Household Tracking File

Household core information and response status of each household for each year in long format. It contains one record for each household and year a houshold has been in contact with the SOEP. It is keyed on HID, the wave specific Household ID, and SYEAR, the survey year identifier. It contains the sample membership, the response status for each year, as well as the household weights, see


Sort Variable Name
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Current Household Number (Household ID) hid
2 Survey Year syear
3 Sample Member hsample
4 Aktueller Befragungsstatus hnetto
5 Aktuelle Stichprobenregion sampreg
6 Aktuelle Populationszugehoerigkeit hpop
7 Random Groups hrgroup
8 Inverse Staying Probability hbleib
9 Weighting factor hhrf
10 Weighting factor for new samples (wave 1 of new sample) hhrf0
11 Weighting factor without new samples (wave 1) hhrf1
12 Interviewjahr (InterviewYear) hiyear

Study: soep-core

Dataset: hpathl


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