Months Worked On Last Job

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label Months Worked On Last Job Dauer letzte Stelle, Monate
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Variable name (case sensitive): tp8902

Dataset: tp – Personal questionnaire

Study: SOEP-Core


Analysis unit: person

Period: 2003

Conceptual Dataset: questionnaires

Concept: Months Worked On Last Job


Measure Value
Min. 0
1st Qu. 2
Median 5
Mean 4.579
3rd Qu. 7
Max. 11
NA's 20986
valid 1625
invalid 20986

Label table

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Variable: bp24g02 cp24g02 dp22g02 ep22g02 fp20g02 gp23g02 hp25g02 ip25g02 jp25g02 kp2202 lp1802 mp6302 np6302 op5402 pp7102 qp7102 rp7102 sp7102 tp8902 up7402 vp9502 wp8302 xp8902 yp9002 zp8602 bap7702 bbp8702 bcp7502 bdp9302 bep8002 bepm_p_18602 bfp2802 bfpm_m_2802 bgp2702
Dataset: bp cp dp ep fp gp hp ip jp kp lp mp np op pp qp rp sp tp up vp wp xp yp zp bap bbp bcp bdp bep bep_mig bfp bfp_mig bgp

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