Household-related Status and Generated Variables


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Number Of Persons In HH hgnrpers
1 Number Of Children Under 14 In HH hgnrkid14
1 Number Of Children Under 16 In HH hgnrkid16
1 Year Moved Into Dwelling hgmoveyr
1 Year House Was Built hgcnstyr
1 Condition Of House hgcondit
1 Adequacy Of Living Space In Housing Unit hgseval
1 Dwelling Has Kitchen hgeqpkit
1 Dwelling Has Indoor Bath,Shower hgeqpshw
1 Dwelling Has Indoor Toilet hgeqpiwc
1 Dwelling Has Central,Floor Heat hgeqphea
1 Dwelling Has Balcony,Terrace hgeqpter
1 Dwelling Has Basement hgeqpbas
1 Dwelling Has Garden hgeqpgar
1 Dwelling Has Water Boiler hgeqpwat
1 Dwelling Has Telephone hgeqptel
1 Dwelling Has Alarm System hgeqpalm
1 Dwelling Has Solar System hgeqpsol
1 Dwelling Has Air Conditioner hgeqpair
1 Dwelling Has An Elevator hgeqplif
1 Dwelling Has Alternative Energy Source hgeqpnrj
1 Tenant Or Owner Of Dwelling hgowner
1 Means Of Acquiring Dwelling hgacquis
1 Government Subsidizes Housing Payments hgsubsid
1 Amount Of Subsidies Last Year hgosubs
1 Rent Of Dwelling Vs Comparable Dwellings hgreval
1 Government Subsidized Housing hgrsubs
1 Dwelling At A Reduced Prize hgreduc
1 Size of Housing Unit in Square Meters hgsize
1 Number Of Rooms Larger than 6 Square Meters hgroom
1 Costs Of Warm Water (gen) hgheat
1 Cost Allocation (gen) hgutil
1 Amount of Rent Minus Heating Costs (EUR) hgrent
1 Costs of Electricity (gen) hgelectr
1 Does Not Pay Rent hgnorent
1 Imputation Flag, Size Of Housing hgfsize
1 Imputation Flag, Number Of Rooms Lager than 6 Square Meters hgfroom
1 Imputation Flag, Costs Of Heating And Warm Water hgfheat
1 Imputation Flag, Cost Allocation hgfutil
1 Imputation Flag, Amount Of Rent Minus Heating Costs hgfrent
1 Imputation Flag, Costs of Electricity hgfelectr
1 Household Typology, One Digit hgtyp1hh
1 Household Typology, Two Digit hgtyp2hh
1 Month Of Interview hghmonth
1 Interview Method hghmode
1 Monthly Household Net Income (EUR) hghinc
1 Adjusted Monthly Household Net Income (EUR) hgahinc
1 NUTS-Systematic-1 (Federal State) hgnuts1
1 1. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [1/5] hgi1hinc
1 2. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [2/5] hgi2hinc
1 3. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [3/5] hgi3hinc
1 4. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [4/5] hgi4hinc
1 5. Imputed Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) [5/5] hgi5hinc
1 Imputation Flag, Monthly Net Household Income (EUR) hgfhinc


Study: soep-is


Dataset: hgen

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