Data from individual catch-up questionnaire which refers to 1993


Sort Variable Name
323 Amt Of Civil Servant Pension-Dependent jp7914
234 L.3.Y.-Second Course Other jp6322
348 Amount Of Voluntary,Compulsory Premium jp8203
460 Other Worries jp9108
299 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev Yr jp7708
300 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev Yr jp7709
11 Seq. person number previous year jpnr
32 Hours Saturday On Child Care jp0211
35 Hours Saturday On Other Activities jp0214
37 Hours Sunday On Errands jp0216
40 Hours Sunday On Education jp0219
0 Original Household Number cid
78 Apprenticeship jp1410
212 L.3.Y.-Number Of Courses jp62
277 Primary Field Of Study In College jp7304
434 Nationality jp107
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
64 Trade Union Member jp0801
103 Month Started First Job Current Yr jp23g02
104 Month Returned To Work Previous Yr jp23g03
119 Months Worked On Last Job jp25g02
120 Company Closed Down jp26g01
144 Job Search Through Employment Office jp31g01
164 Distance To Place Of Work jp4101
172 Year Began Current Employment jp4601
173 Month Began Current Employment jp4602
180 Agreed Upon Hours Of Work Per Week jp4901
184 Hours Of Overtime Last Month jp5201
261 Financial Support From Employer jp6801
276 Type Of College Degree jp7303
280 No Income At All Prev Yr jp75m
390 Year Of Birth jp10002
426 Engineer And Vocational School Degree jp10503o
427 College,University Degree jp10504o
447 3 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code jisco
461 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74a
67 Registered As Unemployed jp09
68 Now Receiving Education,Training jp13
69 General-Education School jp1401
70 College jp1402
71 Vocational Retraining jp1403
72 Continuing Vocational Education jp1404
73 Vocational Rehabilitation jp1405
74 Continuing General Education jp1406
75 Continuing Other Education jp1407
76 Practical Training Preparation Year jp1408
77 Vocational School Without Apprenticeship jp1409
79 Specialized Vocational School jp1411
83 Other Vocational Education jp1415
160 Size Of Company jp37
162 Place Of Work In East Or West Germany jp39
163 Commute Between Home And Work jp40
166 Travel Time To Work In Hours jp4201
167 Travel Time To Work In Minutes jp4202
168 Means Of Transport To Place Of Work jp43
169 Cost Of Travel To And From Work jp4401
170 Cost Of Time Of Commuting To Work jp4402
171 Mental And Physical Stress Of Commute jp4403
174 Job Through Work Creation Program jp47o
175 Type Of Blue-Collar Worker jp4801
176 Type Of Self-Employment jp4802
177 Currently In Education,Training jp4803
274 General-Education School Degree jp7301
275 College Degree jp7302
278 Occupation Trained For jp7305
279 Type Of Education,Training jp7306
281 Gross Amount Of Wages,Salary jp76a
282 Gross Amount Of Self-Employment Income jp76b
283 Gross Amount Of Second Job Income jp76c
284 Gross Amount Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension jp76d
285 Gross Amount Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit jp76e
286 Gross Amount Of Student Grant jp76f
287 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit jp76g
288 Gross Amount Of Unemployment Benefit jp76h
289 Gross Amount Of Unemployment Relief jp76i
290 Gross Amount Of Subsistence Allowance jp76j
291 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH jp76k
292 13th Month Pay Prev Yr jp7701
293 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev Yr jp7702
294 14th Month Pay Prev Yr jp7703
295 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev Yr jp7704
296 Christmas Bonus Prev Yr jp7705
297 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev Yr jp7706
298 Vacation Bonus Prev Yr jp7707
301 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev Yr jp7710
302 Other Bonuses Prev Yr jp7711
303 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev Yr jp7712
304 No Bonuses,Perks Prev Yr jp7713
305 Short-Time Work Benefit Prev Yr jp7801
306 Weeks Of Short-Time Benefit Prev Yr jp7802
307 Bad Weather Benefit Prev Yr jp7803
308 Weeks Of Bad Weather Benefit Prev Yr jp7804
309 No Short-Time,Bad Weather Benefit Pr Yr jp7805
310 Amt Of Worker Pension-Self jp7901
311 Amt Of Supplementary Pension-Self jp7902o
312 Amt Of Miner Pension-Self jp7903
313 Amt Of Civil Servant Pension-Self jp7904
314 Amt Of War Victim Pension-Self jp7905
315 Amt Of Farmer Pension-Self jp7906
316 Amt Of Worker Accident Pension-Self jp7907
317 Amt Of Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self jp7908
318 Amt Of Company Pension-Self jp7909
319 Amt Of Other Pension-Self jp7910
320 Amt Of Worker Pension-Dependent jp7911
321 Amt Of Supplementary Pension-Dependent jp7912o
322 Amt Of Miner Pension-Dependent jp7913
324 Amt Of War Victim Pension-Dependent jp7915
325 Amt Of Farmer Pension-Dependent jp7916
326 Amt Of Worker Accident Pension-Dependent jp7917
327 Amt Of Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent jp7918
328 Amt Of Company Pension-Dependent jp7919
329 Amt Of Other Pension-Dependent jp7920
330 Compulsory Paying Member jp8001
334 Pensioned, Unemployed, Etc. Insured jp8005
335 No Health Insurance jp8006
336 Local Health Insurance Plan jp8101
337 Supplementary Health Insurance Plan jp8102
338 Company Health Insurance Plan jp8103
339 Guild Health Insurance Plan jp8104
340 Private Health Insurance Plan jp8105
341 Other Health Insurance Plan jp8106
178 Type Of White-Collar Worker jp4804
179 Type Of Civil Servant jp4805
183 Job Provides Social Security jp51
185 Overtime Last Month jp5202
186 Rules On Overtime jp53
187 Gross Income Last Month jp5401
188 Net Income Last Month jp5402
189 Desired Number Of Hours Work Per Week jp55
190 Chance Of Finding A New Job jp5601
191 Chance Of Losing Job jp5602
192 Chance Of Promotion jp5603
193 Chance Of Becoming Self-Employed jp5604
194 Chance Of Working Different Occupation jp5605
195 Chance Of Leaving Labor Force jp5606
196 Chance Of Occupation Worsening jp5607
197 Change In Number Of Employees Last Year jp57
198 Age Of Person Surveyed jp58
199 Further Education To Finish Degree jp5901
200 Further Education For Retraining jp5902
201 Further Education For Refresher Course jp5903
202 Further Education For New Developments jp5904
203 Further Education For Promotion jp5905
204 Further Education To Learn New Areas jp5906
205 No Further Education Desired jp5907
206 Further Education Not Help Job Chances jp6001
207 No Time For Further Education jp6002
208 No Money For Further Education jp6003
209 L.3.Y.-Read Technical Journal,Books jp6101
30 Hours Saturday On Errands jp0209
31 Hours Saturday On Housework jp0210
33 Hours Saturday On Education jp0212
80 Health Care School jp105b04
81 Specialized Technical School jp1413
82 Civil Servant Training jp105b06
131 Other Reasons For Loss Of Job jp26g12
133 Amount Of Settlement From Last Company jp27g02
146 Job Search Through Friends,Relatives jp31g03
161 Work And Reside In Same Town jp38
181 Flexible Hours Of Work Per Week jp4902
182 Average Number Of Hours Worked Per Week jp50
213 L.3.Y.-Year First Course Began jp6301
262 Financial Support From Employment Office jp6802
263 Other Financial Support jp6803
331 Voluntary Paying Member jp8002
332 Co-Insured Family Member jp8003
333 Privately Insured jp8004
365 No Children Under Tax Deduction jp8602
367 Amount Of Income Tax Deduction Prev Yr jp8702
450 2 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code jiscou
465 Officially Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74d
466 Retired Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74e
467 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74j
210 L.3.Y.-Attended Trade Fairs,Conferences jp6102
211 L.3.Y.-Took Vocational Courses jp6103
214 L.3.Y.-Month First Course Began jp6302
215 L.3.Y.-Duration First Course jp6303
216 L.3.Y.-Hours Per Week First Course jp6304
217 L.3.Y.-First Course By Correspondence jp6305
218 L.3.Y.-First Course Retraining jp6306
219 L.3.Y.-First Course On-The-Job Training jp6307
220 L.3.Y.-First Course Promotion Qualification jp6308
221 L.3.Y.-First Course New Demands jp6309
222 L.3.Y.-First Course Other jp6310
223 L.3.Y.-First Course During Work jp6311
224 L.3.Y.-First Course Certificate jp6312
225 L.3.Y.-Year Second Course Began jp6313
226 L.3.Y.-Month Second Course Began jp6314
227 L.3.Y.-Duration Second Course jp6315
230 L.3.Y.-Second Course Retraining jp6318
231 L.3.Y.-Second Course On-The-Job Training jp6319
232 L.3.Y.-Second Course Promotion Qualification jp6320
233 L.3.Y.-Second Course New Demands jp6321
235 L.3.Y.-Second Course During Work jp6323
236 L.3.Y.-Second Course Certificate jp6324
237 L.3.Y.-Year Third Course Began jp6325
238 L.3.Y.-Month Third Course Began jp6326
239 L.3.Y.-Duration Third Course jp6327
240 L.3.Y.-Hours Per Week Third Course jp6328
241 L.3.Y.-Third Course By Correspondence jp6329
242 L.3.Y.-Third Course Retraining jp6330
243 L.3.Y.-Third Course On-The-Job Training jp6331
244 L.3.Y.-Third Course Promotion Qualification jp6332
245 L.3.Y.-Third Course New Demands jp6333
246 L.3.Y.-Third Course Other jp6334
165 Does Not Apply jp4102
228 L.3.Y.-Hours Per Week Second Course jp6316
229 L.3.Y.-Second Course By Correspondence jp6317
84 Employment Status jp15
85 Possibility Of Finding New Job jp16
86 Intention Regarding Future Employment jp17
247 L.3.Y.-Third Course During Work jp6335
248 L.3.Y.-Third Course Certificate jp6336
249 Number Of Most Important Course jp6401
250 All Courses Are Equally Important jp6402
251 Organized By Employer,Company,Government jp6601
252 Organized By Company,Government Training jp6602
253 Organized By Adult Education Center jp6603
254 Organized By Employer,Professional Assoc jp6604
255 Organized By Trade Union jp6605
256 Organized By Church jp6606
257 Organized By Private School,Institution jp6607
258 Organized By Other jp6608
259 Name Of Organization jp6609
260 Initiative For Taking Course jp67
264 Provider Of Financial Support jp6804
265 No Financial Support jp6805
266 Further Education Exc Financial Support jp68a
267 Further Education Paid For By Self jp6901
268 No Expenses Incurred jp6902
269 Did The Further Education Pay Off jp70
87 When Will Future Employment Begin jp18
88 Interested In Full Or Part-Time Work jp19
89 Amount Of Necessary Net Income jp2001
90 Amount Of Net Income Depends On Job jp2002
91 Begin Future Employment jp21
92 Year Last Job Ended jp22b01
93 Never Gainfully Employed jp22b02
94 Employment Status In Last Job jp23b
95 Last Worked In Civil Service jp24b
96 Last Worked As Blue-Collar Worker jp25b01
270 Training Useful In Another Job jp71
271 Completed Education,Training Prev Yr jp7201
272 Completed Training Month Prev Yr jp7202
273 Completed Training Month Current Yr jp7203
97 Last Worked As Self-Employed jp25b02
98 Last Was In Training,Education jp25b03
99 Last Worked As White-Collar Worker jp25b04
100 Last Worked As Public Servant jp25b05
101 Employed Since Start Of Previous Yr jp22g
102 Month Started First Job Previous Yr jp23g01
105 Month Returned To Work Current Yr jp23g04
106 Month Started New Job Previous Yr jp23g05
107 Month Started New Job Current Yr jp23g06
108 Month Became Self-Employed Previous Yr jp23g07
109 Month Became Self-Employed Current Yr jp23g08
110 Month Company Taken Over Previous Yr jp23g09o
111 Month Company Taken Over Current Yr jp23g10o
112 Month Within Firm Job Change Previous Yr jp23g11
113 Month Within Firm Job Change Current Yr jp23g12
114 No Change In Job jp23g13
115 Month Last Job Ended Previous Yr jp24g01
116 Month Last Job Ended Current Yr jp24g02
117 Year Last Job Ended jp24g03
118 Years Worked On Last Job jp25g01
121 Retired jp26g02
122 Early Retirement Rules jp26g03
123 Limited Term Employment Relationship jp26g04
124 Education,Training Completed jp26g05
125 Terminated By Employer jp26g06
126 Quit The Job jp26g07
127 Employee Requested Transfer jp26g08
128 Company Transferred Employee jp26g09
129 Ended Self-Employment jp26g10
130 On Leave Or Laid-Off jp26g11
132 Settlement From Last Company jp27g01
134 Type Of Work Of This Job Versus Last Job jp28g01
135 Earnings Of This Job Versus Last Job jp28g02
136 Advancement On This Job Versus Last Job jp28g03
137 Work Load Of This Job Versus Last Job jp28g04
138 Commute Of This Job Versus Last Job jp28g05
139 Hours Worked On This Job Versus Last Job jp28g06
140 Benefits Of This Job Versus Last Job jp28g07
141 Job Security Of This Job Versus Last Job jp28g08
142 Skill Use On This Job Versus Last Job jp29g
143 Job Hunt Successful jp30g
145 Job Search Through Newspaper jp31g02
147 Accepted Job With A Previous Employer jp31g04
148 Applied In Case There Was An Opening jp31g05
149 Job Search Through Other Means jp31g06
150 Duration Of Work Contract jp32g
151 Working In Occupation Trained For jp34
152 No Education,Training Necessary jp3501
153 Short Introduction To Job jp3502
154 On-The-Job Training jp3503
155 Special Courses jp3504
156 Completed Vocational Training jp3505
157 Completed Technical,Engineering College jp3506o
158 Completed College jp3507
159 Civil Service jp36
1 Current Wave HH Number (=JHHNR) hid
3 Original Household Number hhnr
4 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) jhhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=JHHNR) hhnrakt
6 Never Changing Person ID persnr
7 Survey Year syear
8 Reference Year welle
9 Language Version jperfas
10 Seq. person number of survey year kpnr
12 Questionnaire Version jpspkz
13 Satisfaction With Health jp0101
14 Satisfaction With Work jp0102
15 Satisfaction With Housework jp0103
16 Satisfaction With Household Income jp0104
17 Satisfaction With Leisure Time jp0105
18 Satisfaction With Dwelling jp0106
19 Satisfaction With School,Education jp0107
20 Satisfaction With Standard Of Living jp0108
21 Satisfaction With Environment jp0109
22 Hours Per Weekday On Job jp0201
23 Hours Per Weekday On Errands jp0202
24 Hours Per Weekday On Housework jp0203
25 Hours Per Weekday On Child Care jp0204
26 Hours Per Weekday On Education jp0205
27 Hours Per Weekday On Repairs,Yard Work jp0206
28 Hours Per Weekday On Other Activities jp0207
29 Hours Saturday On Job jp0208
34 Hours Saturday On Repairs/Yard Work jp0213
36 Hours Sunday On Job jp0215
38 Hours Sunday On Housework jp0217
39 Hours Sunday On Child Care jp0218
41 Hours Sunday On Handicraft Work jp0220
42 Hours Sunday On Other Activities jp0221
43 Family Members Help Out jp0301
44 Odd Jobs For Pay jp0303
45 Regular Second Job jp0302
46 None Of These jp0304
47 Days Per Month On Second Job jp0501
48 Hours Per Day On Second Job jp0502
49 Higher Standard Of Living jp0601
50 Develop Creativity jp0602
51 Respect Law And Order jp0603
52 Support Disadvantaged Groups jp0604
53 Strive For Safety jp0605
54 Be Politically Active jp0606
55 Enjoy The Good Things In Life jp0607
56 Be Industrious/ Ambitious jp0608
57 Live Life To The Fullest jp0609
58 Help Others jp0610
59 Assert Oneself jp0611
60 Confident About Future jp0701
61 Lonely jp0702
62 Enjoys Work jp0703
63 Barely Able To Cope With Things jp0704
65 Trade Association Member jp0802
66 Not A Trade Union/Association Member jp0803
342 Type Of Other Health Insurance Plan jp8107
343 Amount Of Health Insurance Premium jp8108
344 Number Of Insured Persons jp8109
345 Reimbursement For Medical Treatment jp8110
346 Premiums For Compulsory Pension jp8201
347 Months Of Voluntary,Compulsory Pension jp8202
349 Payments To Parents Previous Yr jp8301
350 Amount Of Payments To Parents Prev Yr jp8302
351 Payments To Children Previous Yr jp8303
352 Amount Of Payments To Children Prev Yr jp8304
353 Payments To Ex-Spouse Previous Yr jp8305
354 Amount Of Payments To Ex-Spouse Prev Yr jp8306
355 Payments To Relatives Previous Yr jp8307
356 Amount Of Payments To Relatives Prev Yr jp8308
357 Payments To Others Previous Yr jp8309
358 No Payments Previous Yr jp8311
359 Amount Of Payments To Others Prev Yr jp8310
360 Paid Income Tax Two Years Ago jp84
361 End Of Year Tax Bracket jp8501
362 Tax Deduction On Second Income jp8502
363 No Tax Deduction On Second Income jp8503
364 Number Of Children Under Tax Deduction jp8601
366 Income Tax Deduction Previous Yr jp8701
368 Political Interests jp89
369 Supports Political Party jp9001
370 Political Party Supported jp9002
371 Amount Of Support For Political Party jp9003
372 Worried About Economic Development jp9101
373 Worried About Finances jp9102
374 Worried About Environment jp9103
375 Worried About Peace jp9104
376 Worried About Dwelling jp9105
377 Worried About Job Security jp9106
378 Worried About Child Care jp9107
379 Worried About Foreigners In Germany jp9108a
380 Standard Of Living Here In The Region jp9201
381 Standard Of Living In Old Frg jp9202
382 Standard Of Living In Old Gdr jp9203
383 Part Of Local Community jp93
384 Intentions Of Moving Away From Here jp94
385 Intentions Of Moving Within Germany jp95
386 Intentions Of Moving To Another Country jp96
387 Country Planning Move To jp97
388 Reason For Moving To Another Country jp98
389 Gender jp10001
391 Marital Status jp101
392 Currently Have Steady Partner jp10201
393 Partner Lives In Household jp10202
394 Month Married Previous Year jp10301
395 Month Married Survey Year jp10302
396 Month Moved In Together Previous Year jp10303
397 Month Moved In Together Survey Year jp10304
398 Month Divorced Previous Year jp10305
399 Month Divorced Survey Year jp10306
400 Month Separated Previous Year jp10307
401 Month Separated Survey Year jp10308
402 Month Partner Died Previous Year jp10309
403 Month Partner Died Survey Year jp10310
404 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year jp10311
405 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year jp10312
406 Month Child Born Previous Year jp10313
407 Month Child Born Survey Year jp10314
408 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr jp10315
409 Month Other HH Comp Change Survey Yr jp10316
410 Description Of Other HH Comp Change jp10317
411 No Change In HH Composition jp10318
412 School-Leaving Degree jp104b
413 Trade,Farming Apprentice jp105b01
414 Business Or Other Apprentice jp105b02
415 School Of Health Care jp1412
416 Specialized Vocational School jp105b03
417 Specialized Technical School jp105b05
418 Civil Servant Training jp1414
419 Specialized Technical,Engineering School jp105b07
420 University,College jp105b08
421 Other Type Of Education Completed jp105b09
422 No Degree jp105b10
423 School-Leaving Degree jp104o
424 Vocational,Specialist Training Completed jp10501o
425 Master Craftsman Degree jp10502o
428 Other Type Of Education Completed jp10505o
429 No Degree jp10506o
430 Second Residence jp10601
431 Second Residence In West,East Germany jp10602
432 Dwelling Used Predominantly jp10603
433 From Which Dwelling To Work jp10604
435 Year Moved To East,West Germany jp108b01
436 Month Moved To East,West Germany jp108b02
437 Area Of Origin jp108b03
438 Satisfaction With Life at Present jp10901
439 Satisfaction With Life In Five Years jp10902
440 Survey Instrument jpinta
441 Third Person Present jpdrpra
442 Length In Minutes Oral Interview jpinda1
443 Length In Minutes Written Interview jpinda2
444 Day Of Interview jptagin
445 Month Of Interview jpmonin
446 Moved Between East And West Germany jpumzug
448 TREIMAN Occupation Prestige Scale jtreiman
449 WEGENER Occupation Prestige Scale jwegener
451 1 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation Code jiscoh
452 Branch Of Industry jbranche
453 Branch Of Industry Of Last Job jbranchb
454 3 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation: Second Job jiscon
455 TREIMAN Occupation Scale: Second Job jtreimn
456 WEGENER Occupation Scale: Second Job jwegenn
457 2 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation: Second Job jiscoun
458 1 Digit ISCO-68 Occupation: Second Job jiscohn
459 Subject, Course Content Coded jp65c
462 Short-Time Work,In Queue Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74o
463 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74b
464 Education,Retraining Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74c
468 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74f
469 Military,Community Service Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74g
470 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74h
471 Other Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp74i
472 Wages,Salary Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75a
473 Self-Employment Income Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75b
474 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75c
475 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75d
476 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75e
477 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75f
478 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75g
479 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75h
480 Unemployment Relief Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75i
481 Subsistence Allowance Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75j
482 Income-Persons Not In HH Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75k
483 No Income, Listed Sources Jan-Dec Prev Yr jp75l
484 Vocation (TNS-KldB 88) jp7305_klba88
485 Interviewer ID intid

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Dataset: jpluecke

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