Youth questionnaire for first time respondents at age 17


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=QHHNR) hhnrakt
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) qhhnr
1 Never Changing Person ID persnr
1 sample Indicator syear
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 Person Number Surveyed qbefrper
1 Lives In Parental Household? qj01
1 Has Own Room qj02
1 Idea of Age at Departure from Home qj0301
1 No Idea of Age at Departure from Home qj0302
1 Additional Room, Apartment qj04
1 from Home to School/Work qj05
1 What Type of other Apartment qj06
1 Father Important In Life qj0701
1 Mother Important In Life qj0702
1 Brother, Sister Important In Life qj0703
1 Other Relatives Importance in Life qj0704
1 Steady Boy-, Girlfriend Important in Life qj0705
1 Steady Boy-, Girlfriend Important in Life qj0706
1 Teacher Important in Life qj0707
1 Other Important in Life qj0708
1 Member Of Group qj08
1 Own Earnings qj09
1 Full-Time, Part-Time, Trainee qj10
1 1. Job: Occupation qj1201
1 2. Job: Occupation qj1202
1 Have Already Worked Before qj13
1 Age At First Job qj14
1 Pocket Money, Allowance qj15
1 Pocket Money per Week qj1601
1 Pocket Money per Month qj1602
1 Money Saved qj1701
1 Savings per Month qj1702
1 Savings Irregular qj1703
1 Recreation TV, Video qj1801
1 Recreation Computer Games qj1802
1 Recreation Listening to Music qj1803
1 Recreation Making Music qj1804
1 Recreation Sports qj1805
1 Recreation Special Hobby qj1806
1 Recreation with Friends qj1807
1 Recreational Group, Clique qj1808
1 Recreation Reading qj1809
1 Recreation Do Nothing qj1810
1 Use of TV qj1901
1 TV Weekdays, Hours-Day qj1902
1 TV Weekend, Hours-Day qj1903
1 Radio, CD, Cassette Usage qj1904
1 Radio Weekdays, Hours-Day qj1905
1 Radio Weekend, Hours-Day qj1906
1 Computer, Internet Usage qj1907
1 Computer Weekdays, Hours-Day qj1908
1 Computer Weekend, Hours-Day qj1909
1 Use of Newspaper qj1910
1 Newspaper Weekdays, Hours-Day qj1911
1 Newspaper Weekend, Hours-Day qj1912
1 Use of Magazines qj1913
1 Magazine Weekdays, Hours-Day qj1914
1 Magazine Weekend, Hours-Day qj1915
1 Utilizing non of this qj1916
1 Sports Played qj20
1 No Second Sport qj2202
1 How often 1st Type of Sport qj23a02
1 1. Type of Sport, Since When qj23a03
1 Where, With Whom 1st Type of Sport qj23a04
1 Competition: 1st Type of Sport qj23a05
1 How often 2nd Type of Sport qj23b02
1 2. Type of Sport, Since When qj23b03
1 Where, With Whom 2nd Type of Sport qj23b04
1 Competition: 2nd Type of Sport qj23b05
1 Attended School qj24
1 Year Of Leaving School qj25
1 Type Of Graduation Certificate qj26
1 Oth.Leaving Certicate qj27
1 Type Of Preferred Certificate qj28
1 School Participation Abroad qj29
1 Number Years At School, Abroad qj3001
1 School Leaving Certificate Abroad qj3002
1 Satisfaction With Overall School Grades qj3101
1 Satisfaction With German Grades qj3102
1 Satisfaction With Mathematics Grades qj3103
1 Satisfaction With Main Foreign Langauge qj3104
1 1. Foreign Language qj3201
1 2. Foreign Langauge qj3202
1 3. Foreign Language qj3203
1 Grade German qj33a01
1 Grade Mathematics qj33b01
1 Grade 1. Foreign Langauge qj33c01
1 Points German qj33a02
1 Points Mathematics qj33b02
1 Points 1. Foreign Language qj33c02
1 Comprehensive School German qj33a03
1 Comprehensive School Mathematics qj33b03
1 Comprehensive School Foreign Langauge qj33c03
1 Basic,Advanced Course German qj33a04
1 Basic,Advanced Course Mathematics qj33b04
1 Basic,Advanced Course 1. Foreign Language qj33c04
1 Class Representative qj3401
1 Student Body President qj3402
1 Belong To Theatre, Dance Group qj3403
1 Belong To Choir, Orchestra, Music Group qj3404
1 Belong To Volunteer Sport Group qj3405
1 Involved With School Newspaper qj3406
1 Other Kind Of School Group qj3407
1 No Involvement qj3408
1 Year, Grade Repeated qj35
1 Year, Grade First Repeated qj3601
1 Year, Grade 2. Repeated qj3602
1 Paid Tutor qj37
1 Tutoring German qj3801
1 Support Class: German qj3802
1 Tutoring Mathematics qj3803
1 Support Class: Mathematics qj3804
1 Tutoring Foreign Language qj3805
1 Support Class: Foreign Language qj3806
1 Tutoring other subject qj3807
1 Support Class: Other Subject qj3808
1 Parents Cared For Educational Achievements qj39
1 Parents Help With Studying qj40
1 Disagreements With Parents Over Studies qj41
1 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evening qj4201
1 Parents Come To Teacher Office Hours qj4202
1 Parents Visit Teacher Outside Office Hrs. qj4203
1 Involved As Parents Representative qj4204
1 Parents Not Involved In Any Of Above qj4205
1 Number Of Foreign Students qj43
1 Job Training, Apprenticeship qj44
1 Occu. Foundation Year qj45a01
1 Occu. Foundation Year Finished Succ qj45a02
1 Occupational Integration Year qj45b01
1 Occupational Integration Finished Succ qj45b02
1 Apprenticeship qj45c01
1 Apprenticeship Finished Successfully qj45c02
1 Full-Time Vocation School qj45d01
1 Spec. Vocational School Year Finished qj45d02
1 Internship, Voluntary Job qj45e01
1 Internship, Voluntary Job Finished Succ qj45e02
1 Formal Training Certificate, Uni. Degree qj46
1 Completed Apprenticeship qj4701
1 Full-Time Vocation School qj4702
1 Higher Level Trade And Technical School qj4703
1 Civil Servant Training qj4704
1 Accredited professional school (Berufsakademie) qj4705
1 Engineering School qj4706
1 University qj4707
1 At What Age Financially Independent qj4801
1 Already Financially Independent? qj4802
1 Preferred Occupation qj49
1 Secure Job, Career qj5101
1 High Income qj5102
1 Good Promotion Possibilities qj5103
1 Job With Recognition qj5104
1 Job Which Allows For Spare Time qj5105
1 Interesting Job, Career qj5106
1 Job Which Allows For Independent Working qj5107
1 Interaction Important qj5108
1 Job Important For Society qj5109
1 Job With Good Health, Safety Conditions qj5110
1 Job Allows For Family Commitments qj5111
1 Job Where One Can Help Others qj5112
1 Probability Of Training, University Slot qj5201
1 Probability Success. Training, University qj5202
1 Probability Of Finding Employment qj5203
1 Probability Of Job Success qj5204
1 Probability Of Long-Term Unemployment qj5205
1 Probability Of Being Held Back By Family qj5206
1 Probability Of Being Self-Employed qj5207
1 Probability Of Working Abroad qj5208
1 Probability Of Marriage qj5209
1 Probability Of Living With A Partner qj5210
1 Probability Of A Child qj5211
1 Probability Of Several Children qj5212
1 Year Of Birth qj53
1 Born In Germany qj5401
1 German Nationality qj5402
1 Country Born In qj55
1 Immigration in ?? qj56
1 Status Upon Migration To Germany qj57
1 Residence Status qj58
1 Refugee Residence qj5901
1 Weeks qj5902
1 Months qj5903
1 Already Had Family In Country qj60
1 Contacts With Family, Friends In Germany qj61
1 Moved To Same City,Town As Family qj62
1 Attended School In Germany qj63
1 Which Grade, Year In German School qj64
1 Attended Special Foreigner Prep Class qj65
1 Family Abroad qj66
1 Parents qj6701
1 Grandparents qj6702
1 Children qj6703
1 Brother, Sister qj6704
1 Distant Relatives qj6705
1 Spouse, Fiance(e) qj6706
1 Acquaintances qj6707
1 Persons Abroad Bring To Germany qj68
1 Return To Country Of Origin qj69
1 Main Residence During Childhood qj70
1 Change of Residence Since Childhood qj71
1 No. Of Years Living With Bio. Parents qj7201
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Mother qj7202
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Mother And Partner qj7203
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Father qj7204
1 No. Of Years Living With Single Father And Partner qj7205
1 No. Of Years Living With Other Relatives qj7206
1 No. Of Years Living In Home qj7207
1 Father And Mother Live In HH qj73
1 Where Does Father Live qj74v01
1 Where Does Mother Live qj74m01
1 Year Of Death - Father qj74v02
1 Year Of Death - Mother qj74m02
1 Birth Year Of Father qj75v
1 Birth Year Of Mother qj75m
1 Father German Citizen qj76v
1 Mother German Citizen qj76m
1 Father: School Certificate qj77v
1 Mother: School Certificate qj77m
1 Father: Completed Occupational Training, Studies qj78v
1 Mother: Completed Occupational Training, Studies qj78m
1 Father: Type Of Blue-Collar Worker qj80v01
1 Mother: Type Of Blue-Collar Worker qj80m01
1 Father: Type Of White-Collar Worker qj80v02
1 Mother: Type Of White-Collar Worker qj80m02
1 Father: Type Of Civil Servant qj80v03
1 Mother: Type Of Civil Servant qj80m03
1 Father: Type Of Self-Employment qj80v04
1 Mother: Type Of Self-Employment qj80m04
1 Father: Type of Unemployment qj80v05
1 Mother: Not Employed qj80m05
1 Father Catholic Church qj81v01
1 Mother Catholic Church qj81m01
1 Father: Protestant Church qj81v02
1 Mother: Protestant Church qj81m02
1 Father: Other Christian Community qj81v03
1 Mother: Other Christian Community qj81m03
1 Father: Other Religious Community qj81v04
1 Mother: Other Religious Community qj81m04
1 Father: Religion qj81v05
1 Mother: Religion qj81m05
1 Partner Necessary To Be Happy In Life qj82
1 Living Together With Partner qj8301
1 Number of Years Living Together qj8302
1 Marital Status qj8401
1 Number of Years of Marriage qj8402
1 Children qj8501
1 Birth Year Of 1. Child qj8502
1 Success Through: Working Hard qj8601
1 Success Through: Exploiting Others qj8602
1 Success Through: Intelligence qj8603
1 Success Through: Family Background qj8604
1 Success Through: Specialized Training qj8605
1 Success Through: Money qj8606
1 Success Through: School Grades, Results qj8607
1 Success Through: Being Tough, Ruthless qj8608
1 Success Through: Connections qj8609
1 Success Through: Being Politically Active qj8610
1 Success Through: Being Male qj8611
1 Success Through: Initiative qj8612
1 Survey Instrument qjinta
1 Length In Minutes Oral Interview qjinda1
1 Length In Minutes Written Interview qjinda2
1 Further Persons Present qjanw
1 Day Of Interview qjtagin
1 Month Of Interview qjmonin
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Desired Occupation [jber02] (ISCO-08 COM, 4-digits) qj50_isco88
1 Desired Occupation [jber02] (KldB 92, 4-digits) qj50_kldb92
1 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) qj79m_isco88
1 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) qj79v_isco88
1 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) qj79m_kldb92
1 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) qj79v_kldb92


Study: soep-core


Dataset: qjugend

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