Household questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Questionnaire Version ehspkz
1 Survey Year welle
1 Language Version eherfas
1 Current Wave HH Number (=EHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) ehhnr
1 Person Number Providing Information eauskper
1 Children Under Age 16 In HH eh01
1 Person Needing Care In Household eh04
1 Person Number First Person Needing Care eh05a01
1 Type Of Care First Person Requires eh05a02
1 District Nurse Cares First Person eh05b01
1 Friends Care First Person eh05b02
1 Neighbors Care First Person eh05b03
1 Relatives Outside HH Care First Person eh05b04
1 Relatives In HH Care First Person eh05b05
1 No Special Help Needed First Person eh05b06
1 Person Number Second Person Needing Care eh05a03
1 Type Of Care Second Person Requires eh05a04
1 District Nurse Cares Second Person eh05b07
1 Friends Care Second Person eh05b08
1 Neighbors Care Second Person eh05b09
1 Relatives Outside HH Care Second Person eh05b10
1 Relatives In HH Care Second Person eh05b11
1 No Special Help Needed Second Person eh05b12
1 Living-Space In Dwelling Changed eh06g
1 Size Of Housing Unit In Sq M eh07g
1 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit eh08g
1 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling eh09g
1 Amount Of Monthly Rent eh10g01
1 Pays No Rent eh10g02
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month eh11g
1 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings eh12g
1 Year Moved Since Previous Survey eh06b01
1 Month Moved Since Previous Survey eh06b02
1 Year Moved Into Dwelling eh06b03
1 Main Reason For Moving eh07b
1 Change In Financial Load eh08b01
1 Change In Size Of Dwelling eh08b02
1 Change In Layout Of Dwelling eh08b03
1 Change In Residential Area eh08b04
1 Change In Neighborhood eh08b05
1 Change In Access To Public Transportation eh08b06
1 Change In Contact With Neighbors eh08b07
1 Year House Was Built eh09b
1 Condition Of House eh10b
1 Dwelling Has Kitchen eh11b01
1 Dwelling Has Indoor Bath,Shower eh11b02
1 Dwelling Has Indoor Toilet eh11b03
1 Dwelling Has Central,Floor Heating eh11b04
1 Dwelling Has Balcony,Terrace eh11b05
1 Dwelling Has Basement eh11b06
1 Dwelling Has Garden eh11b07
1 Size Of Housing Unit In Sq M eh12b
1 Number Of Rooms Larger Than 6 Sq M eh13b
1 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit eh14b
1 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling eh15b
1 Dwelling Rent Reduced By Landlord eh16b
1 Amount Of Monthly Rent eh17b01
1 Pays No Rent eh17b02
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month eh18b
1 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings eh19b
1 Government Subsidized Housing eh20b
1 Modernized Kitchen Previous Year eh21b01
1 Modernized Bathroom Previous Year eh21b02
1 Modernized Central Heating Previous Year eh21b03
1 Modernized Windows Previous Year eh21b04
1 No Modernization Previous Year eh21b05
1 Remodelled By Previous Tenant eh22b
1 Means Of Acquiring Dwelling eh23b
1 Government Subsidizes Housing Payments eh24b
1 Interest And Mortgage Payment Per Month eh2501
1 Interest Per Month eh2502
1 No Interest And Mortgage Payment eh2503
1 Other Costs Per Month, DM eh26
1 Maintenance Costs Previous Year eh27
1 Heat And Hot Water Costs Previous Year eh28
1 Housing Costs Vs Comparable Dwellings eh29
1 Estimated Rent Exc Heat eh3001
1 Estimated Rent Exc Heat eh3002
1 Housing Allowance,Subsidy eh3101
1 Months Of Housing Allowance,Subsidy eh3102
1 Amount Of Housing Allowance,Subsidy eh3103
1 Social Assistance Benefits eh32
1 Current Subsistence Assistance eh3301
1 Months Of Subsistence Assistance eh3302
1 Amount Of Subsistence Assistance eh3303
1 Special Circumstances Assistance eh3401
1 Months Of Special Assistance eh3402
1 Amount Of Special Assistance eh3403
1 One Time Assistance For Subsistence eh35
1 Child Allowance eh3601
1 Child Allowance For How Many Children eh3602
1 Child Allowance prev. year, Amt./Month eh3603
1 Income From Rent Previous Yr eh37
1 Amount Of Income From Rent Previous Yr eh38
1 Operation,Maintenance Costs Previous Yr eh3901
1 Mortgage Payment And Interest Previous Yr eh3902
1 Interest Previous Yr eh3903
1 Savings Account Previous Yr eh4001
1 Savings: Building Society Previous Yr eh4002
1 Life Insurance Previous Yr eh4003
1 Securities Previous Yr eh4004
1 Operating Assets Previous Yr eh4005
1 No Securities Previous Yr eh4006
1 Amt Of Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr eh4101
1 Est Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr eh4102
1 Monthly Household Net Income eh42
1 House Type Of Household ehtypzh
1 Private Household,Institution ehformzh
1 Neighborhood Of Household ehwgzh
1 Survey Instrument ehivform
1 Type Of Interview, Assets ehvbil
1 Communication With Interviewer ehverst1
1 Which Person Interpreter ehverst2
1 Interview Length Oral ehdaer1
1 Interview Length Assets Oral ebidaer1
1 Interview Length Written ehdaer2
1 Interview Length Assets Written ebidaer2
1 Day Of Interview ehtagin
1 Month Of Interview ehmonin
1 Person Number Person Providing Info eauskp2
1 Interviewer ID intid


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Dataset: eh

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