Data from individual questionnaires 2004


Sort Variable Name
125 Hours Per Working Day up47b01
8 Survey Year welle
10 Person Number Surveyed ubefrper
30 Total Item Nonresponse, Weekday up0209
215 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7805
106 Family Member Working For Relative up3702d
110 Current Occ Status Item Nonresponse up3706
121 Distance To Work-Km up4501
161 Second Job, Days Per Month up64
162 Second Job, Hours Per Day up65
166 Gross Amt. Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension,Mo up6802
168 Gross Amt Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit,Mo up6804
196 Type Of College Degree up7104
212 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7802
229 Gross Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr up79b03
230 Net Amt. Of Self-Empl.Income Prv. Yr up79b04
243 Gross Amt Unemployment Relief Prev.Yr up79i03
270 Amount Of Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr up8008
294 Amt. Private Pension-Dependent up8214
295 Amt. Other Pension-Self up8215
370 1.3.J Course2, Start, Year up11802
451 Other Worries up12511
454 Country of 2. Nationality up12702
473 Never Changing Person ID up14103
484 Amount Of Payments To Spouse up14310
492 Amount Of Payments To Others up14318
541 Vocation (ISCO-88 COM) up7106_isco88
1 Current Wave HH Number (=UHHNR) hid
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
4 Original Household Number cid
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) uhhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=UHHNR) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
9 Subsample Identifier sample1
12 Satisfaction With Work up0102
13 Satisfaction With Housework up0103
14 Satisfaction With Household Income up0104
15 Satisfaction With Personal Income up0105
16 Satisfaction With School Education and Vocational Retraining up0106
17 Satisfaction With Dwelling up0107
18 Satisfaction With Amount Of Leisure Time up0108
19 Satisfaction With Child Care up0109
20 Satisfaction With Goods And Services up0110
21 Satisfaction With Standard Of Living up0111
22 Hours Weekdays Job, Training up0201
23 Hours Weekdays Running Errands up0202
24 Hours Weekday Housework up0203
25 Hours Weekday Child Care up0204
26 Support Persons In Care, Weekday up0205
27 Hours Weekdays Training, Education up0206
28 Hours Weekday Repairs up0207
29 Hours Weekday Leisure, Hobbies up0208
31 Paid Work In Last 7 Days up03
32 Maternity, Paternity Leave up04
33 Registered Unemployed up05
34 Importance: To Be Able To Afford Sth. up0601
35 Importance: To help Others up0602
36 Importance: To Fulfil Once Potential up0603
37 Importance: To Have Success In The Job up0604
38 Importance: To Have An Own House up0605
39 Importance: To have a happy marriage up0606
40 Importance: To have children up0607
41 Importance: To be socially and politically active up0608
42 Importance: To be able to travel and see the world up0609
43 Now Receiving Education,Training up07
44 Now General-Education School up0801
45 Now Specialized College up0802
46 Vocational Training: Further Training/ Retraining up0803
47 Now Vocational Training up0804
49 Employment Status up09
50 Gainful Employment In Future up10
51 Gainful Employment Now up11
52 Gainful Employment, Desire up12
53 Find Suitable Position up13
56 Could Start Immed.-Acceptable Position up15
57 Actively Sought Work Last 4 Weeks up16
58 Search Through Employment Office up1701
59 Search Though Private Employment Office up1702
60 Insertion Of Advertisements up1703
61 Replies To Advertisements up1704
62 Impulse Applications up1705
63 Searched Through Friends up1706
66 Tests up1709
67 Other up1710
68 Job Search - Item Nonresponse up1711
69 Vermittelungsgutschein Yes/No up1801
70 Vermittelungsgutschein Value In Euros up1802
71 New Job Since 2003 up19
72 Current Position Month 03 Began up2001
73 Current Position Month 04 Began up2002
75 Type Of Job Change up21
76 Compare Use Of Professional Knowledge up22
77 Compare Type Of Activity up2301
78 Compare Earnings up2302
79 Compare Advancement Opportunities up2303
80 Compare Work Load up2304
81 Compare Commuting up2305
82 Compare Working Hour Regulations up2306
83 Compare Social Security Benefits up2307
84 Compare Job Security up2308
85 Actively Sought This Position up24
86 Found Position Thru up25
87 Was Employment Office Involved up2601
89 Training Applies To Current Occupation up28
90 Training Required up29
91 Brief On-The-Job Training up3001
92 Longer On-The-Job Training up3002
93 Training Course up3003
94 Introductory Training, Item Nonresponse up3004
95 Civil Service Job up31
96 Size Of Company up33
97 At Current Employer Since-Month up3401
99 Temporary Or Contractual Basis up35
100 Duration Of Work Contract up3601
101 Job Creation Measure Job up3602
102 Is Industrial Sector Worker up3701
103 Self-Employed Farmer up3702a
104 Free-Lance Professional up3702b
105 Other Self-Employed up3702c
107 Currently In Education, Training up3703
108 Is White-Collar Worker up3704
109 Is Civil Servant up3705
111 Performance evaluation by supervisor up38
112 Influence of evaluation on gross wages up3901
113 Influence of evaluation on annual bonuses up3902
114 Influence of evaluation on future raises up3903
115 Influence of evaluation on possible promotion up3904
116 Change In Firms Workforce Last 12 Months up40
117 Difficulty Of Finding New Job up41
118 Job In Old, New Bundesland, Abroad up42
119 Job Where You Live up43
120 Commuting up44
122 Distance To Work not applicable up4502
123 Working Days Per Week up46a01
124 No Fixed Working Days up46a02
126 Change, Irregular up47b02
127 Start Work Hour up4801
128 Start Work Minute up4802
129 Start Work Varying up4803
130 Contracted Working Hours up4901
131 Flexible Hours Of Work Per Week up4902
132 Hours Per Week Actual up50
133 Mini- Job, Midi- Job up51
134 Parental Part-Time up52
135 Pre-Retirement P-T Work Regulations up5301
136 Reduced Working Hours Or Salary up5302
137 Desired Weekly Work Hours up54
138 Work Overtime up55
139 Overtime Time In Lieu up5601
140 Time Limit On Time In Lieu up5602
141 Compensated For Overtime up57
142 Overtime Last Month up5801
143 Hours Of Overtime Last Month up5802
144 Hours Of Overtime Last Month Paid For up5803
146 Net Income Last Month up5902
147 Family Members Helps Out up6001
148 Regular Second Job up6002
149 Odd Jobs For Pay up6003
150 None Of These up6004
151 Second Job Agricultural, Forestry up6201
152 Second Job Construction up6202
153 Second Job Industrial, Manual up6203
154 Second Job Service up6204
156 Second Job in Company up6301
157 Second Job in Private Household up6302
158 Second Job in Public Institution up6303
159 Second Job in Other up6304
163 Second Job, Months Per Year up66
164 Second Job, Gross Income last Month up67
165 Old-Age,Invalid Pension up6801
167 Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit up6803
169 Unemployment Benefit up6805
170 Gross Amt.Of Unemployment Benefit,Mo up6806
171 Unemployment Relief up6807
173 Subsistence Allowance, Transition Money up6809
174 Gross Amt. Of Subsistence, Transition Pay up6810
175 Early Retirement Benefits up6811
176 Gross Amt. Of Early Rtiremnt Benefits,Mo up6812
177 Maternity Benefit up6813
178 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit up6814
179 Student Grant up6815
180 Gross Amount Of Student Grant,Mo up6816
181 Military,Civilian Payments up6817
183 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner up6819
185 Income From Persons Not In Household up6821
186 Gross Amt. Income-Persons Not In HH,Mo up6822
187 No Other Income Besides Earned Income up6823
188 Wage Tax Classification up69
189 Completed Education,Training After 2003 up7001
190 Completed Training Month 2003 up7002
191 Completed Training Month 2004 up7003
193 Education Successfully Completed up7101
194 General-Education School Degree up7102
195 College Degree up7103
197 Primary Field Of Study In College up7105
198 Occupation Trained For up7106
199 Type Of Education,Training up7107
200 Eductional Degree - Total Item Nonresponse up7108
201 Left Job Since Beginning Of 2003 up72
202 Month Last Job Ended 2003 up7301
203 Month Last Job Ended 2004 up7302
204 Last Job Ended - Item Nonresponse up7303
205 Years Worked On Last Job up7401
206 Months Worked On Last Job up7402
207 Why Job Terminated up75
208 Severance Package, Compensation up7601
209 Amt. Of Severance Package, Compensation up7602
210 Future Job Prospects up77
211 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7801
213 Education, Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7803
214 Further Education, Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7804
216 Retired Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7806
217 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7807
219 Military, Community Service, Social Year up7809
220 Military,Comm Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr up7810
221 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7811
222 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7812
223 Wages, Salary Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79a01
224 Mths Of Wages,Salary Prev. Yr up79a02
225 Gross Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr up79a03
226 Net Amount Of Wages, Salary Prev. Yr up79a04
227 Self-Employment Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79b01
228 Mths Of Self-Employment Income Prev. Yr up79b02
231 Second Job Income Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79c01
232 Mths Of Second Job Income Prev. Yr up79c02
233 Gross Amount Second Job Income Prev. Yr up79c03
234 Old-Age,Invalid Pension Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79d01
235 Mths Of Old-Age,Invalid Pension Prev. Yr up79d02
236 Widow-Er, Orphan Benefit Jan-Dec Prv. Yr up79e01
237 Mths Of Widow-Er,Orphan Benefit Prev. Yr up79e02
238 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr up79h01
239 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr up79h02
241 Unemployment Relief Jan-Dec Prev Yr up79i01
242 Mths Of Unemployment Relief Prev Yr up79i02
244 Education Support, Transition Benefit Prev. Yr up79j01
245 Mths Education Support, Transition Benefit Prev. Yr up79j02
246 Gross Amt Edu Support, Transition Benefit Prev. Yr up79j03
247 Maternity Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr up79k01
248 Mths Of Maternity Benefit Prev Yr up79k02
249 Gross Amount Of Maternity Benefit up79k03
250 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79l01
251 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr up79l02
252 Gross Amount Of Student Grant up79l03
253 Military,Comm Serv Pay Prev. Yr up79m01
254 Months Military,Comm Serv Pay Prev. Yr up79m02
255 Gross Amount Military,Com.Pay Prev. Yr up79m03
256 Alimony, Child Support From Ex-Partner up79n01
257 Mths Of Alimony, Child Support Prev. Yr up79n02
258 Gross Amt. Alimony, C Support Prev Year up79n03
259 Income-Prsons Not In HH Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up79o01
260 Mths Of Income-Prsons Not In HH Prev. Yr up79o02
261 Gross Amount Of Income-Persons Not In HH up79o03
262 None Of These Income Types In Prev. Yr up79p01
263 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr up8001
264 Amount Of 13th Month Pay Prev. Yr up8002
265 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr up8003
266 Amount Of 14th Month Pay Prev. Yr up8004
267 Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr up8005
268 Amount Of Christmas Bonus Prev. Yr up8006
269 Vacation Bonus Prev. Yr up8007
271 Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr up8009
272 Amount Of Profit-Sharing Bonus Prev. Yr up8010
273 Other Bonuses Prev. Yr up8011
274 Amount Of Other Bonuses Prev. Yr up8012
275 No Bonuses,Perks Prev. Yr up8013
276 Short-Time Work Benefit Prev. Yr up8101
277 Weeks Of Short-Time Benefit Prev. Yr up8102
278 Bad Weather Benefit Prev. Yr up8103
279 Weeks Of Bad Weather Benefit Prev. Yr up8104
280 No S.Time, Bad Weather Benefit Prev. Yr up8105
281 Amt. Altersrente gesetz. Rentenversichung up8201
282 Amt. Witwenrente gesetz. Rentenversicherung up8202
283 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Self up8203
284 Amt. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent up8204
285 Amt. War Victim Pension-Self up8205
286 Amt. War Victim Pension-Dependent up8206
287 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Self up8207
288 Amt. Worker Accident Pension-Dependent up8208
289 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Self up8209
290 Amt. Supp. Civil Servant Pension-Dependent up8210
291 Amt. Company Pension-Self up8211
292 Amt. Company Pension-Dependent up8212
293 Amt. Private Pension-Self up8213
296 Amt. Other Pension-Dependent up8216
297 Amt. Altersrente - Total Item Nonresponse up8219
298 Amt. Witwenrente - Total Item Nonresponse up8220
299 Current Health up83
300 State Of Health Affects Ascending Stairs up84
301 State Of Health Affects Tiring Tasks up85
302 Pressed For Time Last 4 Weeks up8601
303 Run-down, Melancholy Last 4 Weeks up8602
304 Well-balanced Last 4 Weeks up8603
305 Used Energy Last 4 Weeks up8604
306 Strong Physical Pain Last 4 Weeks up8605
307 Accomplished less due to physical problems up8606
308 Limitations due to physical problems up8607
309 Accomplished less due to emotional problems up8608
310 Less careful due to emotional problems up8609
311 Limited Socially Due To Health Last 4 Weeks up8610
312 Follows health-conscious diet up87
313 Frequency: sports, gymnastics, fitness training up88
314 Currently Smoke up8901
315 Number Of Cigarettes Per Day up8902
316 Number Of Pipes Per Day up8903
317 Number Of Cigars Per Day up8904
318 Height up90
319 Weight up91
320 Severely Disabled up9201
321 Legally Handicapped, Reduced Employment up9202
322 Number Of Visits To Doctor up9301
323 No Visits To Doctor up9302
324 Hospital Stay 2003 up94
326 Number Of Hospital Stays 2003 up9502
327 Out Sick More Than Six Wks. 2003 up96
328 No Days Off Work Sick 2003 up9701
329 Number Of Days Off Work Sick 2003 up9702
330 Medical rehab treatment in last year up9801
331 State specific medical rehab treatment: up9802
332 Occupational rehab treatment in last year up99
333 Qualify For Addtnl Allowances up100
334 Changed Health Insurance Provider In 2003 up101
335 Type Of Health Insurance up102
336 Health Insurance Provider up103
337 Insurance Status up104
338 Additional Private Insurance up105
340 Amt. Addtnl. Private Insurance Unknown up10602
341 Hospital Stay Covered up10701
342 Dentures Covered up10702
343 Corrective Devices Covered up10703
344 Coverage Abroad up10704
345 Other up10705
346 Coverage Unknown up10706
347 Private Health Insurance Status up108
348 Amt. Monthly Private Health Insurance up10901
349 Monthly Amount Unknown up10902
350 Only Myself Covered up11001
351 Number Of Additional Persons Covered up11002
352 Health Insurance Deductible, Co-Payment up111
353 Riester- Pension Since 2002 up112
354 Age Of Interviewee up113
355 Further Education To Finish Degree up11401
356 Retraining For A Different Profession up11402
357 Brush Up, Reacquire Professional Skills up11403
358 Adjust To Constant Changes up11404
359 Receive More Qualifications For Promotion up11405
360 Become Acquainted With New Subjects up11406
361 None Of These, Not Interested up11407
362 Cannot Improve Career Through F Education up11501
363 Have Time For No Further Education up11502
364 No Money For Further Education up11503
365 L.3.Years - Read regularly Trade Journals up11601
366 1.3.J Attended professional conventions or congresses up11602
367 1.3.J Attended professionaly oriented courses up11603
368 1.3.J Number of further professional education courses up117
369 1.3.J Course1, Start, Year up11801
371 1.3.J Course3, Start, Year up11803
372 1.3.J Course1, Start, Month up11804
373 1.3.J Course2, Start, Month up11805
374 1.3.J Course3, Start, Month up11806
375 1.3.J Course1, Length, Days up11807
376 1.3.J Course2, Length, Days up11808
377 1.3.J Course3, Length, Days up11809
378 1.3.J Course1, Length, Weeks up11810
379 1.3.J Course2, Length, Weeks up11811
380 1.3.J Course, Length, Weeks up11812
381 1.3.J Course, Length, Months up11813
382 1.3.J Course, Length, Months up11814
383 1.3.J Course, Length, Months up11815
387 1.3.J Course, Correspondence Course up11819
388 1.3.J Course, Correspondence Course up11820
389 1.3.J Course, Correspondence Course up11821
390 1.3.J Course, Goal, Occupational Retraining up11822
391 1.3.J Course, Goal, Occupational Retraining up11823
392 1.3.J Course, Goal, Occupational Retraining up11824
393 1.3.J Course, Goal, Introduction To New Job up11825
394 1.3.J Course, Goal, Introduction To New Job up11826
395 1.3.J Course, Goal, Introduction To New Job up11827
396 1.3.J Course, Goal, Qualification For Prof. Advancement up11828
397 1.3.J Course, Goal, Qualification For Prof. Advancement up11829
398 1.3.J Course, Goal, Qualification For Prof. Advancement up11830
399 1.3.J Course, Goal, adjustment to new demands up11831
400 1.3.J Course, Goal, adjustment to new demands up11832
401 1.3.J Course, Goal, adjustment to new demands up11833
402 1.3.J Course, Goal, Other up11834
403 1.3.J Course, Goal, Other up11835
404 1.3.J Course, Goal, Other up11836
405 1.3.J Course, During Working Hours up11837
406 1.3.J Course, During Working Hours up11838
407 1.3.J Course, During Working Hours up11839
408 1.3.J Course, Own Costs In Euros up11840
409 1.3.J Course, Own Costs In Euros up11841
410 1.3.J Course, Own Costs In Euros up11842
411 1.3.J Course, Did Not Have To Pay Anything Myself up11843
412 1.3.J Course, Did Not Have To Pay Anything Myself up11844
413 1.3.J Course, Did Not Have To Pay Anything Myself up11845
414 1.3.J Course, Organization Offering Course up11846
415 1.3.J Course, Organization Offering Course up11847
416 1.3.J Course, Organization Offering Course up11848
417 1.3.J Course, Received Financial Support up11849
418 1.3.J Course, Received Financial Support up11850
419 1.3.J Course, Received Financial Support up11851
420 1.3.J Course, Certificate Of Participation up11852
421 1.3.J Course, Certificate Of Participation up11853
422 1.3.J Course, Certificate Of Participation up11854
423 1.3.J Course, Did The Course Pay Off? up11855
424 1.3.J Course, Did The Course Pay Off? up11856
425 1.3.J Course, Did The Course Pay Off? up11857
426 1.3.J Course, Did The Course Pay Off? up11858
427 1.3.J Course, Did The Course Pay Off? up11859
428 1.3.J Course, Did The Course Pay Off? up11860
429 Peronal Willingness to Take Risks up119
430 Willingness To Take Risks While Driving up12001
431 Willingness To Take Risks In Financial Matters up12002
432 Willingness To Take Risks In Leisure And Sports up12003
433 Willingness To Take Risks In Occupation up12004
434 Willingness To Take Health Risks up12005
435 Willingness To Take Risks In Trusting Other People up12006
436 Willingness To Take Risks After Winning The Lottery up121
437 Political Interests up122
438 Supports Political Party up123
439 Political Party Supported up12401
440 Amount of Support for Political Party up12402
441 Worried About Economic Development up12501
442 Worried About Finances up12502
443 Worried About Own Health up12503
444 Worried About Environment up12504
445 Worried About Peace up12505
446 Worried About Crime up12506
447 Worried About Consequences Of EU- Enlargement up12507
448 Worried About Immigration To Germany up12508
449 Worried About Hostility To Foreigners up12509
450 Worried About Job Security up12510
452 German Nationality up126
453 2. Nationality up12701
455 German Nationality Since When up128
456 Nationality up129
457 Born In Germany up130
458 Intend To Apply For German Citizenship up131
459 Disadvantages Due To Origin up132
460 Newspapers Germany, Country Of Origin up133
461 Wish To Remain Germany Permanently up134
462 How Long Wish To Remain Germany up13501
463 How Long Wish To Remain Germany up13502
464 Do Not Know up13503
465 Visit To Country Of Origin up136
466 Duration Of Visit To Country Of Origin up137
467 Feel At Home In Country Of Origin up138
468 Year Of Birth up13902
469 Gender up13901
470 Marital Status up140
471 Currently Have Steady Partner up14101
472 Partner Lives In Household up14102
474 Agreements with spouse/partner for dealing with income up142
475 Payments To Parents,-Inlaw up14301
477 Parents Live In Germany up14303
478 Parents Live In Foreign Country up14304
479 Payments To Children up14305
480 Amount Of Payments To Children up14306
481 Children Live In Germany up14307
482 Children Live In Foreign Country up14308
483 Payments To Spouse up14309
485 Spouse Lives In Germany up14311
486 Spouse Lives In Foreign Country up14312
487 Payments To Other Relatives up14313
488 Amt. Of Payments To Other Relatives up14314
489 Relatives Live In Germany up14315
490 Relatives Live In Foreign Country up14316
491 Payments To Others up14317
493 Others Live In Germany up14319
494 Others Live In Foreign Country up14320
495 No Payments Previous Yr up14321
496 Marriage up14401
497 Month Married Previous Year up14402
498 Month Married Survey Year up14403
499 Moved In Together up14404
500 Month Moved In Together Previous Year up14405
501 Month Moved In Together Survey Year up14406
502 Child Born up14407
503 Month Child Born Previous Year up14408
504 Month Child Born Survey Year up14409
505 Child Moved Out up14410
506 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year up14411
507 Month Child Moved Out Survey Year up14412
508 Separated From Partner up14413
509 Month Separated Previous Year up14414
510 Month Separated Survey Year up14415
511 Divorced up14416
512 Month Divorced Previous Year up14417
513 Month Divorced Survey Year up14418
514 Partner Died up14419
515 Month Partner Died Previous Year up14420
516 Month Partner Died Survey Year up14421
517 Father Died up14422
518 Father Died Previous Year up14423
519 Father Died Survey Year up14424
520 Mother Died up14425
521 Mother Died Previous Year up14426
522 Mother Died Survey Year up14427
523 Other HH Comp Change up14428
524 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr up14429
525 Month Other HH Comp Change Survey Yr up14430
526 No Change In HH Composition up14431
527 Satisfaction With Life at Present up14501
528 Satisfaction With Life In Five Years up14502
529 Survey Instrument upinta
533 Month Of Interview upmonin
534 Self-Employed up3702
538 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (ISCO-88 Com) up61_isco88
539 Current Occupational Classification Secondary Employment [pjobx] (KldB92) up61_kldb92
540 Interviewer ID intid
542 Vocation (TNS-KldB 88) up7106_klba88
543 Vocation (KldB 92) up7106_kldb92
384 1.3.J Course, No. Hours Per Week up11816
385 1.3.J Course, No. Hours Per Week up11817
386 1.3.J Course, No. Hours Per Week up11818
476 Amount Of Pay To Parents,-Inlaw up14302
64 Search Advertisements up1707
55 Monthly Salary- Can Not Say up1402
65 Researched On Internet up1708
0 Original Household Number hhnr
11 Satisfaction With Health up0101
48 Training - Item Nonresponse up0805
54 Monthly Salary At Which Would Take Job up1401
74 Current Position Began - Item Nonresponse up2003
88 Vermittelungsgutschein Value In Euros up2602
98 At Current Employer Since-Year up3402
218 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev. Yr up7808
145 Gross Income Last Month up5901
155 Second Job Item Nonresponse up6205
160 Second Job in - Item Nonresponse up6305
172 Gross Amt.Of Unemployment Relief, Mo up6808
182 Gross Amt. Military,Civilian Pay,Mo up6818
184 Gross Amt. Alimony, C Support Ex-Partner up6820
192 Training Completed - Item Nonresponse up7004
240 Gross Amt Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr up79h03
325 Nights Of Hospital Stay 2003 up9501
339 Amt. Addtnl. Private Insurance up10601
530 Length In Minutes Oral Interview updauer1
531 Length In Minutes Written Interview updauer2
532 Day Of Interview uptagin
535 Current occupation (ISCO-88 COM) up27_isco88
536 Current occupation (KldB 92) up27_kldb92
537 Industry sector of current company (NACE Rev. 1.1, Division) up32_nace

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Dataset: up

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