Sort Variable Name
1 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
1 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Innovative Module: Day Reconstruction Method - Experience Sampling Method im_drm_esm
1 Weekday of survey drm_wt
1 When did you get up yesterday? drm_a
1 Number of episode aktnr
1 Activity akt
1 Start of activity akt_s
1 End of activity akt_e
1 Secondary activity yes / no akt_sek_jn
1 Secondary activity akt_sek
1 Episode pleasant / unpleasant akt_pleasant
1 Place of episode ort
1 Nobody around around1
1 Partner / spouse around around2
1 Friend(s) around around3
1 Colleague(s) around around4
1 Clients around around5
1 Children around around6
1 Relatives around around7
1 Supervisor around around8
1 Other person(s) around around9
1 No information on person(s) around around10
1 Happiness emotion1
1 Anger emotion2
1 Frustration emotion3
1 Fatigue emotion4
1 Sadness emotion5
1 Worries emotion6
1 Pain emotion7
1 Enthusiasm emotion8
1 Satisfaction emotion9
1 Boredom emotion10
1 Loneliness emotion11
1 Stress emotion12
1 Meaning emotion13
1 Satisfaction With Health pzuf01
1 Satisfaction With Sleep pzuf20
1 Satisfaction With Work pzuf02
1 Satisfaction With Household Income pzuf04
1 Satisfaction With Personal Income pzuf05
1 Satisfaction With Dwelling pzuf07
1 Satisfaction With Leisure Time pzuf08
1 Satisfaction With Family Life pzuf13
1 Life Satisfaction pzule1
1 Frequency Of Being Angry In The Last 4 Weeks pgef1
1 Frequency Of Being Worried In The Last 4 Weeks pgef2
1 Frequency Of Being Happy In The Last 4 Weeks pgef3
1 Frequency Of Being Sad In The Last 4 Weeks pgef4
1 Evaluation Participation Snap Polls bb1
1 Snap Polls bothering during activities bb2
1 Did not answer snap poll bb3
1 How often did not answer snap poll bb4
1 No participation in snap poll because disturbing bb5
1 How often did not participate snap poll disturbing bb6
1 Snap poll hectic / inattentive bb7


Study: soep-is


Dataset: idrm_esm

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