Person-related Data from Innovative DRM/ESM Module


Sort Variable Name
6 When did you get up yesterday? drm_a
8 Activity akt
10 End of activity akt_e
12 Secondary activity akt_sek
50 Frequency Of Being Sad In The Last 4 Weeks pgef4
20 Children around around6
57 Snap poll hectic / inattentive bb7
5 Weekday of survey drm_wt
7 Number of episode aktnr
11 Secondary activity yes / no akt_sek_jn
13 Episode pleasant / unpleasant akt_pleasant
14 Place of episode ort
15 Nobody around around1
16 Partner / spouse around around2
19 Clients around around5
21 Relatives around around7
28 Fatigue emotion4
32 Enthusiasm emotion8
36 Stress emotion12
38 Satisfaction With Health pzuf01
40 Satisfaction With Work pzuf02
41 Satisfaction With Household Income pzuf04
44 Satisfaction With Leisure Time pzuf08
45 Satisfaction With Family Life pzuf13
46 Life Satisfaction pzule1
47 Frequency Of Being Angry In The Last 4 Weeks pgef1
48 Frequency Of Being Worried In The Last 4 Weeks pgef2
49 Frequency Of Being Happy In The Last 4 Weeks pgef3
51 Evaluation Participation Snap Polls bb1
52 Snap Polls bothering during activities bb2
55 No participation in snap poll because disturbing bb5
56 How often did not participate snap poll disturbing bb6
0 Case-ID, Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
3 Survey Year syear
4 Innovative Module: Day Reconstruction Method - Experience Sampling Method im_drm_esm
9 Start of activity akt_s
17 Friend(s) around around3
18 Colleague(s) around around4
22 Supervisor around around8
23 Other person(s) around around9
24 No information on person(s) around around10
25 Happiness emotion1
26 Anger emotion2
27 Frustration emotion3
29 Sadness emotion5
30 Worries emotion6
31 Pain emotion7
33 Satisfaction emotion9
34 Boredom emotion10
35 Loneliness emotion11
37 Meaning emotion13
39 Satisfaction With Sleep pzuf20
42 Satisfaction With Personal Income pzuf05
43 Satisfaction With Dwelling pzuf07
53 Did not answer snap poll bb3
54 How often did not answer snap poll bb4

Study: soep-is

Dataset: idrm_esm


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