Household-related Gross File


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
1 Survey Year syear
1 SUBSAMPLE sample1
1 Current Sample Region sampreg
1 Household Type htyp
1 Highest Person Number In Household hpmax
1 Day Household Last Contacted datumtg
1 Month Household Last Contacted datummo
1 Federal State bula
1 Household Address Check hader
1 Source Of Information hadq
1 Number Of Interviewers intza
1 Interviewer Contacts intk
1 Survey Telephone Contact telk1
1 Re-Survey Telephone Contact telk2
1 Contact By Mail schk
1 Survey Type Main Survey hform1
1 Survey Result Main Survey herg1
1 Result Of Survey hforms
1 Household Survey Result, One Digit hergs
1 Household Steps Of Survey hstu
1 Starting Work Form split
1 Number Of Persons In Household hhgr
1 Residential Area 1: Type Of House wum1
1 Residential Area 2: Private,Institution wum2
1 Residential Area 3: Rental Housing wum3
1 Wave When Moved To This Address wein
1 Telephone htel
1 Spatial category by BBSR regtyp
1 Interviewer ID intid
1 Nr of First Interviewer intid1
1 HH With Email email
1 Post-Editing Of Housholds And Persons nach
1 Split: Supplementary Sample 2012 modul
1 Post-Editing CAWI 2012 nach_cawi
1 Reference To SOEP-Film In Cover Letter 2012 split_film
1 Language Barrier wuma1
1 Condition Residential Area wuma2
1 Condition Residence wuma3
1 Access Problems: Barriers wuma401
1 Access Problems: Intercom wuma402
1 Other Access Problems wuma403
1 No Access Problems wuma404
1 Impression Street/Housing Complex wuma5
1 Neighborhood wuma6
1 Type Of House wuma7


Study: soep-is


Dataset: hbrutto

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