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38 Does / did your father / mother belong to a church or religious group? 35
7 There are different judicial principles for moving in to Germany. Which of the following immigrant categories did you belong to when you moved to Germany? 5
23 To change the subject, how long have you lived in your current home? 21
0 This questionnaire complements information of the green personal questionnaire. Attention: Youth, born 1999 need to complete the red youth questionnaire. Your participation is voluntary but the scientific relevance of this study depends crucially on the participation of every member of every household. Therefore we ask that: You allow our representative to carry out this interview, or you carefully fill out the questionnaire yourself. Intro
2 Citizenship and Origin B1
4 Where is your birthplace located today? 2
5 Did you come due to flight or expulsion after the second world war until 1950 on the today's territory of Germany? 3
9 What is your current residence status? 7
11 Which of the following reasons was the main reason for you to come to Germany? 9
8 Have you had a job commitment, so a contract of employment or a contract for self-employment in Germany before your immigration to Germany? 6
18 Have you had German citizenship since birth or did you acquire it at a later date? 16
14 Did you attend German language courses? 12
15 If you compare once: in which professional position were you working at your last job before your moved to Germany? And which professional position at your first job in Germany? 13
16 Do you have the german citizenship today? 14
20 And in what year did you acquire German citizenship? 18
19 What citizenship did you have before? 17
13 The next question is about your knowledge of the German language. 11
25 Childhood and Parental Home B2
24 Except this apartment, so the apartment in which the survey budget lives, do you have another apartment, where you even live or spend your vacation in? 22
27 Do you still live in the same city or area today? 24
34 What type of school-leaving certificate did your father / mother attain? 31
31 When was your father / mother born (year)? 28
53 Where did you last attend school? Was it... 47
30 Does your father / mother still live? If so, where does he / she live? If not, when did he / she die? 27
63 Have you completed vocational training or university studies in another country than Germany? 57
42 How interested and involved were your parents in your grades and progress at school? 38
43 Can you remember your last report card from school? What were your grades in the following three subjects? 39
41 At what age did you start with the regular visit of this institution? 37
40 Have you regularly attended a kindergarten, a children's day center or a similar institution? 36
36 If applicable: What was your father’s / mother’s occupation when you were 15 years old? 33
49 When you were 15 years old ... and afterwards B4
51 Your education B5
45 Were you actively involved in musical activities growing up? For example, did you sing or play a musical instrument? 41
46 Were you involved in extracurricular sports in your youth? 42
50 We would like to ask you now for some information about your personal history starting at age of 15. Please fill out the table below as follows: 45
48 Did you play this sport competitively? 44
52 We now ask for details on some issues of your life history, which have to do with the training and the profession. First to the school: 46
72 Are you still in the same working position when you first startet? 65
61 Have you completed vocational training or university studies in Germany? 55
60 What is the highest degree you plan to attain? 54
55 What type of school-leaving certificate did you attain? 49
58 If you think back to the last grade of school you attended: How many of your fellow students or their parents were not from Germany? 52
56 In which German federal state (Bundesland) did you last attend school? 50
70 If you already were employed: How old were you when you first started working? 63
65 When did you complete this education or training? 59
66 Did you receive a transcript or certificate documenting the successful completion of this training or education? 60
81 When was the last year in which you were gainfully employed? 74
77 Was the company you worked for at that time part of the public sector or public administration? 70
82 Were you last employed full-time, part-time, or marginally in your last job? 75
80 Are you gainfully employed at the present time? 73
76 What kind of training is usually required for this kind of work? 69
73 Are you still working for the same employer? 66
78 What sector of business or industry was your company or institution active in for the most part? 71
88 Do you have or had any siblings? 81
83 Was the company where you held your last job part of the public sector or public administration? 76
84 What sector of business or industry was your company or institution active in for the most part? 77
96 Thank you for your participation! INT
95 Other notes: D
94 Duration of the interview: C
93 How was the interview conducted? B
69 Employment B6
91 Realisation of the interview B7
74 What occupational status did you have at that time (in your first job)? 67
90 The following is about partnership and marriage. The questions are always asked in terms of the relationship, regardless of whether you got married in this relationship or not. Whether you have been married in the particular relationship or not will be clarified in subsequent questions. The questions are about both, the current relationship, as well as former relationships. We begin with the current relationship and then ask you retrospectively about the steady relationships you had before.Concerning the previous relations, we speak of a steady relationship if it lasted six months or longer. 83
47 Which sports you played was most important to you? 43
71 Are you still doing the same job ? 64
75 What was your job title at that time (in your first job)? 68
85 What was your occupational status in your last job? 78
17 Do you have a second citizenship in addition to your German? 15
39 If you think back ... B3
37 Which of the following categories describes your father’s / mother’s occupational status when you were 15 years old? 34
62 What type of vocational or university degree did you attain and when did you attain it? 56
54 How many years did you attend school?. 48
1 Before handing in the questionnaire, please enter in accordance with the address log: 0
87 Did you do compulsory military service or community service in place of military service? 80
22 Where did you live before German reunification, i.e. before 1989? 20
67 Did you apply for a recognition of your degree in Germany? 61
29 Does your mother and father live in this household? 26
57 What type of school-leaving certificate did you attain? 51
21 What is your citizenship? 19
28 How many years of your childhood (up to the age of 15) did you live with the following persons? 25
59 Do you intend to attain a school-leaving certificate in the future? 53
32 Was your father / mother born in Germany? 29
89 Do you have or had children? If so, how much? 82
79 Have you changed your occupation one or more times since then, such that the type of work you do has changed significantly? 72
33 Does or did your father / mother have German citizenship? 30
44 How often did you argue or fight with your parents when you were 15 years old? 40
35 Did your father / mother complete vocational training or a university degree? 32
64 What kind of education or training was it? 58
86 Have you performed any of the following voluntary services? 79
26 Where did you spend the majority of your childhood up to the age of 15? Was it ... 23
12 At your arrival, did you have any support of relatives or acquaintances who already lived in Germany? 10
92 What date do we have today and at which time have you finished your survey? A
6 When did you move to Germany? 4
3 Where were you born? 1
10 Which of the following would best describe your living situation immediately after moving to Germany? 8
68 Do you intend to complete vocational / occupational training or attain a university degree in the future? 62
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