Person-related Gross File


Sort Variable Name
2 Never Changing Person ID pid
6 Nationality pnat
3 Survey Year syear
7 2nd Nationality pnat2
15 Interview Work Result, 1 Digit perg
55 Consent Genes ev_gene_erg
56 Form Record Linkage IAB reclin_iab_form
17 Serial Person Number In Previous Year pnrold
54 Result Record Linkage DRV reclin_drv_erg
57 AAPOR Classification Person paapor
4 Year Of Birth geburt
5 Sex sex
9 Survey Status befstat
10 Wave Last Interviewed lint
11 Missing In Previous Year luecke
12 Wave Entered Panel zupan
14 Interview Work Form pform
16 Interview Work Result, 2 Digits pergz
19 Work Form Previous Year pformv
20 Work Result Previous Year pergzv
21 Success Obtaining Address pader
22 Person Supplying Address Information paderq
24 Year Moved Out Of Dwelling auszugj
25 Month Moved Into Dwelling einzugm
26 Year Moved Into Dwelling einzugj
27 Month When Temporarily Absent abwesm
28 Year When Temporarily Absent abwesj
29 Work Result Biography pbio
30 Subsample sample1
31 Willing To Participate, Prev. Year berv
32 Willing To Participate ber
33 Employment Status of Non-Respondents (PUNR) ewstatu
34 Cognitive Test - Wanna DJ dj
35 Biography bio
36 Split Version Gross Output modul
38 [until 2011] Relationship To Head Of Household stell1
39 Anchor Child (Bonn Intervention Panel) anker
40 Results from Saliva Sample salivaerg
41 Results from Happiness App apperg
42 Results from BIP Survey Instruments bipperg
43 Consistency Last Names Of Spouses pfamcode
44 Participation In Experiment experiment
45 Changes In pvor Since Last Wave varpvor
46 Changes In geburt Since Last Wave vargeburt
47 Changes In sex Since Last Wave varsex
48 Changes In pnat Since Last Wave varpnat
49 Changes In pnat2 Since Last Wave varpnat2
52 Month Of Birth pgebm
53 Result Record Linkage IAB reclin_iab_erg
13 Member Of Household pzug
18 Member Of Household In Previous Year pzugv
37 Relationship To Head Of Household stell
0 Original Household Number cid
1 Current Wave HH Number hid
8 Sample Status stistat
23 Month Moved Out Of Dwelling auszugm
50 Serial Person Number pnrakt
51 Day of Birth pgebt

Study: soep-is

Dataset: pbrutto


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