Person-related Gross File


Sort Variable Name
1 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
1 Never Changing Person ID pid
1 Survey Year syear
1 Year Of Birth geburt
1 Sex sex
1 Nationality pnat
1 Sample Status stistat
1 Survey Status befstat
1 Wave Last Interviewed lint
1 Missing In Previous Year luecke
1 Wave Entered Panel zupan
1 Member Of Household pzug
1 Interview Work Form pform
1 Interview Work Result, 1 Digit perg
1 Interview Work Result, 2 Digits pergz
1 Serial Person Number In Previous Year pnrold
1 Member Of Household In Previous Year pzugv
1 Work Form Previous Year pformv
1 Work Result Previous Year pergzv
1 Success Obtaining Address pader
1 Person Supplying Address Information paderq
1 Month Moved Out Of Dwelling auszugm
1 Year Moved Out Of Dwelling auszugj
1 Month Moved Into Dwelling einzugm
1 Year Moved Into Dwelling einzugj
1 Month When Temporarily Absent abwesm
1 Year When Temporarily Absent abwesj
1 Work Result Biography pbio
1 SUBSAMPLE sample1
1 Willing To Participate, Prev. Year berv
1 Willing To Participate ber
1 Employment Status of Non-Respondents (PUNR) ewstatu
1 Cognitive Test - Wanna DJ dj
1 Biography bio
1 Split Version Gross Output modul
1 Relationship To Head Of Household stell
1 [until 2011] Relationship To Head Of Household stell1
1 Anchor Child (Bonn Intervention Panel) anker
1 SALIVA Speichelprobe - Ergebnis salivaerg
1 Happiness App - Ergebnis apperg
1 Bearbeitungsergebnis Ankerkind BIP-Instrumente bipperg
1 BALU-ID (Bonn Intervention Panel) balu_id
1 Serial Person Number pnrakt


Study: soep-is


Dataset: pbrutto

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