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0 [de] Dieser Fragebogen richtet sich an alle Personen im Haushalt, die 2001 und früher geboren sind. Ihre Mitarbeit ist freiwillig. Die wissenschaftliche Aussagekraft dieser Untersuchung hängt aber entscheidend von der Mitarbeit aller Personen in allen Haushalten ab. Darum bitten wir Sie herzlich, - unserem Mitarbeiter / unserer Mitarbeiterin dieses Interview zu gewähren - oder den Fragebogen sorgfältig selbst auszufüllen. Intro
217 Does your partner live with you in this household? 202
218 What is the name of your (marital) partner? 203
219 [de] [Bildschirm drehen] Vintro2
97 How many secondary jobs, including voluntary work, do you currently practice in total? 93
117 Is your house or apartment still burdened with loans? 110
165 Are you receiving a pension for partial or full reduction in earning capacity? 153
220 [de] Welches Geschlecht wurde bei Ihrer Geburt in Ihre Geburtsurkunde eingetragen? 1g
248 Other notes F
249 [de] Listen-Nr. Int
27 [de] Wann haben Sie bei Ihrer letzten Stelle aufgehört zu arbeiten? 24
59 Is the job part of a job-creation measure (ABM) or is it a "1-Euro Job" (community work)? 55
67 How high would your net income have to be in order to be just? 63
1 Please enter according to address protocol. 0
2 Your current life situation B1
3 How satisfied are you today with the following areas of your life? 1
4 I will now read off a number of feelings. For each one, please state how often you experienced this feeling in the last four weeks. How often have you felt … 2
5 Do you feel that what you are doing in your life is valuable and useful? 3
6 Are you generally a person who is willing to take risks or do you try to avoid taking risks? 4
7 What is a typical day like for you? How many hours do you spend on the following activities on a typical weekday, Saturday, and Sunday? 5
8 Now some questions about your leisure time. Please indicate how often you take part in each activity: daily, at least once per week, at least once per month, seldom or never? 6
9 Have you done paid work during the last 7 days, even if only for an hour or a few hours? 7
10 Are you currently on maternity leave (Mutterschutz) or on statutory parental leave (Elternzeit)? 8
11 Are you currently using the statutory period of care (Pflegezeit) to care for a relative? 9
12 Are you officially registered unemployed at the Employment Office (Arbeitsamt)? 10
80 Is an hourly wage specified in your employment contract or elsewhere? 76
13 Are you currently in education or training? In other words, are you attending a school or institution of higher education (including doctorate / Ph.D.), completing an apprenticeship or vocational training, or participating in further education or training? 11
14 [de] Abschluss: 12
15 How were things last year? B2
16 [de] Haben Sie seit dem 01. Januar 2018 eine Schule, eine Berufsausbildung oder ein Hochschulstudium beendet? 13
17 [de] Wann haben Sie diese Schule, diese Berufsausbildung oder dieses Hochschulstudium beendet? 14
18 Did you complete this education / training with a degree, certificate, or diploma? 15
19 Did you obtain this degree / certificate / diploma in Germany or in another country? 16
20 Is this degree / certificate / diploma recognized in Germany? 17
28 How long were you employed at that job? 25
21 [de] Abschluss: 18
22 [de] Haben Sie im Jahr 2018 an beruflicher Weiterbildung teilgenommen? 19
23 [de] An wie vielen beruflichen Weiterbildungsmaßnamen haben Sie im Jahr 2018 teilgenommen? 20
24 How many days in total did you spend in these further training programs? 21
25 How many days of the course were half-days or a few hours? 22
26 [de] Sind Sie seit dem 01. Januar 2018 aus einer beruflichen Tätigkeit bzw. einer Stelle, die Sie vorher gehabt haben, ausgeschieden? 23
29 How did that job end? 26
30 Did you receive any sort of compensation or severance package from the company? 27
31 Did you have a new contract or job prospect before you left your last job? 28
32 Are you currently employed? Which one of the following applies best to your status? 29
33 Do you intend to obtain (or resume) employment in the future? 30
34 When, approximately, would you like to start working? 31
35 Are you interested in full-time or part-time employment, or would you be satisfied with either one? 32
36 If you were currently looking for a new job: Is it or would it be easy, difficult, or almost impossible to find an appropriate position? 33
37 What would your net income have to be for you to accept a position? 34
38 How many hours per week would you have to work to earn this net income? 35
39 If someone offered you an appropriate position right now, could you start working within the next two weeks? 36
40 Have you actively looked for work within the last four weeks? 37
41 Your current job B3
42 Have you changed jobs or started a new one since December 31, 2015? 38
43 How often have you changed jobs or started a new one since December 31, 2015? 39
44 When did you start your current position? 40
45 What type of occupational change was that? 41
46 Was your career interrupted by the birth of one or more children, e.g., maternity leave (Mutterschutz) or parental leave (Elternzeit)? 42
47 How many months did this break in employment last? 43
48 Were you actively looking for a job when you received your current position, or did it just come up? 44
49 How did you find out about this job? 45
58 Do you have a fixed-term or permanent employment contract? 54
50 What is your current position/occupation? 46
51 Does this job correspond to the occupation for which you were trained? 47
52 What type of education or training is usually required for this type of work? 48
53 What sector of business or industry is your company or institution active in for the most part? 49
54 When did you start working for your current employer? 50
55 What is your current occupational status? 51
56 Do you work for a public sector employer? 52
57 Is this work through a temporary employment agency (Zeitarbeit, Leiharbeit)? 53
60 Approximately how many people does the company employ as a whole? 56
61 In your position at work, do you supervise others? In other words, do people work under your direction? 57
62 How many people work under your direction? 58
63 Does an employee's council exist at your place of work? 59
64 If you were thinking of your present gross earnings, would you say that it is fair, unfairly too high, or unfairly low in relation to your job? 60
65 How high would your gross income have to be in order to be just? 61
66 If you think about your present net earnings, would you say that it is fair, unfairly overpriced or unfairly low in relation to your job? 62
68 There are very different working arrangements nowadays. Which of the following applies to your work best? 64
69 Belong to your working time special forms such as standby service, call service or work on call? 65
70 Do you sometimes have to work in the evenings (after 7:00 p.m.) or at night (after 10:00 p.m.)? If so, how often? 66
71 Do you have to work weekends? If so, how often? 67
72 At what time do you generally start work? 68
81 Aside from what is specified in your employment contract: Was your gross wage in the last month below 10 euros per hour, or was it 10 euros or more per hour? 77
73 If you could choose your own working hours, taking into account that your income would change according to the number of hours: How many hours would you want to work? 69
74 How many days do you usually work per week? 70
75 How many hours per week are stipulated in your contract (excluding overtime)? 71
76 And how many hours do you generally work per week, including any overtime? 72
77 Is it “marginal” part-time work in accordance with the 400/800–euro rule (Mini-Job, Midi-Job)? 73
78 Do you provide voluntary contributions to pension insurance for your mini-job? 74
79 Is this part-time work provided for under the Federal Parental Part-Time Work Act (Bundeselterngeld und Elternzeitgesetz, BEEG)? 75
82 [de] Wie hoch war Ihr tatsächlicher Bruttostundenlohn im letzten Monat? 78
83 Do you have a second dwelling where you stay during your work week? 79
84 How far (in kilometers) is your place of work, or this second dwelling that is near your work, from your main dwelling? 80
85 How often do you commute from your main dwelling to your place of work or to your second dwelling that is near your work? 81
86 How far do you travel to work on a normal workday? 82
87 And how much time do you usually spend commuting to work on a normal workday? 83
88 Do you work overtime? 84
89 Can you also save your overtime in a working hours account that allows you to take time off for the overtime within a year or more? 85
90 Have you worked overtime in the last month? If so, how many hours? 86
91 Have you used up overtime off in lieu last month? If so, how many? 87
92 Did you receive financial compensation for overtime in the last month? If so, for how many hours? 88
93 What did you earn from your work last month? Please state both: gross income, which means income before deduction of taxes and social security and net income, which means income after deduction of taxes, social security, and unemployment and health insurance. 89
94 Are you paid according to a collectively agreed wage agreement? 90
95 Does the collective wage agreement include a fixed minimum wage? 91
96 In addition to the main activity one can still carry out secondary activities or volunteer activities. Do you practice one or more secondary or voluntary activities? 92
98 What kind of sideline / volunteer work is this? 94
99 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] In welcher beruflichen Stellung sind Sie bei dieser Tätigkeit beschäftigt? 95
100 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] Ist das eine ehrenamtliche Tätigkeit? 96
101 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] Ist das eine geringfügige Beschäftigung nach der 450 Euro-Regelung (Mini-Job)? 97
102 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] Leisten Sie für diesen Mini-Job die freiwillige Beitragsaufstockung zur Rentenversicherung? 98
103 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] An wie vielen Tagen im Monat üben Sie durchschnittlich Ihre Nebentätigkeit aus? 99
104 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] Wie viele Stunden arbeiten Sie für diese Tätigkeit pro Woche? 100
105 [de] [Erste Nebentätigkeit] Wie hoch war Ihr Bruttoverdienst aus dieser Tätigkeit im letzten Monat? 101
106 [de] Welche der im Folgenden aufgeführten Einkünfte haben Sie persönlich im letzten Monat bezogen? Für alle zutreffenden Einkommensarten geben Sie bitte an, wie hoch der Bruttobetrag im letzten Monat war. 102
107 [de] Welche der im Folgenden aufgeführten Einkünfte hatten Sie im vergangenen Kalenderjahr 2018? Für alle zutreffenden Einkommensarten geben Sie bitte an, wie viele Monate im Jahr 2018 Sie dieses Einkommen bezogen haben und wie hoch im Durchschnitt der monatliche Bruttobetrag war. 103
108 Additional questions for employed persons B4
109 Did you receive any of the following bonuses or extra pay from your employer last year (2014)? If yes, please state the gross amount. 104
110 Last year (2014), did you receive money to cover travel expenses or an allowance to cover use of local public transit (e.g., a Jobticket)? If so, please indicate the value thereof: 105
111 Additional questions for retirees / pensioners B5
112 Who pays your retirement / pension and what were the monthly payments in 2015? 106
113 And now think back on the entire last year, that is, 2016. We have provided a kind of calendar below. Listed on the left are various employment characteristics that may have applied to you last year. Please go through the various months and check all the months in which you were employed, unemployed, etc. 107
114 Wealth creation in all strata of the population is an important issue today, especially with regard to future pensions. That is why we try to obtain a reliable picture of the wealth situation of the Germans. We would like to invite you and ask you to participate in this project. To do this, we would like to work with you to create a personal "balance sheet" that also helps you gain an overview. You can be absolutely sure that your information will be kept confidential and will only be used for scientific evaluation. Vintro
115 Are you personally the owner of the house that you own or the apartment in which you live? 108
116 [de] Wie hoch ist der heutige Verkehrswert Ihres Wohneigentums, d.h. Wohnung oder Haus einschließlich Grundstück? Der Verkehrswert ist der Preis, den Sie bei einem Verkauf erzielen würden. 109
118 [de] Um den Vermögenswert Ihres Wohneigentums zu schätzen, muss man auch den Darlehensbetrag berücksichtigen, der noch abzuzahlen ist, also die Restschuld (ohne Zinsen). Wie hoch ist etwa der Betrag? 111
119 Are you the sole owner of the house or apartment or are you a co-owner (for example with a spouse)? 112
120 With what percentage do you share proportionally as a co-owner? 113
121 Apart from the home you live in, do you own any other homes or land? 114
122 [de] Um welche Art Immobilien handelt es sich dabei? Geben Sie bitte auch an, wie viele der genannten Immobilien Sie besitzen und wo sich diese befinden. 115
123 [de] Wie hoch schätzen Sie den heutigen gesamten Verkehrswert dieser Immobilien (ohne das selbstgenutzte Wohneigentum)? Der Verkehrswert ist der Preis, den Sie bei einem Verkauf erzielen würden. 116
124 Are you the sole owner of the house or apartment or are you a co-owner (for example with a spouse)? 117
125 With how many percentage are you totally involved in property values? 118
126 Is your real estate - without owner-occupied housing - wholly or partially encumbered with loans? 119
127 [de] Um den Vermögenswert Ihrer Immobilien zu schätzen, muss man auch den Darlehensbetrag berücksichtigen, der noch abzuzahlen ist, also die Restschuld (ohne Zinsen). Wie hoch ist etwa der Betrag? 120
128 Do you personally have a building loan agreement (Bausparvertrag)? 121
129 [de] Wie hoch ist Ihr derzeitiges Bausparguthaben einschließlich Zinsen / Prämien. 122
130 Do you own financial assets in the form of a savings account, bonds (Sparbrief / Pfandbrief), shares, or investments? 123
131 [de] Wie hoch ist der Wert Ihrer Geldanlagen insgesamt? 124
132 Are these financial assets in your name or do you share them through joint accounts, Sole owner i.e., with your spouse? 125
133 With how much percentage are you totally involved in financial investment? 126
134 Do you have a life insurance or a private pension insurance that you completed or your employer has completed for you? 127
135 [de] Wie hoch ist der derzeitige Rückkaufwert / das Vertragsguthaben dieser Versicherungsverträge? 128
136 [de] Sind Sie in einem Register (Gewerberegister, Handelsregister) als Eigentümer oder Miteigentümer (Mitunternehmer) oder Anteilseigner einer Gesellschaft eingetragen? Wir meinen z.B. Eintragungen als persönlich haftender Gesellschafter (Vollhafter, Komplementär), als beschränkt haftender Gesellschafter (Teilhafter, Kommanditist) oder in der Gesellschafterliste bei Beteiligung an einer Kapitalgesellschaft. 129
137 [de] Sind Sie alleiniger Eigentümer oder Miteigentümer eines Unternehmens (z.B. GmbH oder AG) oder eines Geschäfts (z.B. Kanzlei, Praxis, Gewerbebetrieb oder landwirtschaftlicher Betrieb)? 130
138 [de] Bei wie vielen Unternehmen bzw. Geschäften sind Sie alleiniger Eigentümer und bei wie vielen sind Sie Miteigentümer? 131
139 [de] Wie hoch ist der heutige Gesamtwert aller Ihrer Unternehmens- bzw. Geschäftsanteile, den sie bei einer Veräußerung unter Berücksichtigung eventuell bestehender Kreditbelastungen und vor Steuern erzielen könnten. 132
140 Do you have personally more than one vehicle for example car, motorcycle, camper or private van? 133
141 [de] Wie hoch ist der Marktwert Ihres Kraftfahrzeugs bzw. Ihrer gesamten Kraftfahrzeuge, also der Betrag, den Sie bei einem Verkauf erzielen können? 134
142 Do you personally have any significant assets in the form of Gold, jewelry, coins or valuable collections? 135
143 [de] Angenommen Sie könnten dieses Sachvermögen veräußern: Wie hoch schätzen Sie den Gesamtwert ein? 136
144 Apart from mortgages for home and real estate or construction loans: Do you have time still debts from loans you personally at a bank, other institution or a private individual and for whom you have private liability? 137
145 [de] Wie hoch sind die Restschulden, die Sie aus diesen Krediten noch zurückzahlen müssen? 138
146 Do you currently have debts from loans to finance a training / BAföG? 139
147 [de] Wie hoch sind die Restschulden, die Sie aus diesen Krediten noch zurückzahlen müssen? 140
148 [de] Haben Sie persönlich jemals eine Erbschaft gemacht oder eine größere Schenkung erhalten? Wir meinen dabei Übertragungen von Haus- und Grundbesitz, von Wertpapieren, Beteiligungen, sonstigem Vermögen oder größeren Geldbeträgen. 141
149 Please answer the questions for inheritance or donation a) to d). 142
150 [de] In welchem Jahr war das? 142a
151 [de] [Erste Erbschaft / Schenkung] Handelte es sich um ... 142b
152 [de] [Erste Erbschaft / Schenkung] Um welche Art von Vermögen ging es dabei? 142c
153 [de] [Erste Erbschaft / Schenkung] Wie hoch war der damalige Wert dieser Erbschaft oder Schenkung? 142d
154 [de] In welchem Umfang haben die folgenden Aspekte zur Entwicklung Ihres heutigen Vermögens beigetragen? 143
155 Health and Illness B6
156 How would you describe your current health? 144
166 Have you gone to a doctor in the last three months? If so, please state how many times. 154
157 How many hours do you sleep on average on a normal day during the working week? How many hours on a normal weekend day? 145
158 Over the last two weeks, how often have you been bothered by any if the following problems? 146
159 Has a doctor ever diagnosed you to have one or more of the following illnesses? 147
160 Are you restricted in normal everyday activities by a health problem ? 148
161 Have you had this impairment for longer than six months? 149
162 Have you been officially assessed as being severely disabled (Schwerbehindert) or partially incapable of work (Erwerbsgemindert) for medical reasons? 150
163 What is the degree of your reduced capability to work (Erwerbsminderung) or disabilty (Schwerbehinderung)? 151
164 What type of disability do you have? 152
167 What about hospital stays in the last year — were you admitted to a hospital for at least one night in 2016? 155
168 How many nights total did you spend in the hospital last year, i.e. 2016? 156
169 Were you on sick leave from work for more than 6 weeks at one time last year? 157
170 How many days were you unable to work in 2016 due to illness? 158
171 Leaving aside sick leave and vacation: Was there any other point in 2015 when you did not work for other, personal reasons? 159
172 Have you changed health insurance providers since December 31, 2015? 160
173 What kind of health insurance do you have: statutory health insurance or are you exclusively privately insured? 161
174 Which of the following is your health insurance provider? 162
175 Are you personally in this health insurance ... 163
176 Attitudes and opinions B7
177 People can have many different qualities—some are listed below. You will probably find that some of these descriptions fit you completely and that some do not fit you at all. Others may fit to a certain extent. 164
178 [de] Es gibt unterschiedliche Vorstellungen darüber, wann eine Gesellschaft gerecht ist. Wie ist Ihre persönliche Meinung zu den folgenden Aussagen? 165
179 To what extent do you personally agree with the following statements? 166
180 Generally speaking, how interested are you in politics? 167
181 Many people in Germany lean towards one party in the long term, even if they occasionally vote for another party. Do you lean towards a particular party? 168
182 Which party do you lean toward? 169
183 And to what extent? 170
184 In politics people often talk about “left” and “right” when it comes to characterize different political attitudes. If you think about your own political views: Where would you place yours? 171
185 [de] Wie schätzen Sie persönlich Ihre eigenen Möglichkeiten ein, auf öffentliche Entscheidungen auf folgenden Ebenen einzuwirken? 172
199 How connected do you feel towards the place and the area where you live? 185
186 Are you a member of one of the following organisations or unions? 173
187 How concerned are you about the following issues? 174
188 If you think about the future: Are you ... 175
189 Country of Origin B8
190 Do you have German citizenship? 176
191 Do you have second citizenship in addition to German citizenship? 177
192 What is your country of citizenship? 178
193 What is your residence status in Germany? 179
194 Now some questions about your native language—the language spoken by the family you grew up in.Is German the native language of you and both of your parents? 180
195 What about you — 181
196 Here in Germany, what language do you speak with ... 182
197 In the last 12 months, 183
198 In the last 12 months, 184
216 Are you in a serious / permanent relationship? 201
200 Could you imagine to move from here, for example for family or professional reasons? 186
201 Respondents in the former East Germany or East Berlin: Could you imagine to move to the old federal states (alte Bundesländer) in the western part of Germany? Respondents in the former West Germany or West Berlin: Could you imagine to move to the new federal states (neue Bundesländer) in the eastern part of Germany? 187
202 Do you have regular contact with friends or acquaintances abroad? 188
203 Have you ever lived more than three months abroad, whether for professional or personal reasons? 189
204 Have you played seriously in recent time with the idea to go abroad for a long time or even forever? 190
205 How long would you like to spend living abroad? 191
206 What country do you intend to move or emigrate to? 192
207 Do you plan to move abroad or emigrate within the next 12 months? 193
208 Do you belong to a church or religious community? 194
209 Which Christian religious community do you belong to? 195
210 Which Islamic religious community do you belong to? 196
211 Family situation B9
212 What is your marital status? 197
213 [de] Haben Sie einen Ehevertrag bzw. einen Lebenspartnerschaftsvertrag? 198
214 [de] Leben Sie mit Ihrem (Ehe-)Partner / Ihrer (Ehe-)Partnerin zusammen, in diesem Haushalt? 199
215 What is the name of your (marital) partner? 200
221 [de] Und welchem Geschlecht ordnen Sie sich selbst zu? 2g
222 [de] Was würden Sie selbst sagen: Sind Sie …? 204
223 [de] In welchem Alter haben Sie für sich selber erkannt: Ich bin [homosexuell] [bisexuell] [transgeschlechtlich]? 204a
224 [de] Haben Sie sich bei mindestens einer Person der folgenden Gruppen geoutet? 204b
225 [de] Wie gehen Sie heutzutage mit Ihrer [sexuellen Orientierung] [trans-Identität] in diesen Gruppen um? 204c
226 [de] Inwiefern stimmen Sie den folgenden Aussagen über Ihre [sexuelle Orientierung] [trans-Identität] zu? 204d
227 [de] Inwiefern stimmen Sie den folgenden Aussagen zu? 204e
228 [de] [Bildschirm wieder zurückdrehen] Vintro3
229 [de] Wenn Sie einmal alle Hindernisse außer Acht lassen: Wie viele Kinder würden Sie im Idealfall insgesamt gerne haben? 205
230 [de] Haben Sie vor, in den nächsten zwei Jahren ein Kind zu bekommen? 206
231 [de] Auf welche Weise planen Sie ihren aktuellen Kinderwunsch zu realisieren? 206a
232 [de] Welche Möglichkeit des Kontakts zum Spender wünschen Sie sich für das Kind? 206b
233 [de] Welche Hindernisse erwarten Sie bei der Umsetzung ihres Kinderwunsches? 206d
234 [de] Im folgenden geht es um einige Eigenschaften, aufgrund derer Diskriminierung stattfinden kann. Geben Sie bitte an, ob bzw. wie häufig Sie persönlich innerhalb der letzten beiden Jahre die Erfahrung gemacht haben, hier in Deutschland aufgrund der folgenden Merkmale benachteiligt worden zu sein? 207
235 [de] Wie häufig kam es innerhalb der letzten beiden Jahre in Deutschland vor, dass Sie in den folgenden Bereichen aufgrund des Geschlechts diskriminiert wurden? 207a
236 [de] Wie häufig kam es innerhalb der letzten beiden Jahre in Deutschland vor, dass Sie in den folgenden Bereichen aufgrund der sexuellen Orientierung diskriminiert wurden? 207b
237 The following list is composed of people who could be important for you in some way. How do you feel about the following? 207d
238 In the last year, that is, in 2018, have you personally given money or financial support to relatives or other people outside this household? 208
239 Has your family situation changed since December 31, 2015? Please indicate if any of the following apply to you and if so, when this change occurred. 209
240 In conclusion, we would like to ask you about your satisfaction with your life in general. How satisfied are you with your life, all things considered? 210
241 The following question is for people born before 1980: If you look back 20 years - in 1989, the year before the merger Germany - what would you say: Overall, since that time, your life satisfaction has increased rather or decreased? 211
242 Realisation of the interview B10
243 When did you finish filling out the questionnaire? A
244 How did you complete the interview? B
245 Duration of the interview C
246 Were other persons present while filling out the questionnaire? D
247 Did you use a translated version of the questionnaire or did someone translate the questions for you? E
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