kid/kd_rely: Adherence To Opening Time

No input variables
No output variables
Value Labels
en de
1 [1] Fully Rely [1] voll Verlass
2 [2] Partly Rely [2] nur teilweise Verlass
3 [3] Cannot Rely [3] kein Verlass
-1 [-1] No Answer [-1] keine Angabe
-2 [-2] Does Not Apply [-2] trifft nicht zu
-3 [-3] Answer Improbable [-3] nicht valide
-4 [-4] Inadmissible Multiple Answer [-4] unzulässige Mehrfachantwort
-5 [-5] Not Contained In Questionnaire [-5] nicht im Fragebogen enthalten
-6 [-6] Questionnaire Version With Modified Filtering [-6] Fragebogenversion mit geänderter Filterführung
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Variable KD_RELY comprises information on the adherence to opening times of day care facilities and was only collected in wave S of the SOEP Data.



No concept available.

English label: Adherence To Opening Time

German label: Einhaltung der Betreuungszeiten

kid – Pooled Dataset on Children

Analysis Unit: Individual

Dataset Type: Tracking

Period: 0

Study: SOEP-IS

Measure Value
valid 156
invalid 17549

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