Parents and Child (7-8-year-olds, CAPI) 2019[instrument]


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0 This questionnaire aims to mothers and fathers of children, they were born in 2008 and living in the household. Please answer the questions even if the child is not biological, but adopted or fostered child, or the child of your partner, who lives in the household. Our questions refer to your personal attitudes and estimates to education goals and concepts as well as education and care. We request both parents in each case to answer the questionnaire. Your participation is entirely voluntary. We therefore cordially request that - you allow our staff member to interview you - or you fill out the questionnaire independently. Intro
10 How do you feel in your role as a parent and to what extent do you agree with the following statements? 9
16 Other notes: D
3 In which year and month was your child born? 2
8 Below are some of the personality and skill influenced by child rearing. In your opinion, how important are the following education aims? 7
1 Before handing in the questionnaire, please enter in accordance with the address log: 0
2 What's your child’s name? 1
5 When did the child start school? 4
9 How frequently do the following things occur? 8
11 Are you your child’s main caregiver? 10
12 If you think about a normal week: are there any other people besides you who take care of your child? If so, who is it and how many hours per week do they help? 11
13 What date do we have today? A
14 How was the interview conducted? B
15 Duration of the interview: C
17 Interviewer Interviewer
4 Are you the child’s mother or father? 3
6 To what extent do the following secondary school-leaving certificates correspond to the ideal education you would like for your child? 5
7 How likely do you think it is that your child will obtain one of the following school-leaving certificates? 6
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Name: soep-core-2019-e4-2

Label: Parents and Child (7-8-year-olds, CAPI) 2019


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