For parents, it is always a big event when their child learns something new. Please tell us what those new things were in your child’s case.


Everyday skills:


Social relationships


Für Eltern ist es immer ein großes Erlebnis, wenn das Kind schon wieder etwas Neues kann. Bitte geben Sie an, welche Dinge das bei Ihrem Kind sind.




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Name: 12

Instrument: This question is at position 13 in instrument Mother and Child (2-3-year-olds) 2017


child walks forwards down the stairs [variable: mvmn1]
child climbs jungle gyms and other high playground equipment [variable: mvmn3]
child uses scissors to cut paper [variable: mvmn4]
child paints / draws recognizable shapes on paper [variable: mvmn5]
child can hold pen in the right way (not nist) [variable: mvmn6]
child plays games with other children [variable: sclr2]
child participates in role-playing games [variable: sclr3]
child shows particular liking for certain playmates or friends [variable: sclr4]
child calls his/her own feelings by name, e.g. sad, happy, scared [variable: sclr5]
child changes while playing (without asking) [variable: sclr6]
child eats with spoon without making a mess [variable: skll1]
child blows nose without assistance [variable: skll2]
child uses toilet to do number two [variable: skll3]
child puts on pants and underpants forwards [variable: skll4]
child brushes teeth without assistance [variable: skll5]
child speaks in full sentences (at least four words) [variable: spch3]
child can relate simple messages [variable: spch5]
child follows instructions (heard five minutes before) [variable: spch6]
child knows first and lastname [variable: spch7]
child can listen attentively to stories [variable: spch8]
bbew3 [concept: bbew3]
bsoz3 [concept: bsoz3]
bspr6 [concept: bspr6]
bsoz4 [concept: bsoz4]
bbew5 [concept: bbew5]
bspr5 [concept: bspr5]
bspr7 [concept: bspr7]
ball2 [concept: ball2]
ball1 [concept: ball1]
bbew7 [concept: bbew7]
ball5 [concept: ball5]
bsoz7 [concept: bsoz7]
ball4 [concept: ball4]
bsoz2 [concept: bsoz2]
bspr3 [concept: bspr3]
bsoz5 [concept: bsoz5]
bspr4 [concept: bspr4]
ball3 [concept: ball3]
bbew4 [concept: bbew4]
bbew1 [concept: bbew1]

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