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18 Did you do the work yourself or did you hire someone (a tradesperson, company, or technician) to do it? 17
19 How much did this improvement cost your household? 18
20 Did you take advantage of any subsidies to cover the costs of these improvements? 19
27 What were the costs for the maintenance and modernization of this dwelling / building in the last calendar year? 26
28 Does this owner-occupied dwelling / building have a photovoltaic system to produce solar electricity? 27
29 What is the power capacity / nominal power of this photovoltaic system in kilowatt-peak (kWpeak)? 28
0 The questions contained in this questionnaire deal with the household as a whole and not with the individuals in the household. The questionnaire should be completed by the same person in the household who did it last year if possible. Your participation is voluntary, but the scientific relevance of this study depends crucially on the participation of every household. We therefore cordially request that you either: - allow our staff member to interview you - or carefully fill out this questionnaire yourself. Intro
59 How many e-bikes are there in your household? 57
80 Does the child currently attend nursery school, daycare, pre-school, creche, etc.? 77
84 Since what year has the child been attending this childcare facility? 81
79 How much does the school cost you? 76
78 What type of school is it? It is: 75
60 Is this household currently buying electricity at a special rate for green power? 58
87 What is the date today? 84
86 Is the care provided for free, or do you pay this person / these people something? 83
85 Are there any other people who regularly take care of the child (aside from members of the household)? 82
7 What kind of building do you live in? 6
5 How does your new dwelling compare to your previous one? Is your new dwelling better, about the same, or worse overall than the previous one? 4
4 What were the most important reasons that led to this change, that is, to your move to a new home or out of an existing household? 3
1 Before handing in the questionnaire, pleaseenter in accordance with the address log: 0
2 Before completing this questionnaire for Living in Germany, it is important to first find out whether anything has changed in your household situation since the last survey or if everything has remained the same. The first question deals with household composition—in other words, whether the same people are living in the same dwelling. Which of the following applies to your household? 1
3 When did this change occur—in other words, when did you move into this new dwelling after a move / after moving out of an existing household? 2
6 How would you describe your neighborhood? 5
8 When, approximately, was the building in which your dwelling is located built? 7
9 Is it a boarding house or similar accommodation? 8
10 Is this dwelling government-subsidized housing (Sozialwohnung)? 9
11 Has the size of your dwelling changed within the last year, e.g., due to remodeling or changes in usage? 10
12 How large is the total living space in this flat? 11
13 How many rooms does the dwelling have? 12
83 How much do you pay for the school or facility? 80
14 What do you think about the total size of your dwelling? For the size of your household, is it … 13
15 How would you describe the condition of the building you live in? 14
16 Have you or your landlord made any of the following improvements to your dwelling since the beginning of 2011? 15
17 Who paid for these improvements—you or your landlord? 16
21 What amenities does your dwelling have? Does it have - 20
22 Did this dwelling change ownership within the last year? 21
33 Is the dwelling being provided to you at reduced rent by the owner, for example, your employer or a relative, or in exchange for building maintenance / janitorial work 32
23 What kind of change in ownership occurred? I am / we are … 22
24 The next questions deal with the costs of living in your dwelling. First the question: Are you the main tenant, subletter, or owner? 23
25 Do you still owe money, for example, on loans or a mortgage, for the dwelling / building you live in? 24
26 What are your monthly payments including interest on this or these loan or mortgage? 25
30 How much electricity did this photovoltaic system produce in kilowatt-hours (kWh) in 2014? 29
31 Does this owner-occupied dwelling / building have its own solar thermal system, that is, solar collectors for heat generation? 30
32 How much power did this solar thermal energy system generate in kilowatt-hours (kWh) in 2014? 31
34 Who is the owner of the dwelling? 33
35 What are your household’s current housing costs, including rent and all utilities? 34
36 Which types of energy does your household use for heat, hot water, and cooking, and which types for light and household appliances? For each type of energy you use, please state the average monthly costs or the annual costs—whichever you know or are better able to estimate. 35
37 Do you pay utility costs for water, garbage removal, street cleaning, property taxes, or other shared costs not listed above? 36
38 Now some more questions for everyone: intro37
39 Did you or someone in your household receive income from letting or leasing property (land/dwelling) last year? 37
40 About what was your total income from letting and leasing last year? 38
53 Are you able to pay your rent or mortgage/interest payments without any difficulty? 51
54 Which of the following apply to your household? 52
41 What expenses did you have for the properties you let or leased in the last calendar year? Please state separately: Maintenance and repairs and Loan, mortgage, and interest payments 39
42 Will you be able to deduct these expenses from the last year from your taxes or declare them as losses? If so, how much? 40
43 Are you or is someone in your household currently paying back loans and interest on loans that you took out for large purchases or other expenditures? 41
44 How much do you pay per month on these loans? 42
45 Does repaying these loans place a major burden on your household, a minor burden, or no burden at all? 43
46 Did you or another member of the household own any of the following savings or investment securities last year? 44
47 What was your total income from interest, dividends, and profits from all investments in the last calendar year? 45
48 Did you or another member of the household receive a large sum of money or other assets (car, house, etc.) as an inheritance, gift, or lottery winnings last year? We are referring here to money or other assets worth more than 500 euros. 46
49 What was the value of these? 47
50 Did you or one of the members of your family receive any of the following benefits during the last calender year? And how is that today: Do you or one of the members of your family receive any of the following benefits now? 48
51 If you look at the total income of all of the members of your household: What is your monthly household income today? 49
52 Do you usually have money left over at the end of the month that you can put aside for larger purchases, emergencies, or to build savings? If so, how much? 50
55 How many vehicles are there in your household? 53
56 What type of vehicle is it? 54
57 What type of fuel or fuels do you use for the vehicle? 55
58 Does anyone in your household use an e-bike—in other words, a bicycle with an electrical motor? 56
61 Since what year has this household been buying electricity at a special green power rate? 59
62 Has this household changed power providers at least once in the last five years? 60
63 Has this household changed power providers in the last five years even though the previous provider was still available? 61
64 Does your household have ...? intro62
65 Does someone in your household need care or assistance on a constant basis due to age, sickness, or medical treatment? 62
66 Who is it, and which of the following activities does he or she need assistance in? 63
67 Does the person in need of care receive long-term care insurance benefits (Pflegeversicherung)? 64
68 Was this person officially assessed and certified as having a limited ability to carry out everyday activities? 65
69 Who provides this person with the assistance he / she needs? 66
70 Besides this person, are there other people in the household who are in need of assistance or care? 67
71 Are there regular expenses for assistance or care? 68
72 Do you regularly or occasionally pay someone to provide household help? 69
73 Are there children born in 1999 or later living in your household? 70
74 What year were these children born? 71
75 What school does your child currently attend? 72
76 Does the child usually stay at school all day? 73
77 If you want, does the facility provide the child with lunch? 74
81 Does the school or facility serve lunch to your child if you choose? 78
82 What type of school or facility is it? It is: 79
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