Data from individual catch-up questionnaire which refers to 2005


Sort Variable Name
20 Military,Community Srvce Jan-Dec Prv. Yr vp9911
21 Housewife,Househusband Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9912
22 Other Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9913
26 Years Worked On Last Job vp9501
38 Training Completed - Item Nonresponse vp8904
10 Employed Full-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9901
11 Employed Part-Time Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9902
12 Mini-Job Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9903
13 Education, Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9904
14 Further Education, Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9905
15 Registered Unemployed Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9906
16 Retired Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9907
17 Maternity Leave Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9908
18 In School,College Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp9909
45 Eductional Degree - Total Item Nonresponse vp9207
0 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number (=WHHNR) hid
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
4 Original Household Number hhnr
5 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) whhnr
6 Current Wave HH Number (=WHHNR) hhnrakt
7 Never Changing Person ID persnr
8 Serial Preosn Number survey year wpnr
23 Left Job Beginning of 2004 vp93
25 Why Job Terminated vp96
27 Months Worked On Last Job vp9502
28 Unemployment Benefit Jan-Dec Prev Yr vp100h01
29 Mths Of Unemployment Benefit Prev Yr vp100h02
30 Unemployment Relief Jan-Dec Prev Yr vp100i01
31 Mths Of Unemployment Relief Prev Yr vp100i02
33 Mths Maint.Support,Training Prev. Yr vp100j02
34 Student Grant Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp100l01
35 Mths Of Student Grant Prev. Yr vp100l02
36 Completed Education since 2004 vp8901
37 Completed Training Month since 2004 vp8902
40 General-Education School Degree vp9201
41 College Degree vp9202
43 Occupation Trained For vp9205
44 Type Of Education,Training vp9206
46 Gender vp14701
47 Year Of Birth vp14702
48 Marriage vp15301
49 Month Married Previous Year vp15302
50 Moved In Together vp15304
51 Month Moved In Together Previous Year vp15305
52 Child Born vp15307
53 Month Child Born Previous Year vp15308
54 Child Moved Out vp15310
55 Month Child Moved Out Previous Year vp15311
56 Separated From Partner vp15313
57 Month Separated Previous Year vp15314
58 Divorced vp15316
59 Month Divorced Previous Year vp15317
61 Month Partner Died Previous Year vp15320
62 Father Died vp15322
63 Father Died Survey Year vp15323
64 Mother Died vp15325
65 Mother Died Survey Year vp15326
66 Other HH Comp Change vp15328
67 Month Other HH Comp Change Previous Yr vp15329
68 No Change In HH Composition vp15331
69 Survey Instrument vpinta
70 Length In Minutes Oral Interview vpdauer1
71 Length In Minutes Written Interview vpdauer2
75 Vocation (KldB 92) vp9205_kldb92
60 Partner Died vp15319
32 Maint.Support,Training Jan-Dec Prev. Yr vp100j01
39 Education Successfully Completed vp90
9 Serial Person Number Previous Year vpnr
19 Military, Community Service, Social Year vp9910
24 Month Last Job Ended 2004 vp9401
42 Type Of College Degree vp9203
72 Day Of Interview vptagin
73 Month Of Interview vpmonin
74 Vocation (ISCO-88 COM) vp9205_isco88
76 Interviewer ID intid

Study: soep-core

Dataset: vpluecke

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