Mother and Child (5-6-year-olds) 2016[instrument]


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8 Did you have to go to or call a doctor in the last 3 months because of your child’s health problems? 7
0 The research know relatively a lot about school-age children, but only a few about the time before school. This short questionnaire is about children, they are born in 2010. The questions refer to your personal experiences and development of your child. The (birth or social) mother should responds the following questions. Your participation is entirely voluntary. We therefore cordially request that - you allow our staff member to interview you - or you fill out the questionnaire independently. Intro
1 Before handing in the questionnaire, please enter in accordance with the address log: 0
2 What’s your child's name? 1
3 In which year and month was your child born? 2
4 To what extent do you agree with the following statements about your child? For each answer, think about your child’s behavior in the last six months. 3
5 What is your child’s current height and weight? 4
6 Is your child in any way impaired or prevented from doing things that most children of his or her age can do? 5
12 If you think about a normal week, is there anybody else who regularly spends time looking after your child? If so, who are they, and how many hours a week do they spend looking after the child? 11
13 How would you rank your child in comparison to other children of the same age? My child is … 12
7 Did your child experience health problems in the last 12 months that necessitated a hospital stay? 6
9 Has your child been diagnosed by a doctor as having one of the following health conditions or impairments? 8
10 How many times in the last 14 days have you or the main caregiver engaged in the following activities with your child? 9
11 Is your child allowed to watch television or videos alone, without adult supervision? 10
14 What’s the date today? A
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Name: soep-core-2016-e3

Label: Mother and Child (5-6-year-olds) 2016


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