Interviewer (PAPI) 2012[instrument]


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1 Unless otherwise stated, the following questions relate to „Living in Germany“, including the partial studies „Families in Germany“ and the innovation survey. 0_1
2 There are different motives for working as an interviewer: How important are the following points to you? 1
3 How far does your work meet/met that expectations, regarding your work for „Living in Germany“? 2
4 The survey LIVING IN GERMANY involves people from very different social backgrounds. What is your experience: How willingly or unwillingly do the following people participate in LIVING IN GERMANY? 3
13 Do you think people most time … 12
5 In 2012, did you take part in a decentralised oral interview training course for the subprojects of the study Living in Germany? 4
6 And how do you rate the event in relation to: 5
7 Have you already used the means of cash payment of the survey participants within the scope of your interviewer activity at Living in Germany? 6
8 Do you personally have the impression that cash incentive makes your work easier? 7
10 If you think about the future: are you ... 9
11 How do you see yourself: Are you generally willing to take risks, or do you try to avoid risks? 10
14 How far do you agree with the following statements? 13
15 How do you see yourself: Are you rather impatient or very patient? 14
16 The following statements characterise different attitudes. To what extent are those true for you? 15
18 Many people in Germany sympathise with one party in the long term, even if they occasionally vote for another party or are not eligible to vote. Do you sympathise with a particular party? 17
19 Which party do you tend to? 18
20 What about the following areas - are you worried? 19
22 What is your school leaving qualification? 20
23 Are you currently working? What applies to you? 21
25 Is the company in which you work alongside your interviewer activity part of the public service? 23
26 Apart from your work as an interviewer, what is your current occupation? 24
27 In which professional position were you last employed? 25
28 Was the company where you last worked part of the public service? 26
29 Apart from your work as an interviewer, what was your last professional activity? 27
30 How many hours a week do you work on average? 28
31 Do you also conduct surveys as part of other social science surveys? 29
32 And how many hours a week on average would you like to work? 30
34 What is your marital status? 31
35 In which country were you born? 32
36 In which country was your mother born? 33
37 In which country was your father born? 34
38 Where did you live before German reunification in 1989? 35
39 In which of the following foreign languages can you communicate? 36
40 Do you belong to a church or a religious group? If yes, are you … 37
41 How satisfied are you with your life, all things considered? 38
42 How would you describe your health at present? 39
43 In conclusion a question regarding you work for „Living in Germany“: How many further years would you like to work for that survey? 40
45 Thank you for your cooperation! 0_4
12 Do you think most people … 11
17 Generally speaking, how interested are you in politics? 16
24 In which professional position are you currently employed, in addition to your interviewer activity? 22
33 Your living conditions 0_3
44 Do you have any comments? 41
0 Living in Germany: Now it‘s your turn. 0_0
9 What kind of personality are you? 8
21 Your education and employment 0_2
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Name: soep-core-2012-int

Label: Interviewer (PAPI) 2012

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