Bonn Intervention Panel (parents)


Sort Variable Name
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
2 Never Changing Person ID of the parent/ the interviewee pidresp
3 Never Changing Person ID of the Child pid
4 Survey year syear
5 Year of birth lgeb
6 Sex lsex
7 Never Changing Balu_ID balu_id
8 Number of days: Joint lunch akanzt1
9 Number of days: Talks about school akanzt2
10 Number of days: Activities akanzt3
11 Child: participation fun akds2
12 Agreement to interview the child akds3
13 Recommendation for specific secondary school type akempfs
14 Free time: TV/Video/DVD akfz01
15 Free time: Computer games akfz02
16 Free time: Listen to music akfz03
17 Free time: Make music akfz04
18 Free time: Do sports akfz05
19 Free time: Dancing, theatre akfz06
20 Free time: Technical crafting and working akfz07
21 Free time: Reading akfz08
22 Free time: Simply do nothing/hang out/dreaming akfz10
23 Free time: Other surfing on the internet akfz14
24 Free time: Visit religious events akfz16
25 Free time: Undertake sth. with the family akfz17
26 Free time: Painting and handicraft work akfz18
27 Free time: Spend time with friends akfz19
28 Free time: Participate in a youth group akfz20
29 Free time: Using social online networks akfz21
30 Free time: Telephone akfz22
31 Free time: Text-messaging akfz23
32 Free time: Caring about a pet/animals akfz24
33 Child: state of health akges01
34 Child: Making music with whom akmus1
35 Music with whom: Alone for themself akmus31
36 Music with whom: Alone with guidance akmus32
37 Music with whom: Orchestra or choir akmus33
38 Music with whom: Music group/band akmus34
39 Music with whom: Other combination akmus35
40 Child: Drinks unallowed akneg1
41 Child: Drinks allowed akneg2
42 Child: Smokes allowed akneg3
43 Child: Smokes unallowed akneg4
44 Child: Has drunken too much alcohol akneg5
45 Child: Already had problems with the police akneg6
46 Child: Already skipped lessons in school akneg7
47 Child: Already had an expulsion from school akneg8
48 Receives pocket money aktg1
49 Amount of pocket money per week aktg2
50 Amount of pocket money per month aktg3
51 Child: complains of headache, abdominal pain or nausea akver18
52 Child: Obedient, listens to adults akver19
53 Child: often has sorrows, is depressed akver20
54 Child: has at least one good friend akver21
55 Child: is nice to younger children akver22
56 Child: lies or cheats often akver23
57 Child: thinks before acting akver25
58 Child: steals at home, at school akverbip1
59 Child: overestimates own abilities akverbip2
60 Child: participation fun ds2
61 Agreement to interview the child ds3
62 Child: Last week: Felt ill kindl01
63 Child: Last week: Had Headache or bellyache kindl02
64 Child: Last week: Was tired and floppy kindl03
65 Child: Last week: Had energy and endurance kindl04
66 Child: Last week: Laughed a lot and had fun kindl201
67 Child: Last week: Had no desire kindl202
68 Child: Last week: Felt alone kindl203
69 Child: Last week: Felt scared and insecure kindl204
70 Child: Last week: Was proud of them kindl301
71 Child: Last week: Felt well kindl302
72 Child: Last week: Liked themself kindl303
73 Child: Last week: Had a lot of good ideas kindl304
74 Child: Last week: Got along well with their parents kindl401
75 Child: Last week: Felt well at home kindl402
76 Child: Last week: Had a strong argument at home kindl403
77 Child: Last week: Felt patronized kindl404
78 Child: Last week: Did sth. with friends kindl501
79 Child: Last week: Was appreciated by others kindl502
80 Child: Last week: Got along well with friends kindl503
81 Child: Last week: Felt to be different from others kindl504
82 Child: Last week: Completed tasks from school/education successfully kindl601
83 Child: Last week: Had fun in education kindl602
84 Child: Last week: Had sorrows about their future kindl603
85 Child: Last week: Was afraid of bad grades kindl604
86 Parents living in houshold lvm
87 Certain degree of intelligence that is not really changeable mind01
88 You cannot change intelligence mind02
89 To be honest, you cannot really change how intelligent you are mind03
90 You can learns new things but you cannot change your basic intelligence mind04
91 In general, I beliece I am intelligent pzu23
92 Sometimes it is okay to claim sth. that is not true pzu24
93 Tax persons with high income larger in the future simeink1
94 Persons with low income should receive more social benefits in future simeink2
95 Self-evaluation of own abilities simsebip
96 Doing stuff others find strange pkrea1
97 Let my phantasy run free pkrea2
98 Not interested in theoretical discussions pkrea3
99 Like to daydream pkrea4
100 Bad imagination pkrea5
101 Self-evaluation creativity pkrea6
102 Altruism simarbip
103 Stress simstbip
104 Ready to refrain from sth to gain future advantage pgedu
105 Straying from a set goal biss01
106 New ideas and projects keep me from completing old ones biss20
107 Obsessed with ideas and projects for a short time biss02
108 Have trouble focussing on a long-term project biss03
109 I tend to complete everything I start biss04
110 Blowbacks will not bring my spirits down biss05
111 I am a hardworking person biss07
112 I am diligent biss08
113 Society should deal with misfits and slackers ruthlessly aut01
114 Troublemakers should feel unwelcome in society aut02
115 Societal rules should be enforced ruthlessly aut03
116 We need strong leadership figures to live safely aut04
117 Important decisions should be made by leaders aut05
118 We should be thankful for leadership figures aut06
119 Essential to uphold traditions aut07
120 Proven habits should not be questioned aut08
121 Always the best to do things the usual way aut09
122 Self-evaluation competitiveness wett1
123 Sum game wett2

Study: soep-is

Dataset: ibip_parent


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