Data from household questionnaires 2008


Sort Variable Name
1 Current Wave HH Number (=WHHNR) hid
77 Cost Of Water, Etc. Per Month yh2603
81 Interest And Mortgage Payment Per Month yh30
82 Maintenance Costs Previous Year yh31
116 Winnings, Inheritance Item Nonresponse yh4705
118 Amount Of Winnings, Inheritance, In Euros yh48
139 Spec. Circumstances Assistance Prev. Year, Months yh5008
155 Social Assistance, Amount yh5113
196 Help On Tasks Outside HH, 1. Person yh5702
219 highest PNR in HH yhpmax
195 PNR Of 1.Person Requiring Help yh5701
200 Help, Item Nonresponse yh5706
94 Operation, Maintenance Costs Previous Year yh4001
95 Interest And Mortgage Payment Prev. Year yh4002
122 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Amt./Month yh4903
74 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month yh25
0 Original Household Number hhnr
2 Survey Year syear
3 Original Household Number cid
4 Current Wave HH Number (=HHNRAKT) yhhnr
5 CurRent Household Number (=YHHNR) hhnrakt
6 Survey Year (1984 = 1) welle
7 Subsample Identifier sample1
8 ID Number Of Person Interviewed yausku
9 Lived Here 1 Year Ago yh01
10 Why Changed -Notice Given yh0201
11 Why Changed -Bought House yh0202
12 Why Changed -Inheritance yh0203
13 Why Changed -Job yh0204
14 Why Changed -Merriage yh0205
15 Why Changed -Seperated yh0206
16 Why Changed -Left PaRent House yh0207
17 Why Changed -Other Family Reasons yh0208
18 Why Changed - Too Small yh0209
19 Why Changed - Too Big yh0210
20 Why Changed -High Housing Costs yh0211
21 Why Changed - Poor Furnishing yh0212
22 Why Changed - Poor Location yh0213
23 Why Changed - Poor Surroundings yh0214
24 Why Changed - Other Reasons yh0215
25 Compare Old, New Rent yh0301
26 Compare Old, New Size yh0302
27 Compare Old, New Furnishing yh0303
28 Compare Old, New Location yh0304
29 Compare Old, New Surroundings yh0305
30 Compare Old, New Access To Pub. Trans. yh0306
31 Compare Old, New Neighbors yh0307
32 In This Dwelling Since, Month yh0401
33 Neighborhood Of Household yh05
34 In This Dwelling Since, Year yh0402
35 Type Of Dwelling yh06
36 Private Household, Institution yh07
37 Year House Was Build yh0801
38 Exact Year House Was Build (Since 1972) yh0802
39 Change In Size Of Dwelling yh09
40 Size Of Unit In Sq Meters yh10
41 Number Of Rooms G 6 Sq Meters yh11
42 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit yh12
43 Condition Of House yh13
44 Dwelling With Indoor Bath, Shower yh1402
45 Dwelling With Kitchen yh1401
46 Dwelling With Indoor Toilet yh1404
47 Dwelling With Hot Water, Boiler yh1403
48 Dwelling With Central, Floor Heating yh1405
49 Dwelling With Balcony, Terrace yh1406
50 Dwelling With Basement, Storage Place yh1407
51 Dwelling With Garden yh1408
52 Dwelling With Alarm Device yh1409
53 dwelling with air conditioner yh1410
54 dwelling with solar energy yh1411
55 Since Prev. Year Kitchen Added yh1501
56 Since Prev. Year Bath, Shower, Toilet Added yh1502
57 Since Prev. Year Heating Added yh1503
58 Since Prev. Year New Windows Added yh1504
59 Since Prev. Year Other Renovations yh1505
60 Since Prev. Year No Renovations yh1506
61 Who Paid For Renovations yh16
62 Who Did Renovations yh17
63 change in ownership last year yh18
64 Type Of Change In Ownership yh1901
65 Means Of Ownership yh1902
66 Type Of Ownership transfer yh1903
67 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling yh20
68 Rent Reduced By Landlord yh21
69 Government Subsidized Housing yh22
71 Do Not Pay Rent yh2302
72 Heat, Hot Water Cost Incl Rent yh24
73 Cost Of Heat And Hot Water Per Month yh2601
75 Other Costs Included In Rent yh2602
76 Cost Of Water, Etc. Per Month yh2604
78 Personnel Review Of Amount Of Rent yh27
79 Owner Of The Dwelling yh28
80 Interest, Mortgage Payment For Dwelling yh29
83 Heat And Hot Water Costs Previous Year yh32
85 Housing Costs For Owner yh3401
87 Housing Costs Vs Comparable Dwellings yh35
88 Estimated Amount Of Rent yh3601
89 Estimated Amount Of Rent yh3602
90 Homeowner Assistance Prev. Year , Total Assistance yh3701
91 Amount Total Assistance Applied Prev. Year yh3702
92 Income From Rent Previous Year yh38
93 Amount Income From Rent Previous Year yh39
96 tax deductions Previous Year yh4101
98 Pay Off Loans yh42
99 Amount Of Loans Paid Off yh43
100 Charged with loan repayment yh44
101 Savings Account Previous Yr yh4501
102 Building Society Previous Yr yh4502
103 Life Insurance Previous Yr yh4503
104 Fixed Interest Securities Previous Yr yh4504
105 Other Securities yh4505
106 Operating Assets Previous Yr yh4506
107 No Securities Previous Yr yh4507
108 Tax-Deductible Loan yh4508
109 Tax-Deductible Loan, Amount yh4509
110 Savings, Securities, Item Nonresponse yh4510
111 Amt. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr yh4601
112 Est. Interest, Dividend Income Prev Yr yh4602
113 Winnings, Inheritance, Etc. GT 500 EUR yh4701
114 Inheritance yh4702
115 Gift yh4703
117 Lottery Winnings yh4704
119 Child Allowance Previous Year yh4901
120 Child Allowance Previous Yr. Months yh4902
121 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev. Year yh4904
124 Housing Assistance prev year yh4907
126 Housing Assistance Prev. Year , Months yh4908
127 Amount Of Housing Allowance, Subsidy yh4909
128 Compulsory Long Term Care Insurance, prev. year, Months yh4911
129 Ill Family Members Support prev year yh4910
130 Ill Family Members Support Prev. Year , Amt./Mo. yh4912
131 Social Assistance Prev. Year yh4913
132 Reg. Subsistence Support Prev. Yearr yh5001
133 Reg. Subsistence Suppor Prev. Yeart, Months yh5002
134 Reg. Subsistence Support Prev. Year, Amt./Mo. yh5003
135 Support Due To Age / Reduced Earning Capacity Prev. Year yh5004
136 Support Due To Age / Reduced Earning Capacity Prev. Year, Months yh5005
137 Support Due To Age / Reduced Earning Capacity Prev. Year, Amt./Mo. yh5006
138 Spec. Circumstances Assistance Prev. Year yh5007
140 Spec. Circumstances Assistance Prev. Year, Amt. yh5009
141 One Time Assistance For Subsistence Prev. Year yh5010
142 Social Assistance Item Nonresponse yh5011
143 Currently Receiving Child Benefit yh5101
144 Child Benefit, Amount yh5102
145 Number Children yh5103
146 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Today yh5104
148 Currently Housing Assistance yh5106
149 Housing Assistance, Amount yh5107
150 Ill Family Members Support yh5108
152 Age / Reduced Earning Capacity Today yh5110
154 Social Assistance yh5112
156 None Of These yh5114
157 Household Net Income yh5201
158 HH Net Income Group, CAPI Only yh5202
159 Monthly Savings yh5301
161 Car In HH yh5401
162 Car In HH yh5402
163 Motorcycle In HH yh5403
164 Motorcycle In HH yh5404
165 Microwave In HH yh5405
166 Dishwascher In HH yh5407
167 Microwave In HH yh5406
168 Dishwascher In HH yh5408
169 Washing Machine In HH yh5409
170 Washing Machine In HH yh5410
171 Stereo In HH yh5411
172 Stereo In HH yh5412
173 Colour TV In HH yh5414
174 Colour TV In HH yh5413
175 DVD Player (Without Recorder) In HH yh5415
176 DVD Player (Without Recorder) In HH yh5416
177 DVD Recorder In HH yh5418
178 DVD Recorder In HH yh5417
179 Computer In HH yh5420
180 Computer In HH yh5419
181 Internet Connection (No DSL) In HH yh5421
182 Internet Connection (No DSL) In HH yh5422
183 DSL Connection In HH yh5423
184 DSL Connection In HH yh5424
185 Telephone In HH yh5425
186 Telephone In HH yh5426
187 Mobile Phone In HH yh5428
188 Mobile Phone In HH yh5427
189 Fax Machin In HH yh5430
190 Fax Machin In HH yh5429
191 ISDN Connection In HH yh5431
192 ISDN Connection In HH yh5432
193 Cleaning Lady, Household Help yh55
194 Person Requiring Help In Household Present yh56
197 Help On Housework, 1. Person yh5703
198 Help On Minor Care, 1. Person yh5704
199 Help On Major Care, 1. Person yh5705
201 Person Receives Nursing Assistance Care yh5801
202 Nursing Assistance Care Level yh5802
203 Help From Family In HH yh5901
205 Help From Nurse, Social Worker yh5903
206 Help From Private Care yh5904
207 Help From Friends yh5905
208 Help From Neighbors yh5906
209 Help From Family Outside HH yh5907
210 Help From, Item total Nonresponse yh5908
211 Person Receives Payment yh5909
212 Satisfaction With Availability Of Care yh60
213 Children Under 16 Yr In Household yh61
214 Survey Instrument yhivform
215 Interview Length Oral yhhdaer1
216 Interview Length Written yhhdaer2
217 Day Of Interview yhtagin
218 Month Of Interview yhmonin
220 Calculated Mon. HH Net Income, Infratest ycalcinc
84 Other Costs Per Year yh33
123 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev. Year , Months yh4905
147 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy, Amt. yh5105
70 Amount Of Monthly Rent yh2301
86 Monthly Housing Costs yh3402
97 tax deductions, Amount Previous Year yh4102
125 Unemployment Subsidy II, Social Subsidy Prev. Year , Amt./ Months yh4906
151 Ill Family Members Support, Amount yh5109
153 Age / Reduced Earning Capacity, Amt. yh5111
160 Monthly Amount Of Savings yh5302
204 PNR Main Care Provider In HH yh5902
221 Selection Criteria, Hi-Income ylimit
222 Interviewer ID intid

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Dataset: yh

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