
12 School-Leaving Degree bipsbil
18 Vocational Degree Outside Germany bipbbila
31 Partner Indicator partz18
35 Marital Status In Survey Year bifamstd
42 1. secondary job: Occupational Position sndtyp218
45 Size of the Company betr18
47 Overtime Per Week biuebstd
51 ISCED-1997-Classification isced97_18
78 Employment Status emplst18

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Dataset: bipgen

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