Household questionnaire


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number hhnr
1 Current Wave HH Number (=THHNR) hhnrakt
1 Survey Year (1984 = 1) welle
1 Subsample Identifier TNS-Infratest sample1
1 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) thhnr
1 ID Number Of Person Interviewed (_PNRAKT) tausku
1 Lived Here One Year Ago th01
1 Why Changed- Notice Given th0201
1 Why Changed- Bought House th0202
1 Why Changed- Inheritance th0203
1 Why Changed- Job th0204
1 Why Changed- Married th0205
1 Why Changed- Separated th0206
1 Why Changed- Left Parents House th0207
1 Why Changed- Other Family Reasons th0208
1 Why Changed- Too Small th0209
1 Why Changed- Too Big th0210
1 Why Changed- High Housing Costs th0211
1 Why Changed- Poor Furnishings th0212
1 Why Changed- Poor Location th0213
1 Why Changed- Poor Surroundings th0214
1 Why Changed- Other Reasons th0215
1 Compare Old,New Rent th0301
1 Compare Old,New Size th0302
1 Compare Old,New Layout th0303
1 Compare Old,New Resid. Area th0304
1 Compare Old,New Neighborhood th0305
1 Compare Old,New Access To Pub. Trans. th0306
1 Compare Old,New Contact With Neighbors th0307
1 In This Dwelling Since, Month th0401
1 In This Dwelling Since, Year th0402
1 Neighborhood Of Household th05
1 Type Of Dwelling th06
1 Private Household, Institution th07
1 Owner Of The Dwelling th08
1 Year House Was Built th09
1 Dwelling With Kitchen th1001
1 Dwelling With Indoor Bath,Shower th1002
1 Dwelling With Hot Water, Boiler th1003
1 Dwelling With Indoor Toilet th1004
1 Dwelling With Central, Floor Heating th1005
1 Dwelling With Balcony, Terrace th1006
1 Dwelling With Basement, Storage Space th1007
1 Dwelling With Garden th1008
1 Change In Size Of Dwelling th11
1 Size Of Unit In Sq Meters th12
1 Number Of Rooms GE 6 Sq Meters th13
1 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit th14
1 Condition Of House th15
1 Since 2002-Kitchen Renovated,Added th1601
1 Since 2002-Bath, Shower,WC Renovated,Added th1602
1 Since 2002-Central Heating Renovated,Added th1603
1 Since 2002-New Windows Renovated,Added th1604
1 Since 2002-Other Renovations th1605
1 Since 2002-No Renovations th1606
1 Who Paid For Renovations th17
1 Who Did The Renovations th18
1 Change In Ownership Last Year th19
1 Type Of Change In Ownership th2001
1 Means Of Ownership th2002
1 Type Of Ownership Transfer th2003
1 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling th21
1 Government Subsidized Housing th22
1 Amount Of Monthly Rent th2301
1 Do Not Pay Rent th2302
1 Heat, Hot Water Costs Incl. In Rent th24
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month th2501
1 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month th2502
1 Other Costs Included In Rent th2601
1 Cost Of Water, Etc. Per Month th2602
1 Cost Of Water, Etc. Per Month th2603
1 Interest, Mortgage Payment For Dwelling th29
1 Interest And Mortgage Payment Per Month th30
1 Maintenance Costs Previous Year th31
1 Heat And Hot Water Costs Previous Year th32
1 Other Costs Per Year th33
1 Housing Costs For Owner th3401
1 Housing Costs Per Month th3402
1 Homeowner Assistance prev. year, Tax Deductible th3501
1 Tax Deductible Amount Applied For prev. year th3502
1 Homeowner Assistance prev. year, Total Assistance th3503
1 Amount Total Assistance Applied For prev. year th3504
1 No Homeowner Assistance prev. year th3505
1 Income From Rent Previous Year th38
1 Amount Income From Rent Previous Year th39
1 Operation,Maintenance Costs Prev. Year th4001
1 Mortgage Payments, Interest Prev. Year th4002
1 Savings Account Previous Yr th4101
1 Savings: Building Society Previous Yr th4102
1 Life Insurance Previous Yr th4103
1 Fixed Interest Securities Previous Yr th4104
1 Other Securities th4105
1 Operating Assets Previous Yr th4106
1 No Securities Previous Yr th4107
1 Savings, Securities, Item Nonresponse th4108
1 Amt. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr th4201
1 Est. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr th4202
1 Winnings, Inheritance, etc. GT 2500 EUR th4301
1 Inheritance th4302
1 Gift th4303
1 Lottery Winnings th4304
1 Winnings, Inheritance Item Nonresponse th4305
1 Amount Of Winnings, Inheritance, In Euros th44
1 Child Allowance Previous Year th4501
1 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Months th4502
1 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Amt./Month th4503
1 Housing Assistance prev. year th4504
1 Housing Assistance prev. year, Months th4505
1 Amount Of Housing Allowance, Subsidy th4506
1 Ill Family Members Support prev. year th4507
1 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance, prev. year, Months th4508
1 Ill Family Members Support prev. year, Amt. th4509
1 Social Assistance prev. year th4510
1 Reg. Subsistence Support prev. year th4601
1 Reg. Subsistence Support prev. Year , Months th4602
1 Reg. Subsistence Support prev. Year , Amt. th4603
1 Spec. Circumstances Assistance prev. year th4604
1 Spec. Circumstances Assistance prev. Year , Months th4605
1 Spec. Circumstances Assistance prev. Year , Amt. th4606
1 One Time Assistance For Subsistence prev. year th4607
1 Social Assistance Item Nonresponse th4608
1 Currently Receiving Child Benefit th4701
1 Child Benefit, Amount th4702
1 Number Children th4703
1 Currently Housing Assistance th4704
1 Housing Assistance, Amount th4705
1 Ill Family Members Support th4706
1 Ill Family Members Support, Amount th4707
1 Social Assistance th4708
1 Social Assistance, Amount th4709
1 None Of These th4710
1 Household Net Income th4801
1 HH Net Income Group, CAPI Only th4802
1 Pay Off Loans th4901
1 Amount Of Loans Paid Off th4902
1 Monthly Savings th5001
1 Monthly Amount Of Savings th5002
1 Punctual Payment Of Rent/Interest th5003
1 Color Television In HH th5101
1 Reason For No Color Television In HH th5102
1 Telephone In HH th5103
1 Reason For No Telephone In HH th5104
1 Car In HH th5105
1 Reason For No Car In HH th5106
1 Usable Old Furniture In HH Replaced th5107
1 Reason For Not Replacing Old Furniture th5108
1 HH Building In Good Condition th5109
1 Reason For Poor Condition Of HH Building th5110
1 HH Located In Good Neighborhood th5111
1 Reason For HH Located In Bad Neighborhood th5112
1 Able To Put Money Away For Emergencies th5113
1 Reason For Inability To Put Money Away th5114
1 Vacation Of At Least One Week Per Year th5115
1 Reason For Inability To Take Vacation th5116
1 Invite Friends For Dinner Once A Month th5117
1 Reason For Inability To Invite Friends th5118
1 Eat Meat, Poultry Or Fish Every Other Day th5119
1 Reason For Not Eating Meat, Fish Or Poultry th5120
1 expenditures on food at home amount per week th5201
1 expenditures on food at home amount per month th5202
1 Children Under 16 Yr In Household th53
1 Person Requiring Help Present In HH th57
1 PNR Of 1.Person Requiring Help th5801
1 Help On Tasks Outside HH, 1. Person th5802
1 Help On Housework, 1. Person th5803
1 Help On Minor Care, 1. Person th5804
1 Help On Major Care, 1. Person th5805
1 Help, Item Nonresponse th5806
1 Person Receives Nursing Assistance Care th5901
1 Nursing Assistance Care Level th5902
1 Help From Family In HH th6001
1 PNR Main Care Provider In HH th6002
1 Help From Nurse, Social Worker th6003
1 Help From Private Care th6004
1 Help From Friends th6005
1 Help From Neighbors th6006
1 Help From Family Outside HH th6007
1 Help From, Item Nonresponse th6008
1 Cleaning Lady, Household Help th61
1 Number Of Vehicles In HH th6201
1 No Vehicle In HH th6202
1 Type 1st Vehicle th63a01
1 Acquired In Year-1st Vehicle th63b01
1 Km Per Year-1st Vehicle th63c01
1 Fuel Consumption Per 100Km-1st Vehicle th63d01
1 Type Fuel-1st Vehicle th63e01
1 Type 2nd Vehicle th63a02
1 Acquired In Year-2nd Vehicle th63b02
1 Km Per Year-2nd Vehicle th63c02
1 Fuel Consumption Per 100Km-2nd Vehicle th63d02
1 Type Fuel-2nd Vehicle th63e02
1 Type 3rd Vehicle th63a03
1 Acquired In Year-3rd Vehicle th63b03
1 Km Per Year-3rd Vehicle th63c03
1 Fuel Consumption Per 100Km-3rd Vehicle th63d03
1 Type Fuel-3rd Vehicle th63e03
1 Type 4th Vehicle th63a04
1 Acquired In Year-4th Vehicle th63b04
1 Km Per Year-4th Vehicle th63c04
1 Fuel Consumption Per 100Km-4th Vehicle th63d04
1 Type Fuel-1st Vehicle th63e04
1 Heat With Oil th64a01
1 Heat Water With Oil th64a02
1 Cook With Oil th64a03
1 Oil Item Nonresponse th64a05
1 Monthly Exp. Oil th64b01
1 Annual Exp. Oil th64b02
1 Heat With Gas th64a11
1 Heat Water With Gas th64a12
1 Cook With Gas th64a13
1 Gas Item Nonresponse th64a15
1 Monthly Exp-Gas th64b11
1 Annual Exp-Gas th64b12
1 Heat With District Heating th64a21
1 Heat Water With District Heating th64a22
1 District Heating Item Nonresponse th64a25
1 Monthly Exp. District Heating th64b21
1 Annual Exp. District Heating th64b22
1 Heat With Electricity th64a31
1 Heat Water With Electricity th64a32
1 Cook With Electricity th64a33
1 Lights,Appliances With Electricity th64a34
1 Electricity, Item Nonresponse th64a35
1 Monthly Exp. Electricity th64b31
1 Annual Exp. Electricity th64b32
1 Heat With Solar Energy th64a41
1 Heat Water With Solar Energy th64a42
1 Cook With Solar Energy th64a43
1 Lights, Appliances With Solar Energy th64a44
1 Solar Energy, Item Nonresponse th64a45
1 Heat With Coal, Wood th64a51
1 Heat Water With Coal, Wood th64a52
1 Cook With Coal, Wood th64a53
1 Coal, Wood, Item Nonresponse th64a55
1 Monthly Exp. Coal, Wood th64b51
1 Annual Exp. Coal, Wood th64b52
1 Heat With Other th64a61
1 Heat Water With Other th64a62
1 Cook With Other th64a63
1 Other, Item Nonresponse th64a65
1 Monthly Exp. Other th64b61
1 Annual Exp. Other th64b62
1 Heating All, Item Nonresponse th64a71
1 Warm Water All, Item Nonresponse th64a72
1 Cooking All, Item Nonresponse th64a73
1 Lights, Appliances All, Item Nonresponse th64a74
1 Survey Instrument thivform
1 Interview Length Oral thhdaer1
1 Interview Length Written thhdaer2
1 Day Of Interview thhtagin
1 Month Of Interview thhmonin
1 Selection Criteria, Hi-Income tlimit
1 Calculated Mon. HH Net Income, Infratest tcalcinc
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Day Of Interview thtagin
1 Month Of Interview thmonin


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Dataset: th

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