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Variable name: phhdaer1

Dataset: ph – Household questionnaire

Study: SOEP-Core


Analysis unit: h

Period: 1999

Conceptual Dataset: org/net

Concept: Interview Length Oral


Transformations: target variabels

Measure Value
Min. 2
1st Qu. 15
Median 15
Mean 18.43
3rd Qu. 20
Max. 60
NA's 3734
valid 3654
invalid 3734

Label table

The label table provides you with an overview of label definitions across related variables to identify changes over time in longitudinal variables. The first number indicates the value code, the second number (in brackets) represents the frequency in the data. Please note that labels are simplified and values with frequency = 0 are hidden.

Variable: ahdaer1 bhdaer1 chdaer1 dhdaer1 ehdaer1 fhhdaer1 ghdaer1 ghhdaer1 hhhdaer1 ihhdaer1 jhhdaer1 khhdaer1 lhhdaer1 mhhdaer1 nhhdaer1 ohhdaer1 phhdaer1 qhhdaer1 rhhdaer1 shhdaer1 thhdaer1 uhhdaer1 vhhdaer1 whhdaer1 xhhdaer1 yhhdaer1 zhhdaer1 bahhdaer1 bbhhdaer1 bchhdaer1 bdhhdaer1 behhdaer1 bfhhdaer1 bghrdauer1 bghdauer1
Dataset: ah bh ch dh eh fh ghost gh hh ih jh kh lh mh nh oh ph qh rh sh th uh vh wh xh yh zh bah bbh bch bdh beh bfh bgh_refugees bgh

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