Data from youth questionnaire for 16-17-year-olds 2002


Sort Variable Name
0 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=SHHNR) hid
16 Age At First Job sj07
72 How Old When First Musically Active sj18
102 Grade 1. Foreign Langauge sj35c01
113 Year, Grade First Repeated sj3701
114 Year, Grade 2. Repeated sj3702
183 Weeks sj6102
193 No. Of Years Living With Bio. Parents sj6901
194 No. Of Years Living With Single Mother sj6902
205 Year Of Death - Mother sj71m02
259 Length In Minutes Oral Interview sjinda1
260 Length In Minutes Written Interview sjinda2
178 Country of Birth sj5702
270 Occupation of Father [jv07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) sj76v_kldb92
2 Never Changing Person ID persnr
3 Survey Wave (Survey Year) syear
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) shhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=SHHNR) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID pid
8 Subsample Identifier sample1
9 Consecutive Person Number Surveyed sbefrper
10 Lives In Parental Household? sj01
11 Has Own Room sj02
12 Additional Room, Apartment sj03
13 Own Earnings sj04
14 Full-Time, Part-Time, Trainee sj05
15 Have Already Worked Before sj06
17 Reason For Working sj08
18 Pocket Money, Allowance sj09
19 Pocket Money per Week sj1001
20 Pocket Money per Month sj1002
21 Money Saved sj1101
22 Savings per Month sj1102
23 Savings Irregular sj1103
24 Father Important In Life sj1201
25 Mother Important In Life sj1202
26 Brother, Sister Important In Life sj1203
27 Other Relative Important In Life sj1204
28 Steady Boy-,Girlfriend Important In Life sj1205
29 Best Friend Important In Life sj1206
30 Teacher Important In Life sj1207
31 Clique,Group Of Friends Important In Life sj1208
32 Other Person Important In Life sj1209
33 Argue Or Fight With Father sj1301
34 Argue Or Fight With Mother sj1302
35 Argue Or Fight With Brother,Sister sj1303
36 Argue Or Fight Steady Boy-,Girlfriend sj1304
37 Argue Or Fight With Best Friend sj1305
38 Mother Talks About Things You Do sj1401m
39 Father Talks About Things You Do sj1401v
40 Mother Talks About Things That Worry You sj1402m
41 Father Talks About Things That Worry You sj1402v
42 Mother Asks You Prior To Making Decision sj1403m
43 Father Asks You Prior To Making Decision sj1403v
44 Mother Expresses Opinion On Smthng You Do sj1404m
45 Father Expresses Opinion On Smthng You Do sj1404v
46 Mother Able To Solve Problems With You sj1405m
47 Father Able To Solve Problems With You sj1405v
48 Mother Has Impression Of Trusting You sj1406m
49 Father Has Impression Of Trusting You sj1406v
50 Mother Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter sj1407m
51 Father Asks Your Opinion On Family Matter sj1407v
52 Mother Gives Reason For Making Decision sj1408m
53 Father Gives Reason For Making Decision sj1408v
54 Mother Shows That She Loves You sj1409m
55 Father Shows That She Loves You sj1409v
56 How Often Watch TV, Video sj1501
57 How Often Play Computer Games sj1502
58 How Often Listen To Music sj1503
59 How Often Play Music Or Sing sj1504
60 How Often Do Sports sj1505
61 How Often Dance Or Act sj1506
62 How Often Do Tech. Activities, Coding sj1507
63 How Often Read sj1508
64 How Often Do Volunteer Work sj1509
65 How Often Do Nothing sj1510
66 How Often Spend Time Steady Boy-,Girlfriend sj1511
67 How Often Spend Time Best Friend sj1512
68 How Often Spend Time Clique sj1513
69 Musically Active sj16
70 Type Of Music sj1701
71 Musically Active Alone Or In Group sj1702
73 Musical Lessons Outside Of School sj19
74 Sports Played sj20
75 Age When Starting This Sport sj22
76 Where And With Whom Sport sj23
77 Competition: 1st Type of Sport sj24
78 Attend School sj25
79 Year Of Leaving School sj2601
80 Type Of Graduation Certificate sj2602
81 Oth.Leaving Certicate sj27
82 Type Of Preferred Certificate sj28
83 1. Foreign Language sj2901
84 2. Foreign Langauge sj2902
85 School Participation Abroad sj30
86 Private School Participation sj31
87 Class Representative sj3201
88 Student Body President sj3202
89 Involved With School Newspaper sj3203
90 Belong To Theatre, Dance Group sj3204
91 Belong To Choir, Orchestra, Music Group sj3205
92 Belong To Volunteer Sport Group sj3206
93 Other Kind Of School Group sj3207
94 No Involvement sj3208
95 Satisfaction With Overall School Grades sj3301
96 Satisfaction With German Grades sj3302
97 Satisfaction With Mathematics Grades sj3303
98 Satisfaction With Main Foreign Langauge sj3304
99 School Recommended Higher Education Level sj34
100 Grade German sj35a01
103 Points German sj35a02
104 Points Mathematics sj35b02
105 Points 1. Foreign Language sj35c02
106 Comprehensive School German sj35a03
107 Comprehensive School Mathematics sj35b03
108 Comprehensive School Foreign Langauge sj35c03
109 Basic,Advanced Course German sj35a04
110 Basic,Advanced Course Mathematics sj35b04
111 Basic,Advanced Course 1. Foreign Language sj35c04
112 Year, Grade Repeated sj36
115 Paid Tutor sj38
116 Parents Cared For Educational Achievements sj39
117 Parents Help With Studying sj40
118 Disagreements With Parents Over Studies sj41
119 Parents Take Part In Parents-Evening sj4201
120 Parents Come To Teacher Office Hours sj4202
121 Parents Visit Teacher Outside Office Hrs. sj4203
122 Involved As Parents Representative sj4204
123 Parents Not Involved In Any Of Above sj4205
124 Number Of Foreign Students sj43
125 Job Training, Apprenticeship sj44
126 Occu. Foundation Year sj45a01
127 Occu. Foundation Year Finished Succ sj45a02
128 Occupational Integration Year sj45b01
129 Occupational Integration Finished Succ sj45b02
130 Apprenticeship sj45c01
131 Apprenticeship Finished Successfully sj45c02
132 Specialized Vocational School sj45d01
133 Spec. Vocational School Year Finished sj45d02
134 Internship, Voluntary Job sj45e01
135 Internship, Voluntary Job Finished Succ sj45e02
136 Formal Training Certificate, Uni. Degree sj46
137 Completed Apprenticeship sj4701
138 Specialized Vocational School sj4702
139 Higher Level Trade And Technical School sj4703
140 Civil Servant Education sj4704
141 Accredited professional school (Berufsakademie) sj4705
142 Specialized Technical,Engineering School sj4706
143 University sj4707
144 At What Age Financially Independent sj4801
145 Already Financially Independent? sj4802
146 Preferred Occupation sj49
147 Informed About Future Occupation sj51
148 Parents Helped With Choice Of Occupation sj5201
149 Goal Is To Take Things As They Come sj5202
150 Lot Of Thought Put Into This Decision sj5203
151 Still Trying To Find What My Talents Are sj5204
152 Secure Job, Career sj5301
153 High Income sj5302
154 Good Promotion Possibilities sj5303
155 Job With Recognition sj5304
156 Job Which Allows For Spare Time sj5305
157 Interesting Job, Career sj5306
158 Job Which Allows For Independent Working sj5307
159 Interaction Important sj5308
160 Job Important For Society sj5309
161 Job With Good Health, Safety Conditions sj5310
162 Job Allows For Family Commitments sj5311
163 Job Where One Can Help Others sj5312
164 Probability Of Training, University Slot sj5401
165 Probability Success. Training, University sj5402
166 Probability Of Finding Employment sj5403
167 Probability Of Job Success sj5404
168 Probability Of Long-Term Unemployment sj5405
169 Probability Of Being Held Back By Family sj5406
170 Probability Of Being Self-Employed sj5407
171 Probability Of Working Abroad sj5408
172 Probability Of Marriage sj5409
173 Probability Of Living With A Partner sj5410
174 Probability Of A Child sj5411
175 Probability Of Several Children sj5412
177 Born In Germany sj56
179 Immigration in ?? sj58
180 Status Upon Migration To Germany sj59
181 Residence Status sj60
182 Refugee Residence sj6101
184 Months sj6103
185 Already Had Family In Country sj62
186 Contacts With Family, Friends In Germany sj63
187 Moved To Same City,Town As Family sj64
188 Attended School In Germany sj65
189 Which Grade, Year In German School sj6601
190 Attended Special Foreigner Prep Class sj6602
191 Main Residence During Childhood sj67
192 Change of Residence Since Childhood sj68
195 No. Of Years Living With Single Mother And Partner sj6903
196 No. Of Years Living With Single Father sj6904
197 No. Of Years Living With Single Father And Partner sj6905
198 No. Of Years Living With Other Relatives sj6906
199 No. Of Years Living With Foster Parents sj6907
200 No. Of Years Living In Home sj6908
201 Where Does Father Live sj71v01
202 Father And Mother Live In HH sj70
203 Where Does Mother Live sj71m01
204 Year Of Death - Father sj71v02
206 Year Of Birth - Father sj72v
207 Year Of Birth - Mother sj72m
208 Father German Citizen sj73v
209 Mother German Citizen sj73m
210 Father: School Certificate sj74v
211 Mother: School Certificate sj74m
212 Father: Completed Occupational Training, Studies sj75v
213 Mother: Completed Occupational Training, Studies sj75m
214 Father: Type Of Blue-Collar Worker sj77v01
215 Mother: Type Of Blue-Collar Worker sj77m01
216 Father: Type Of White-Collar Worker sj77v02
217 Mother: Type Of White-Collar Worker sj77m02
218 Father: Type Of Civil Servant sj77v03
219 Mother: Type Of Civil Servant sj77m03
220 Father: Type Of Self-Employment sj77v04
221 Mother: Type Of Self-Employment sj77m04
222 Father: Type of Unemployment sj77v05
223 Mother: Not Employed sj77m05
224 Father Catholic Church sj78v01
225 Mother Catholic Church sj78m01
226 Father: Protestant Church sj78v02
227 Mother: Protestant Church sj78m02
228 Father: Other Christian Community sj78v03
229 Mother: Other Christian Community sj78m03
230 Father: Other Religious Community sj78v04
231 Mother: Other Religious Community sj78m04
232 Father: Religion sj78v05
233 Mother: Religion sj78m05
234 Partner Necessary To Be Happy In Life sj79
235 Children Necessary To Be Happy In Life sj80
236 Success Through: Working Hard sj8101
237 Success Through: Exploiting Others sj8102
238 Success Through: Intelligence sj8103
239 Success Through: Family Background sj8104
240 Success Through: Specialized Training sj8105
241 Success Through: Money sj8106
242 Success Through: School Grades, Results sj8107
243 Success Through: Being Tough, Ruthless sj8108
244 Success Through: Connections sj8109
245 Success Through: Being Politically Active sj8110
246 Success Through: Being Male sj8111
247 Success Through: Initiative sj8112
248 Opinion: How Life Goes, Depends On Oneself sj8201
249 In Comparison Do Not Have What I Deserve sj8202
250 Success In Life Is Due To Fate sj8203
251 Others Have Often Controlled My Life sj8204
252 One Has To Work Had To Be Successful sj8205
253 Doubt Myself When Faced By Difficulties sj8206
254 Opportunities Depend On Soc. Circumstance sj8207
255 Talents You Have at Birth Are More Important Than Effort sj8208
256 Opinion: Little Control Over Events In Life sj8209
257 Soc., Pol. Activity Makes A Difference sj8210
258 Survey Instrument sjinta
261 Further Persons Present sjanw
262 Day Of Interview sjtagin
263 Month Of Interview sjmonin
264 Interviewer ID intid
265 Desired occupation (ISCO-88 COM) sj50_isco88
266 Desired occupation (KldB 92) sj50_kldb92
267 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) sj76m_isco88
268 Occupation of Father [jv07] (ISCO-88 COM, 4-digits) sj76v_isco88
269 Occupation of Mother [jm07] (KldB 92, 4-digits) sj76m_kldb92
101 Grade Mathematics sj35b01
176 Year Of Birth sj55

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Dataset: sjugend

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