Migrant specific questions from individual questionnaire 1987


Sort Variable Name
21 Amount Of Money Given To Others Prev Yr dp65a05
24 Amount To German Relatives Not In HH dp65b03
42 Age Of Third Youngest Child dp88a05
11 Person Number Surveyed dbefrper
12 Subsample Identifier sample1
18 Amount Sent To Native Country Prev Yr dp65a02
19 Amount Of Money Given Family Prev Yr dp65a03
46 Planned Length Of Stay In Germany dp89a02
0 Original Household Number cid
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
20 Amount Of Money Towards Savings Prev Yr dp65a04
57 Month Moved To FRG Or West-Berlin dp96a02
1 Current Wave HH Number (=DHHNR) hid
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) dhhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=DHHNR) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Questionnaire Version dpspkz
9 Survey Year welle
10 Language Version dperfas
13 Expected Year Employment In Germany Ends dp49a01
14 Unknown When Employment In Germany Ends dp49a02
15 Stay In Germany Or Return To Homeland dp50a
16 Claim To German Pension Insurance dp51a
17 Sent Money To Native Country Prev Yr dp65a01
22 German Relatives Not In HH dp65b01
23 Payments To German Relatives Not In HH dp65b02
25 Supports Political Party dp80a01
26 Political Party Supported dp80a02
27 Amount Of Support For Political Party dp80a03
28 Nationality dp82a
29 Sense Of German Nationality dp83a01
30 Sense Of Foreign Nationality dp83a02
31 Speak German dp84a01
32 Write German dp84a02
33 Speak Native Language dp84a03
34 Write Native Language dp84a04
35 Contact With Germans dp85a
36 Visited Germans Previous Yr dp86a
37 Received Visits From Germans Previous Yr dp87a
38 Children Under 18 Outside Germany dp88a01
39 Number Children Under 18 Outside Germany dp88a02
40 Age Of Youngest Child dp88a03
41 Age Of Second Youngest Child dp88a04
43 Age Of Fourth Youngest Child dp88a06
44 Age Of Fifth Youngest Child dp88a07
45 Plans To Return To Native Country dp89a01
47 Sex dp90a01
49 Marital Status: Married dp91a
50 Spouse In Germany dp92a01
51 Marital Status: Not Married dp92a02
52 Second Residence dp94a01
53 Dwelling Used Predominantly dp94a02
54 From Which Dwelling To Work dp94a03
55 Country Born In dp95a
56 Year Moved To Germany dp96a01
58 School In Germany dp97a01
59 School-Leaving Degree In Germany dp97a02
60 Type Of School-Leaving Degree dp97a03
61 School Outside Germany dp98a01
62 Type Of School Outside Germany dp98a02
63 Training,Education In Germany dp99a01
64 College Degree In Germany dp99a02
65 Trade,Farming Apprentice dp99a03
66 Business Or Other Apprentice dp99a04
67 Specialized Vocational School dp99a05
68 Health Care School dp99a06
69 Specialized Technical School dp99a07
70 Civil Servant Training dp99a08
71 Specialized Technical,Engineering School dp99a09
72 University,College dp99a10
73 Other Type Of Education Completed dp99a11
74 Vocational Training Outside Germany dp100a01
75 Apprenticed dp100a02
76 Occupational Training dp100a03
77 Vocational School dp100a04
78 College dp100a05
79 Other Education,Training dp100a06
80 Survey Instrument dpinta
81 Communication With Interviewer dpverst1
82 Which Person Interpreter dpverst2
48 Year Of Birth dp90a02

Study: soep-core

Dataset: dpausl

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