Data from household questionnaires 1988


Sort Variable Name
39 Year Moved Into Dwelling eh06b03
57 Size Of Housing Unit In Sq M eh07g
58 Number Of Rooms Larger Than 6 Sq M eh13b
109 Amt Of Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr eh4101
119 Interview Length Oral ehdaer1
2 Survey Year syear
78 Other Costs Per Month, DM eh26
20 Person Number Second Person Needing Care eh05a03
30 Size Of Housing Unit In Sq M eh12b
99 Amount Of Income From Rent Previous Yr eh38
0 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=EHHNR) hid
3 Original Household Number cid
4 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) ehhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=EHHNR) hhnrakt
6 Questionnaire Version ehspkz
7 Survey Year welle
8 Language Version eherfas
9 Person Number Providing Information eauskper
11 Children Under Age 16 In HH eh01
12 Person Needing Care In Household eh04
13 Person Number First Person Needing Care eh05a01
14 Type Of Care First Person Requires eh05a02
15 District Nurse Cares First Person eh05b01
16 Friends Care First Person eh05b02
17 Neighbors Care First Person eh05b03
18 Relatives In HH Care First Person eh05b05
19 Relatives Outside HH Care First Person eh05b04
21 No Special Help Needed First Person eh05b06
22 Type Of Care Second Person Requires eh05a04
23 District Nurse Cares Second Person eh05b07
24 Friends Care Second Person eh05b08
25 Neighbors Care Second Person eh05b09
26 Relatives Outside HH Care Second Person eh05b10
27 Relatives In HH Care Second Person eh05b11
28 No Special Help Needed Second Person eh05b12
29 Living-Space In Dwelling Changed eh06g
31 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit eh14b
32 Amount Of Monthly Rent eh10g01
33 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling eh15b
34 Pays No Rent eh10g02
35 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month eh11g
36 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings eh19b
37 Year Moved Since Previous Survey eh06b01
38 Month Moved Since Previous Survey eh06b02
40 Main Reason For Moving eh07b
41 Change In Financial Load eh08b01
42 Change In Size Of Dwelling eh08b02
43 Change In Layout Of Dwelling eh08b03
44 Change In Residential Area eh08b04
45 Change In Neighborhood eh08b05
46 Change In Access To Public Transportation eh08b06
47 Change In Contact With Neighbors eh08b07
48 Year House Was Built eh09b
49 Condition Of House eh10b
50 Dwelling Has Kitchen eh11b01
51 Dwelling Has Indoor Bath,Shower eh11b02
52 Dwelling Has Indoor Toilet eh11b03
53 Dwelling Has Central,Floor Heating eh11b04
54 Dwelling Has Balcony,Terrace eh11b05
55 Dwelling Has Basement eh11b06
56 Dwelling Has Garden eh11b07
59 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit eh08g
60 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling eh09g
61 Dwelling Rent Reduced By Landlord eh16b
62 Amount Of Monthly Rent eh17b01
63 Pays No Rent eh17b02
64 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month eh18b
65 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings eh12g
66 Government Subsidized Housing eh20b
67 Modernized Kitchen Previous Year eh21b01
68 Modernized Bathroom Previous Year eh21b02
69 Modernized Central Heating Previous Year eh21b03
70 Modernized Windows Previous Year eh21b04
71 No Modernization Previous Year eh21b05
72 Remodelled By Previous Tenant eh22b
73 Means Of Acquiring Dwelling eh23b
74 Government Subsidizes Housing Payments eh24b
75 Interest And Mortgage Payment Per Month eh2501
76 Interest Per Month eh2502
77 No Interest And Mortgage Payment eh2503
79 Maintenance Costs Previous Year eh27
80 Heat And Hot Water Costs Previous Year eh28
81 Housing Costs Vs Comparable Dwellings eh29
82 Estimated Rent Exc Heat eh3001
83 Estimated Rent Exc Heat eh3002
84 Housing Allowance,Subsidy eh3101
85 Months Of Housing Allowance,Subsidy eh3102
86 Amount Of Housing Allowance,Subsidy eh3103
87 Social Assistance Benefits eh32
88 Current Subsistence Assistance eh3301
89 Months Of Subsistence Assistance eh3302
90 Amount Of Subsistence Assistance eh3303
91 Special Circumstances Assistance eh3401
92 Months Of Special Assistance eh3402
93 Amount Of Special Assistance eh3403
94 One Time Assistance For Subsistence eh35
95 Child Allowance eh3601
96 Child Allowance For How Many Children eh3602
97 Child Allowance prev. year, Amt./Month eh3603
98 Income From Rent Previous Yr eh37
100 Operation,Maintenance Costs Previous Yr eh3901
101 Mortgage Payment And Interest Previous Yr eh3902
102 Interest Previous Yr eh3903
103 Savings Account Previous Yr eh4001
104 Savings: Building Society Previous Yr eh4002
105 Life Insurance Previous Yr eh4003
106 Operating Assets Previous Yr eh4005
107 Securities Previous Yr eh4004
108 No Securities Previous Yr eh4006
110 Est Interest,Dividend Income Prev Yr eh4102
111 House Type Of Household ehtypzh
112 Monthly Household Net Income eh42
113 Private Household,Institution ehformzh
114 Neighborhood Of Household ehwgzh
115 Survey Instrument ehivform
116 Type Of Interview, Assets ehvbil
117 Communication With Interviewer ehverst1
118 Which Person Interpreter ehverst2
120 Interview Length Assets Oral ebidaer1
121 Interview Length Written ehdaer2
122 Interview Length Assets Written ebidaer2
123 Day Of Interview ehtagin
124 Month Of Interview ehmonin
125 Person Number Person Providing Info eauskp2
126 Interviewer ID intid
10 Subsample Identifier sample1

Study: soep-core

Dataset: eh

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